Ideasrexoid no.10

The theme of the painting: Experiencing the world in this moment and contrasting the nature which appears static, yet it is full of life

Earling was floating through time not aware of the space around, while his/her subconscious was morphing into a bird of energy transforming forever changing, and then the whole circle appeared. It wasn’t just a regular circle in which a bigger animal eats a smaller one, this circle was going into many directions. As if being pulled from the sides and the realization happened in that instant. The polyphony of existence is actually summarized in only that one moment of perception.

Charlie: Wake up, wake up,…. it is time for you to learn about the nature of time. It is not a coincidence that you are having this dream, and at the same time universe is whispering in it’s non-caring fashion: wake up to the bliss of being here, the dot that you all are, so small and seemingly insignificant is at the same time infinite and precious.

Earling: Thanks for waking me up, now I know why I am so confused. The circle of life, the circle of fashion, the circle of rise and fall, the circle of planets, the circle of Sun is it radiates, explodes and implodes. I am starting to sound like you Charlie! What have you done to me?

Charlie: Nothing sinister; you are just growing in terms of your awareness and you are expanding your capacities and visions. You will hit many impenetrable walls, that you will have to climb, rise above and overcome, but that is another circle of learning. It wouldn’t be possible for you to become what you are without the obstacles that you will be encountering when you are back to Earth, with no knowledge (except for a feeling) from the conversations that we had in here

EarlingMax: Fear not the process of change; that is the only one that makes you comprehend. The time or change is also a comprehension process. The only reason why sometimes the things are obvious and the other times obscure is purely due to the fact that you are resisting the change, and your mind wants to stagnate. It is not wholly your fault though; your educational system and society reinforced and approved the slow learning process.

Jupling: You Earlings are so lucky that you are able to systematically and purposefully slow yourselves down through your evolution as a society, if we did that, it would be considered morally wrong and unacceptable and detrimental to survival, We don’t tolerate the world mass manipulation because we suffered sufficiently in the past as a result of it. We learnt the lesson once and for all.

Charlie: Let’s not be judgemental or jealous about the methods and atrocities that often shape the cause of the civilizations in various places. Those are like the bells, navigating and resonating with the masses, and as the elements of emotions are still present, they have to be triggered and responded to in order for the change to happen.


The painting is all being in the moment, responding to the voices both inside and outside. There are so many musical instruments in this world, yet we only choose to call the music what has been produced by the human created instrument. In other world it is a filter of natural sounds, organized into the system that fits the intellectual image humankind has in relation to the concept of harmony and disharmony while it is still running away from nature itself and full integration that only advanced non polluting self sufficient technology can enable.

This is a contrast between between nature as a static vision, illusion, maya and the dynamic activity of my brain, while I am enjoying the view over the balcony and talking to my community all over the world, which is clearly communicated with the warm toned shapes around me. They are almost tongues of reason and shadows of my existence.

The nature started in a grim fashion with overcast when this painting was born, and then progressively as we pointed it together. Those viewing through their thoughts/words communicating to me in real time and me being a conduit to such activity, it became brighter and more optimistic. This is a hope for the world to become an honest, righteous and peaceful place.

Each person has so many voices and events that shape their life, and sometimes the challenges are requiring a super human response; however, there is always a choice to transform and open our minds to new ideas without becoming those ideas. Nature or a true mentor never does the work for us, but opens the door, and it is up to us whether we will walk through the door..