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Septimana 1 – 42.6507° N, 18.0944° E

Septimana 1 – 42.6507° N, 18.0944° E

Tractatus Ultimus I CAN ONLY EVER PERCEIVE JUST THIS MOMENT WHILE I AM WALKING THROUGH THESE STREETS AMONG WHISPERING STONES, ECHOING MY PRESENCE The World has just restarted it’s journey towards greater complexity, in the process it got purified towards recognizing...

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Perpetual seeing, feeling and sensing the otherworldly

Ideasrexoid no.9 Theme of the painting: Brain synapses and universe reflected in each other Charlie: Every civilization depends heavily on the senses in order to create a pre-conceived notion about reality and how things function. The stronger and more complex the...

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The conflict between the mind and the nature

Ideasrexoid no.8 Theme of the painting: Fear of the unknown, fearing the inevitable Balkan Triptych no.1, no. 2 and no.3 Evolution is such a monstrous machine: it creates, it grinds, produces, demolishes, binds and separates, just like Art or Civilization. It is a...

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Welcome to the imaginary universe of ideasrex – a project initiated and maintained by Irina Klyuev

Ideasrex is a multidisciplinary art project that is here to present, promote and explore creative thinking, to open the many faceted doors of art, imagination and travel and to generate and give to the World/Community actionable ideas for the future.

Siblings websites complementing the above are www.musebuz.com and www.localglobalist.com

Fusion of Art, Fantasy, Futurism, Traveling

World always alternated between the state of an egg and a chicken, and we still don’t know what comes first, however what we do know is that our reality is comprised of two opposing points on the spectrum, at one end Imagined, intangible world and at the other tangible, material response to the first or the other way around. Remains a mystery, but it is a beautiful mystery (not only in the aesthetic sense) that is fully worth exploring.

Ideasrex is tapping into the immaterial through the eyes and actions of art, imagination, traveling while proposing the futuristic vision that could change the material and all of this in the spirit of the open source movement with the sibling websites: www.musebuz.com = about artists & www.localglobalist.com = about open source

Ideasrex is not just about me as a creator and you as a spectator, the concept of spectator is outdated and doesn’t serve the purpose in technology powered world that we live in, that is why I urge you to get in touch so that we can explore the options of creating together as a community with all of our individual differences.

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