Paintings are part of nature, nature is part of paintings


What if the concept of an exhibition is something that is interacting with more than just exhibition halls, what is the exhibition halls are the past?


Our Story

Greetings to the north, south, east and west

Yimei Want started it all, one afternoon as we agreed to take a walk and I had to take the paintings for a walk with the initial idea to greet the sides of the world, as a sign of appreciation for being in China and exploring so much wonder. Yimei became a master mind, a curator and an art critic, all in a blink of an hour, while the exhibition in the nature happened and we unfolded the story during that hour: 


an hour exhibition in the field vol.1

We honored the base of the mountain by letting it interact with the paintings and let the paintings see the nature. If we spend so much time indoors and we create something alive, this deserves to live beyond the boundaries of closed space, beyond the construction of a building.


Yimei Wang found a perfect spot as we walked around admiring the intensity of the flowers and how only few had the shape of a high integrity, almost like a stronghold, while others didn’t take life so seriously,..

Fenced mind

There is a beauty and a horror in a fence, for some it is a protection from the outside for others it is a demnation from the outside to stay inside. A captured bird goes through both stages eventually learning to love the fence as a state of protection. 

Greetings to the world

As the world turns around in the incredible speed, my mind was wondering, how fantastic it is to be here at the base of the mountain Shenzen letting the painting see what I see, and painting the photo and the moments with the hair, this ultimate tool with which we paint,…


Yimei Wang took some magic in her hands and in the blink of the moment realized that an hour art exhibition (even though we had many viewers from the passing cars, one car was even stopping to observe and tell us how it is beautiful) she went on to find an art critic. 

Open mind

And here she was, a lady that saw all the mundane aspects of her life in the paintings, from the spoon to the chrisanthemums that surround us, to the fire and water. A genuine touch and wish towards the unknown happened in that moment. 

Touch of innocence and it’s opposite

Yimei Wang needed to find another, and here it happened to be a boy, an innocent soul who saw the embroided painting, but his mother saw the financial potential. 

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To become a stomach or the head of this civilization while the question remains “to be or not to be“

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