Ideasrexoids 44 < 55


Collection made in early 2019 with corresponding dreams that influenced the awaken state

Ideasrexoid 44 Life and Death, sometimes only a line of a window can divide as the Gecko dies, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

Death against life, in the ring of existance is still leading many zillion times to zero, do we join the enemy and destroy it from within or fight it in full daylight and destroy from without. Theme of this painting: Transformation from death to life to death to life, in the inifite loop, as we roam through different times and different symbols that represent it, eventually merging with technology and the exponential grows of AI helps us in solving this phenomenon. Gecko died, it was crushed by the mosquito nets, our rectangular buildings are lethal for these creatures and yet they choose to coexhist with us. The food, the convenience of otherwise dangerous shelter, a wrong place in the wrong time decides the fate. What is it that makes us want to be close to those who are so strong that one move of a hand can make us no more. In the ancient Roman empire, in the collosseums the sign of hand, especially of the accumulated number of hands, the voice of people often draw that line between death and life. They felt empowered in deciding between lifefullness and lifelessness, since most of their life was already organized by the higher authority, they were given power over otherwise, and they submitted to this, watching a death approach stimulated the imagination. Lizards in Roman Empire represented the symbols of death and rebirth because of their ability to hibernate and then get back to full agility in Spring. In the Christian religious line of thoughts, lizards has a several meanings depending on the context but considering it seeks light, it is regarded as a one that seeks faith. In other times it has a connection to Evil, in the passage in Leviticus that cites it as one of the “impure” animals. It has gone through different transformations, eventually probably making space for a glorious Dragon. A creature that moves so fast that neither time no space can affect it, the passions within are so strong that it breathes fire. It is benevolent in the Eastern tradition and it is mostly evil in the Western tradition. Either way it is a symbol of power and that is the core topic for this painting that wants to touch upon the feared subject of death in the face of life, or life in the face of death. Today this piece is discovering the border and what is beyond between those two elements. We leave the fingerprints of life everywhere in so many forms, but we subconsciously seek stasis, security, safety of our moment in peace and when it comes, when the ultimate hybernation of the body is there, we are terrified. We don’t know the beyond because we move too slowly, we are waiting, we are sometimes trained to be waiting. The schools are trying very hard to make us wait, wait, be still, in stasis, until our brain is afraid to express the fire it contains. The fire of the neural activity is directed inwards instead of being let out, the best gardians of that are the inhibitions that the peer pressure creates. Eventually what is left of us is to sympathize with the poor gecko because that is exactly what we will experience sooner or later. It may not be the rectangular building moving in the wrong time that made the life impossible but it would certainly be something either from within or without that will make the life as we know stop. Still we believe, we look at the light, we seek faith about something beyond, maybe we are right, let’s explore furhter.

Ideasrexoid 45 Spiritual dream in the rarefied air of the inner mountain, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

So much has been said about the gender inequality and another painting dedicated to it would have been the tipping point that is corrupting the idea of balance, however this painting is about feminine in every one of us. Genders are classifiable only to the extant we want them to be but in truth there is so much that belongs to either that is comprised in each. This piece is about building a mountain inside each of us, radiating with the power, the fire of passions burning and reinventing, purifying through the dry air that only the highest peaks of the mountain can have. Something so exclusive that fights the gravity and stays there against the depths of Earth, thanks to those majestic piles of stones, bolders, soil. The torment of the Earth as it was boiling in heat, chemical compounds, cold, tectonic movements and violent changes that gave birth to the mountains, those most prominent of the creatures, with faces that look into the space. How magical it is to look onto the surface of the Mars and how many times do we see a face, a formation of a mountain that resembles a giant face, maybe someone is looking back at us, in the same fashion, provided they have the eyes. Someone in the future could be looking back at us, as we look around inside those faces that surround us, that we represent but we only occasionally cherish. This painting is the rise against the gravity, into the sky, through the power of feminine, the heat of the lava and the wonder of the distance, the air.

