Seeing through the illusions that words and authority makes

Made in 2020, collaborative project by Irina Ideas and Rune Aanderaa in Montenegro and Norway of the world


 Made as a result of numerous exploratory conversations about the illusions of this world and how  the science consents to the status quo for the sake of the comfort and additionally and probably even more detrimentally blindly follows the authority. This art installation and scientific inquiry is using a diverse ranges of tools and languages but has a common message, one of the most noble and sincere of our civilization that often times gets overshadowed and that is the pursuit of truth. 

The two light bulbs, the two eyes that see and are lit from time to time but most of the times the blind spot blurs the connectivity to truth

A blind spot, cognitive dissonance, memes infecting us, our own mind justifying the actions we would have never agreed upon, only if we knew, if we had objectivity, if we had the distance from the self. If we could see ourselves as a part of Dasein that Heidegger touched upon, and many continued upon this road of scientific, inquisitive, artistic, genuine self discovery with intensity and passion burning like the primordial fire.


Definitions and defining are intertwined simply because we want to follow the guidance of this rope, from Newton to Einstein on the road of many illusions (knots) entanglement and disentanglement we encountered and will continue to encounter while the light shaders, as it is called in the pop culture, to shade light upon the darkness, and darkness often times happens to be mysterious dogmatic and negative. A Yin Yang of a special kind interacting with the other side of the self, trying to dominate until the moment comes when it is dominated by this same force that was put into the battle itself. A circles of life, death, breathing in and breathing out, the wire of knowledge is born it wants to shoot straight but it can’t. It is overshadowed by those who want to be perceived as high achiever rather than truly achieve, live simply, and experience the exhilarating pursuit to understand.

Rune Aanderaa  

Einstein’s biggest blunder.

Einstein’s article “Elementare Theorie der Wasserwellen und des Fluges” was published in the
publication “Die Naturwissenschaften” at 25 th of August 1916.
In this article, Einstein seems to be the originator of the “Venturi” theory when it comes to explaining
lift. A very similar theory is the “Longer Path Theory” since both these theories is based on an
interpretation of Bernoulli’s Theorem that states that the pressure in a fluid will decrease when the
velocity of the fluid increases.
Einstein’s airfoil, often referred to as “Cat’s Back Airfoil” was tested at the Luftverkehrgeschellshaft
under supervision of Ludvig Prandtl. Unsurprisingly, the results were not very positive.
On the Nasa Webpage, , this theory is
listed among the Wrong Theories to explain lift.

Is this something that Einstein should have been able to foresee? Or if not, how complicated is it to
disprove this theory?
I will claim that it is possible to disprove Einstein’s theory by using nothing other than Newton’s 3
Laws of motion and the principle of preservation of energy.

Einstein states in his article that a plane or a bird can fly without using any energy if one disregards
the energy that is lost to drag. So, if a plane was absolute aerodynamic, it should then be possible to
fly at a constant level indefinitely.
This is really easy to disprove this theory by conduction a simple thought experiment.

Example 1.
Imagine that one has an absolute aerodynamic glider plane. This plane is drawn up to level flight by
using a cable, as is a common method to get glider planes up.
Once the glider is at level flight, it has a certain kinetic energy represented by it’s velocity and a
certain potential energy represented by it’s altitude. All this energy has been provided by the cable.
The glider has a certain mass and the corresponding gravitational pull. This is counteracted by the lift
that is provided by the wings. As no energy is used to sustain the flight, there can not be used any
energy on changing the state of the air that the plane flies through, so that the plane will leave the
air in exactly the same state as it was before it flew through it.
Let’s imagine that an object is dropped from the plane, for example with a mass of 1 kg. This
represents a gravitational pull of 9.81 N. Prior to dropping the object, the wings sustained the force
needed to lift both the mass of the plane and the mass of the object. After the object has been
dropped, the mass that the wings need to sustain has decreased by 9.81 N. Nothing has changed
regarding the speed of the plane or the shape of the wings, so the lifting force of the plane should be
the same.

This means that the plane will experience a net force upwards of 9.81 N. As we know that F=m*a the
plane will then begin to accelerate upwards.
The energy of the object is accounted for as it’s kinetic and potential energy is transformed as it falls
to the ground.
The kinetic energy of the plane will remain constant as the velocity is the same. But when the
altitude of the plane will increase, hence the potential energy will increase correspondingly.
As the total energy of the plane increases without any work being done on it, is a violation of the Law
of Conservation of Energy. Hence Einstein’s theory is wrong.

Example nr. 2
Imagine that a flying object (imagine a model RC-helicopter) that is fitted with Einstein’s airfoils on
it’s rotor is placed inside a closed container that is again is placed on a scale. When the helicopter is
sitting on the floor of the box, the scale will measure the combined weight of the helicopter and the
If the box is empty, the scale will only measure the weight of the box.
There is nothing in Einstein’s theory that states that the state of the air will change when a plane, or
any other flying object fitted with Einstein’s wings, flies through it. The scale can only register the
direct pressure of the box and the force of the air that in pushing against the bottom of the box.
Gravity is pulling on any object, regardless of what shape it has.
If the helicopter takes off and flies in according to Einstein’s Theory there should not be any
difference, as far as the force on the scale is concerned, to indicate whether the box contains the
helicopter, or not, as the state of the air is the same in both cases.
This will then violate Newton’s Laws, and Einstein’s Theory is therefore wrong.
If one assumes that the helicopter is pushing air down, relative to its weight, that is again pushing
against the floor of the box, the scale will register this additional weight, and in this case, Newton’s
Laws are not broken.

