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Perpetual seeing, feeling and sensing the otherworldly

Ideasrexoid no.9 Theme of the painting: Brain synapses and universe reflected in each other Charlie: Every civilization depends heavily on the senses in order to create a pre-conceived notion about reality and how things function. The stronger and more complex the...

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The conflict between the mind and the nature

Ideasrexoid no.8 Theme of the painting: Fear of the unknown, fearing the inevitable Balkan Triptych no.1, no. 2 and no.3 Evolution is such a monstrous machine: it creates, it grinds, produces, demolishes, binds and separates, just like Art or Civilization. It is a...

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Conventions vs Creativity in our society

Ideasrexoid no. 2 The theme of the painting - Sitting at the table and thinking about the duality Duality is such an integral part of the human condition that sometimes it takes a while to realise that the two forces that play each in their own direction shape our...

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Why are the ideas presented in such a way?

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration has been, is and will be transforming the World. If you like the ideas and feel inclined to use some of them or are inspired, feel free to reach out 🙂 Hope you find value in here

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