Ideasrexoid 46 Horizontal lines as life changes the polarity, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

The forest of imagination, the power to see the details beyond the material, to turn material into something sacred, to cherish every item, dive deeply into the black and green world This piece is dedicated to the ability to cherish, enjoy, feel inspired in the every moment of life, to enjoy the gravity interacting with the body, but also the gravity of others as they would like conquer. To control is the main aspect of this piece, which avoids, it is evasive towards authority but not without structure. Cancer behaves in such a way when there is absolutely no system in place to keep it at bay, but this painting is about freedom with structure, with honoring the walls of morality, ethics, non harmful actions, regards towards self and others. When we are afraid of others we are afraid of the self and material existence, especially at certain pivotal times of the civilization’s progress makes us feel fear. We restrict making progress spiritually only in order to preserve the material standing, fear from being taken advantage of is ubiquitous and this piece is trying to heal this stance with life. Just as we progress in one area of life, another feels lacking, what is it about lacking that makes us go forward, maybe the answer is in the imagination. The power to create comfort through imagination no matter what surrounds us.  

Ideasrexoid 47 Future habitat, no concern for the blue we have turned pink, Acrylic on canvas (2019)


 Atmosphere is what nourishes us, inspires us to feel renewed every morning when the blue sky greets us, but this blue is slowly turning into pink This piece is dedicated to the ever reinvented memes and trends of this world, as we become more and more engrossed into the self, all the fantastic activities that technium provides through the screens, algorithms provide a smooth ride. The ultimate digitizing of experiences and living on earth fully gamified, endorphins becoming little controllers and in many cases masters, Charlie and Earling are observing this hive of human civilization. Once they didn’t have the name for blue, because it was the color too ubiquitous and now they again don’t have the name for blue because it is the color non existent. Everything is optimized to fit till the ultimate tweak of the comfort between the sea and the sky (the two blues) that became obsolete, no longer needed. Many reason that it is much better now because the sea provided the challenge to the adventurous to experience it, suffocate and die, thus wasting the body, while the sky invited up, towards the flight of an Icarus. Daedalus is a master of the labyrinth, the horizontal servant to the gravity, but the horizontal that turns vertical vastness of the sky turned deadly.




Ideasrexoid 48 Two opposing forces placed  together are the most powerful tools, Acrylic on canvas (2019)


F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote. The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. This is the main principle behind this piece of painting in addition focusing on dual nature of reality. Absence of yin and yang but rather two extreme oppositions that historically tried to extinguish each other but futuristically are trying to complement each other. To find the symmetry, that most desirable of measurement towards human intelligence, the tool, orienteering in the landscape of thinking. Warms and Cold, seeking each other and yet being far from each other, the point of conversion is only an illusion, because maybe each exists in the different realm. We are observers of aesthetic world, we want to interfere to tailor the world according to our own imagination, but we always encounter the opposite striving. The chemical world of innumerable iterations, Charlie and Earling were floating over the world, oceans and mountains, the silence of the opposites were boiling underneath, while they observed the boiling in the human mind. One person can perceive the torment and choose to be intolerant, to condition the very existence of self upon the world that doesn’t seem to respond as expected. The story of Narcissus comes to mind, the wish upon others to reflect the wishes of the self, the never ending circle of the opposite tendencies.


Ideasrexoid 49 Post Nubila Phoebus, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

This piece is inspired by the forests of South America, the endless riches of the colors, the fullness of life that is ruthless and divine, waiting for the right moment to become peaceful. The state of mind that is still boiling with the conflicts from history always has to go through the evolution, to achieve the state of understanding and awareness which are the only ones that lead to harmony. Nature on the other hand, listens and absorbs, recycling, not caring for something so insignificant as a human kind. A human kind wants to think in abstractions, colors, spirituality becomes shades of light, only visible to those who would look for it. Art was starting to be perceived widely as a spiritual mechanism only in the 20th century, with one of the most notable cases Concerning the Spiritual in Art by Kandinsky, “[In great art] the spectator does feel a corresponding thrill in himself. Such harmony or even contrast of emotion cannot be superficial or worthless; indeed the Stimmung of a picture can deepen and purify that of the spectator. Such works of art at least preserve the soul from coarseness; they “key it up,” so to speak, to a certain height, as a tuning-key the strings of a musical instrument.” Art is here to tune the world back to itself, in a way a railroad on the road of the most immaterial, untouchable and inspiring.

