The World has just restarted it’s journey towards greater complexity, in the process it got purified towards recognizing the essence in the eye of an Alchemist and now Civilization is waking up from the lowest point in this circle of Medieval age. It is peaking through the timeless tunnel where everything is accounted for, the number of shortcuts taken, the wrong doings and right actions turns into just long, persistent darkness, suffering which focuses the soul towards the light. The light is almost always at the end of the tunnel and then it flourishes wiping out the memory of everything that happened.

Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue. Buddha


This particular point of light at the exit/entrance is under the city of Libertas. The times were shaping life before the communication technology, just at the waking of the Civilization as the era of iron finished it’s circle. People wanted to live in harmony with the tides of surrounding powers. Venecians followed the ideal of large swallowing machine but could not outsmart the small harmony seeking tribes. St. Blaise appeared in the vision at the turning point and one consequence lead to another which inspired the road towards the independence, diplomacy and discovery.



Date Septimana 1 of July 2017
Exploring Alchemist’s views, Libertas concept, new technology, whispering stones
Connecting imaginary and invisible cities, Joseph Stella,crises of society relating to tourism swarms

As they floated above the ground connected to it with the invisible strings, attached to the #oldcity Charlie and Earling explored the area. They were connected in equal proportion to the city underneath and the stars within and out, 3.5 million light years away. Those stars are still shining even though some of them may not exist at this moment.
Charlie: Libertas-ians had extraordinary power in that moment, they were able to pull together the vision, craftsmanship, unity that made the stone which speaks to us now. They can’t hear it yet, their technology is too weak, but we are blessed with that special hum, can you understand Earling what is being said.
Earling: Stones are suffering, there are too many ants walking over them (article on tourism – humanity) imprinting the thoughts of selfishness and aimless wondering. Yet they are observing and accepting this phase of civilization. In a way it is a symbiosis of a kind, without the footprints they would have became fragile and rough. They would eventually turn into sand, and every stone is afraid to become that.
The ship has a mind of it’s own, as a living AI powered creature, it is programmed to react only when the right moment appears. It’s super brain/computer shifted them towards the sky to submerge itself into the gold of sunset. Only the golden colours inspire and power up Leviathan’s brain.
Charlie: Leviathan is such a noble creature, honoring the light and making us aligned to it so that we can capture those moments.

the eye of horus

The eye of Horus is observing this civilization and trying to heal it at the same time, as the civilization observes itself increasingly more intense and with ease. Every conceptual monolith of technology is recording and being recorded. This painting is a mirror that has the life of it’s own, it communicates your thoughts doubled, it exposes but where is the breaking point?

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As we walk through the town, the theme of unity constantly comes up, the balancing between the interest of the individual and the interest of the whole. Joseph Stella explored this aspects and here is more to it, while we continue to explore the ancient space-time of Libertas. Libertas has the most strict structures of all the other concepts, slavery is so much easier, it is almost minimalistic in it’s efficiency. The whole civilizations are running on it successfully, but Libertas explored itself, and mixed with others and then it fell deep down under the shattering of the Earth, which swallowed 5000 on that night of 1667. The times became unfavourable putting more and more pressure, but it is always the pressure that yields new life and a diamond.

Excerpt from Joseph Stella


“During the last years of the war I went to live in Brooklyn in the most forlorn region of the oceanic tragic city, in Williamsburg, near the bridge. Brooklyn gave me a sense of liberation. The vast view of her sky, in opposition to the narrow one of New York, was a relief – and at night, in her solitude, I used to find, intact, the green freedom of my own self.”

Joseph Stella

There was such a polyphony of opposing forces, at one hand Stella was deeply connected to his Italian heritage and longing towards Italy, while on the other hand, this longing maybe inspired him to look and observe the transformation of American city with fresh eyes and owe toward the future.

“I had witnessed the growth and expansion of New York proceeding parallel to the development of my own life… and therefore I was feeling entitled to interpret the titanic efforts, the conquests already obtained by the imperial city in order to become what now She is, the center of the world.”

Joseph Stella

Dubrovnik Traveloid – 42.6507° N, 18.0944° E

I CAN ONLY EVER PERCEIVE JUST THIS MOMENT WHILE I AM WALKING THROUGH THESE STREETS AMONG WHISPERING STONES, ECHOING MY PRESENCE The World has just restarted it’s journey towards greater complexity, in the process it got purified towards recognizing the essence in the...

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Reflecting water, nature of existence and irreversible beauty of actions

Ideasrexoid no.11 The theme of the painting: Ultimate reflection and the furthest reaches of the abstraction Charlie: The universal is such an important concept, one of the most important in the general structuring of the elements. They seem simple and disconnected...

Being in the moment yet observing the buzzing of life that appears static

Ideasrexoid no.10 The theme of the painting: Experiencing the world in this moment and contrasting the nature which appears static, yet it is full of life Earling was floating through time not aware of the space around, while his/her subconscious was morphing into a...

Perpetual seeing, feeling and sensing the otherworldly

Ideasrexoid no.9 Theme of the painting: Brain synapses and universe reflected in each other Charlie: Every civilization depends heavily on the senses in order to create a pre-conceived notion about reality and how things function. The stronger and more complex the...

The conflict between the mind and the nature

Ideasrexoid no.8 Theme of the painting: Fear of the unknown, fearing the inevitable Balkan Triptych no.1, no. 2 and no.3 Evolution is such a monstrous machine: it creates, it grinds, produces, demolishes, binds and separates, just like Art or Civilization. It is a...

Connecting the shadows of future and what might be discovered

Ideasrexoid no. 7 Theme of the painting: Multidimensionality of Maya as a Sphere Charlie: One can never equate what you perceive with what it really is. Your biological body is prone to hypnotize and predetermine your actions! There is an element called genetic wisdom...

Every moment holds the infinity of human expression and collaboration

Ideasrexoid no.6 Theme of this painting: Moment of being one, yet in the form of togetherness This work represents the experience of live streaming, and is integrating the viewers as part of an art form. The background colours were mostly defined by the colours of the...

Appropriation of Mona Lisa which is influenced by the shadows and geometry of the time

Ideasrexoid no.5 Theme of this painting: Geometry of the Past Charlie: Past has to be observed and the patterns found therein are invaluable to the future generations. A civilisation that doesn’t track it’s changes, trends and appearance and disappearances of memes is...

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