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The first step is usually the most difficult


Believe in Open Source it is a non zero game

When doors are locked, create the building

Conventions vs Creativity in our society

Ideasrexoid no.2 The theme of the painting – Sitting at the table and thinking about the duality Duality is such an integral part of the human condition that sometimes it takes a while to realise that the two forces that play each in their own direction shape...

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Ideasrex lets you use one or more of these ideas to help you spark the creativity or thinking processes to build a project, or a startup or a vision for the future.



Test it, more testing and more testing until it is bullet proof. Feel free to reach out, we would be happy to discuss, sometimes all that is needed towards the realization of the imagined is two or three or four compatible brains together

Prepare for the real world

Execution stage comprises of many steps, we are here to help in creating the best strategy so that you kind find the market fit and ultimately make a mark on this planet

Why are the ideas presented in such a way?

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration has been, is and will be transforming the World. If you like the ideas and feel inclined to use some of them or are inspired, feel free to reach out :) Hope you find value in here

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