Ideasrexoid 50 Carpe Diem, Zest for life is stronger than ever, Acrylic on canvas (2019) 

This is a piece again dedicated to the feminine energy, the rise of the internal demons that are all prevailing, powerful, magnificent, intelligent and elegant. There is something of the ancient Egypt that is touching upon the background of this piece, in particular the mythological creature Anubis. Anubis is testing the weak, exploring the possibilities to stimulate against the apathy, to apply pressure in order to bring forward the Zest for life. The strength one feels when there is a sense of history behind, the sense of invisible creatures that fought for the better tomorrow. We live in the matrix of time, time always vibrates in every direction, discovering, hiding, pushing the mystery of life forward. Charlie and Earling are perplexed with this piece, as something very mysterious is emerging, something that appeared only in the ancient Egypt. It is a creature that shows up only on special occasions when the world is read, the critical mass of the population has to feel and live the noble sense of humanity. The side so invisible and yet so pervasive, the drive to help, nurture and rule in such a balance that only the artistic ability to wonder allows such a thing. It is the whirlwind of consequences, the play of Rubic’s cube that somehow puts things together in the order that allows the flourishing of the most wonderful and powerful flower, the intelligence with soul, the soul with goodness, goodness with nobility, nobility with altruism, altruism with the child like innocence. Innocence in itself while Anubis is observing in the eternal elegance that was allowed only once on this planet.

Ideasrexoid 51 The depth of nature, World without nature until we find the nature internally, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

This is a searching, a division from the nature, alienation from the self in order to see the self from the distance, this is the struggle of a mind that is observing the jungle of urbanity. The smokes and gasses surrounding the vision that once was, a vision of the modernity that never was, except in the laboratory conditions. The world is so divided between those who can and those who cannot, the illusion between light and dark is amplified with technology, we are floating in the cloud of self discovery, green wants to come out but is restricted by the sky, the nature doesn’t tolerate the change once it is established. The fire of innocence is burning and refueling the struggle between what is outside and what is inside. The infinite riches that the nature brings are only visible to those who learn the skill of appreciation, the ability to see, not what something is, but what something can be. Goethe said, always look at the human in the context of his potential. Nature is teaching us to deepen the relationship with the self and with the others, to see beyond and to move into the different world, the world made of the past actions today, but striving towards the beyond, mysterious, infinite loop of living.


Ideasrexoid 52 Rebellious force, Violence of a human life from birth to death, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

We all live the world of violence, who knows how many insects, how many plants how many bacteria we have to extinguish in order to keep living while they transform. Why, oh why are we destined to such a violent fate, what is it that make us all cram together and yet falling apart as individuals. Violence in it’s most fundamental and brutal sense is best summarized in the act of birth and death, but what I am interested in here is in between, how much has to perish in order for one to live, replicating alongside all the levels from micro to macro. Devastation of bacterial world onwards to the ants, caterpillars, bees, birds, buffalo, best friends, boys, body, body, body pays the price. A piece of flash, Venice, power, religion, until finally “Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night.” By Dylan Thomas. Thick movement of the brush and almost finding the religiosity in the center from which everything revolves, because it is the thoughts that move the lever that moves the world.

Ideasrexoid 53 State of weightlessness, a being on the way out, Acrylic on canvas (2019)  

Dream dreamt on 28th of December/21st lunar day and a few words about my passion, freedom and pursuit of knowledge  I am in some kind of a tesseract, but it is also a building. Nothing feels strange and yet it is extremely fluid, the shapes and structure change in a geometric pattern. It augments and diminishes seamlessly, the walls are dark, sometimes I see a rustic quality to some of the furniture and I realize, this is my mind, this is my painting, this is my music. They are all reflections of my experience on this planet, of my learning about it and about others through history, hence rustic segments. I am dreaming a self analysis of my own life.  Suddenly I am in a very light airplane, it is so light that I can light it up, yet it is very powerful, but pilot and copilot are exposed to the elements. Breathing is through small tube, eyes are protected with almost invisible shield. At first I am flying as a copilot, and this is my first experience then a friend somehow skillfully sets me up to fly on my own. I realize that I am in the open air with the planet underneath all on my own. Panic starts creeping but at the same time I know that it can’t be too difficult. I start to navigate the space and openness and then I realize, I don’t really have a passion for a freedom in space.  My passion is in the freedom of the mind. I want to experience what it feels like to experience the world from a totally different side of this planet, with a totally different cultural backgrounds. Internet gives me this opportunity but it also gives me a choice of belonging, which I prefer to reject. I don’t want to belong, I want to build upon the history. I think that we all have responsibilities towards those before us who entrusted us with the knowledge and pursuit of something above us. Something that stays once we transform and that is one of the universal truths I choose to express through my art. 

