Inconvenience of the Circle


We build our authority on the bases of every step we take throughout life and the method is through learning and practicing responsibility, however many times a choice of hacks and cutting corners depletes life from the soul, making it burn with the fire of it’s own making, resulting in becoming only “a piece of a man”  


Material: paint over burnt wood

Title: Rotten piece of burnt wood petrified with the stare of Medusa that temporarily makes it beautiful and exemplary to the unknowing population

(Society burnt the soul and the soul became rotten as a consequence and compliance to the wrong doings to it)

This is a true story of frustration with life that was born through years of laziness and cutting corners, submitting to societal mold while silently rebelling against it but being afraid to crystallize and build the genuine self, here is a little battle field of the genetical crystallization that doesn’t take prisoners.


A Piece of a man

The action has been made, the monster is being fed, the funeral is in process to everything monstrous but it takes time. Guilty consciousness is taking place, an attempt to repent is useless, now that the divine order has memorized the deeds.

Nations have fallen due to the corrupt and lazy, life ebbs away, new and powerful grows upon the remnants of the corrupt, because that is what human becomes, a remnant, a piece of a former self. A tree grows from the fertile ground populated by the pieces of others, and so does a human. A piece of a human so corrupt and evil can only stand protected by the trickery (color on top of the rotten core) that is permitting it to live, eventually it self annihilates, but it takes time.

“The moving finger writes; and, having writ, moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.”

From time to time the sense of guilty consciousness emerges, in the face of the death of a father, with promises that the same will never happen again, however, it happens again, like a disease. Twisted and greedy, in the Dante’s Divine comedy, greed lives on the gallows, gallows become the eternal home of the greedy. Family represents a tool for emotional manipulation and the words from 11th century famous thinker Omar Khayyam resonate:

We are currently in the B and the above concepts are mostly a big unknown to the population because sadly majority of individuals live in such a way in full meaning of that word, seeking only their own interests, while at the same time many are actively destroying anybody better than themselves. In this process of active manipulation of family and friends only a pose is there to wipe all the crimes clean in front of the others, who approve the pose amiably forgetting everything that happened thus becoming accomplice sinners themselves.

This is the ancient curse fallen upon the B when Harmonia found refuge in these regions because she was cursed and banished from her own place, and it hasn’t resolved since and probably will not while people are blindly producing the pieces of humans at the same time petrifying those pieces with the 

Medusa’s stare which sometimes produces a temporal effect of aesthetic beauty. In reality those pieces are still rotten within and serve for fertilization of the whole. The whole is the living unit that stands still and we perceive as a genetics, in the eternal circle of karmic debt.

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