Ideasrexoid 54 Breaking point between two lives, Acrylic on canvas (2019) 

The redness of the heart, blood and the sky in those moments between night and day, illusion of the light and the darkness of the night, as the nature encompasses in green, letting us wonder, searching for the core elements. This piece is delving deep into the weightlessness of the soul as it searches within this human experience, always trying to redefine the being, the thing in itself. The thing itself interacting between the biological: red and biological enabler: the green, discovering the movement of time, as it whirls around. We humans sometimes search for the innocence we once knew as children, it is cloaked in different shades of primal colors and so is this painting a dominant form of weightlessness. Interacting with each other, ignoring the destructiveness of Maya, the transformation that seeks and tries to dominate from the outside, pulls and pushes, practices the different shades of truths. The words meaning only what we want them to mean applies to life, sometimes highly personal intricacies of stimulus, the past experiences that wave the threads in and around ourselves. Our personal guidance is sometimes in the most inner corners and this painting is about unraveling those corners, finding the mystery behind it all. This is a search of the soul that has been making itself through the trials of life, finally reaching the state of weightlessness that only a philosophical ideas of Stoicism can provide. External influences cannot reach to the core, only the surface, the gravity doesn’t really reach that far into the internal world because once the inner world is so strong, it will overcome any external influences, it will take it’s own direction, and float weightlessly into the infinite. Eternal transformation that the nature of this universe brings and expresses through different natural wonders, the mystery of elements as they interact and bring us back to the simplicity of primal colors, the shades so powerful and yet so neutral, underlying, underestimated, and yet all encompassing, omnipresent. The idealism is towards the most powerful systems that we evoke when we are under the test of destiny, choosing the righteous actions, aware of the karmic circles, aware that only those who are outside of those are able to float.

Ideasrexoid 55 Cyclical upside down life, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

Dream dreamed on 4th of January/28th lunar day and the circle of life, the conflicting forces that happen when the new and the old want to dominate at the same time A circle of life, a circle of movement, a circle of a machine that moves us forward. It is a machine called free will, the factory of wants is situated in it and it is constantly moving from one object to another. It is childish in a way, it is exploring and seeking always new experiences. Why is it that we sometimes reject the new in favor to old, established ways. This is something that came out screaming at me while I was practicing the finishing lines of Prokofiev’s 4th movement of the 1st War sonata. The two hands were in conflict with each other, much like the old and the new clashes, we observe this even from one generation to another, as we navigate into our teen ages, everything seems inefficient, dumb and not cool, but reality is that this is a machine that produces new trends and generations that will appear equally inapt to the new ones. It is a never ending circle.  My mind was unraveling itself through projecting an apartment with everything designed in a retro style, maybe 60th, I was in the part of the apartment where the living room and the kitchen and dining room were, kitchen and dining room to the right and living room to the left. They were both in brownish shades which I immediately considered too dark, and creating a static atmosphere in the house. I started thinking about Feng Shui and how could it be balanced via Eastern ways of thinking with fire, water, wind, soil and tree as the basic principles on which all life is based. Suddenly I saw myself playing with toys, I was in the section near dining table and the kitchen. I was looking at the peaceful self from the childhood playing, observing, not worrying and then I realized the child me was playing with the toys that represented my life and me as an adult. Could it be possible that the world functions in such a way that we orchestrate our future in that moment of playing, that in fact time doesn’t exist, that it is an infinite tesseract of events, just like it was illustrated in the movie Interstellar. When we pray for something to happen are we praying to the earlier forms of ourselves, the forms that were closer to the original, source, center. A wake up.

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