The conclusion of this is:
 Any theory to explain flight that is based on some additional force by Bernoulli’s Principle
must be wrong.
 The lift of an airfoil is only

The confusion about how to explain lift of an airfoil seems to stem from a wrong understanding of
Bernoulli’s Principle. Bernoulli’s Principle does not represent it’s own force that can replace, or work
in addition to Newton’s Laws.

Bernoulli’s Principle is simply a implementation of Newton’s Laws when used on a fluid. Experiments
show that the air passes faster over an airfoil when the airfoil provides positive lift.

  1. State of science vs State of perception


Apollo, the striving of the modernity, or what we define as modernity based off of the ancient concept. Ancient Greece, the foundation of our Western civilization, the idealism of what we think it must have been like in the place where mythology didn’t interfere but rather reinforced the philosophical pondering about the world. A distance that this thinking provided is best illustrated through Apollonian purity that science in it’s most factual state embraced. Facts over fiction, facts over fiction, facts over fiction is what we hear echo through our schooling system as we grow up and that was exactly one of the most important building block of the civilization, allowed for further progress. On this road of progress however we encountered many extremes, unintentional laziness cocooned at the root of the problem. One might wonder why unintentional? Every error is paved with good intentions. Human nature is designed to manipulate unintentionally, as stated above cognitive dissonance is capable of reasoning anything and this provides a stand still state of affairs. This piece is about the standing still, the ball of confusion that Apollonian puritanism brought vs clear direction that Dionysus in it’s naturally spontaneous and confused state. Why is it clear if it is confused? Because in the absence of being a center of attention, competition it has a chance to flourish, it is invisible, living in the polluted waters of common space, but is unpolluted by the competing forces that academic world brings. Wires of Apollo are going in every direction because they are exhausted by their own scientific method, while pure, and clinical, often self sabotaging. On the other end we have wire of Dionysus straight from the musical world of spontaneity, clearly showing the way forward, contrasting the confusion that extremistan of science brings.

Use-Abuse relationship of terminology on the slippery slope of “advancement” in life

Lazy, slovenly in the core but well dressed and equipped on the outside, sadly applies to scientific world and many other spheres of humanity. This piece is about the feathers called dictionary, a scientific dictionary on the triangular road to the top of the triangle. Sometimes all that it takes is collecting the statuses, diplomas, recognition from the training system, better yet, hacking the training system into recognizing the trainee as an expert even when the right choices between A, B, C answers have been hacked or lucked.

This piece is the story of many terms and terminologies 

At the end of the day, it comes down, where else but the Ancient Roman Empire, where the firmament of trickery has been baked and perfected to the heights of brilliance.

Alas, Possunt, quia posse videntur.

They can because they think they can. Virgil, 70-19 BC, Roman poet

SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat.



The mind calculates, the clock is ticking, Carpe Diem is urgent, business world is capable of articulating what all the other fields are doing unnoticed. Again we are in the world paved with good intentions, but how do we proceed? Follow the latest mythology, the world of business? Who agrees with me that business world is full of unicorns? They are even called that way, because so many are to be driven towards them by illustrating the way of success, by defining the success by showing the steps, so many “how to”, so many SWOTs, so little time. FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in, one has to frantically overcome the weakness and threat, one has to walk all over the self, to ignore the progress only to reach the magical formula, the philosopher’s stone of today, the snake is eating it’s own tale and moving towards the direction navigated by the external dictator. SWOT is the most valuable tool, it is the hammer and a screwdriver, and a pliers and so many stepping stones to the quest of philosophical stone which is beyond reach.




 How much can a design do to solve a problem? According to many, everything is in the design because the response is greatest on the superficial level of surface


This is a perpetum mobile, a story about the infinite machine, a machine that has no need for energy and yet it goes and goes, forever balanced perfectly. Why is it that it hasn’t happened yet, it hasn’t been formally invented, even Einstein had a blind spot at one point when he interpreted the airplane floating, if we progressed the logic eventually we would be reaching the point of no energy. All of this because the lack of context, Bernoulli meant one thing, but it was interpreted completely differently throughout the centuries and even Einstein seemed to have developed the blind spot based on the collective perception. How can it be that something so smooth like aluminium foil and floating against the air can be an object of misunderstanding of the thinking that happened a few centuries before. In omnia paratus (ready for anything) is the response because it is not those who admire and support something from idea to social system, but it is those who question it that find the holes and fix them, the same holes that are capable of sinking the ship. This piece is the ship in air, floating, resisting that one very persistent gravity, something we are fighting from the Icarus times, but we are hoping that while Icarus had his wings melted against the sun, ending his ambition with disaster that we will be able to look at things with more objectivity and less mythological awe. Being able to identify the small details that depends on the context is often the key to understanding both social structures but also scientific discoveries, and while pretty surface may aid in the adoption process and educational tricks, it certainly doesn’t build the pillars of fundamental structures of thoughts.



Tornado mystery – an unknown, the mechanism at present in two 20this based on faking it until we make it and discover it once for all 


A concoction of fire, water, rising and falling temperatures, mythological Gods risen from the sleepy oceans and frozen deserts, the wrath of Poseidon and Zeus would be an ancient explanation perfectly satisfying for most people. Naturally this claim would be contested later in the Roman Empire, with the Neptune and Jupiter, and yet further into the future, this would be replaced with harp systems and 5G to 6G networks. In reality maybe it is just the molecular machine that is responding to the outer and inner zones within the whirlwind of the Tornado, which is avalanching exponentially into the monster and disappearing into the dwarf soon after culmination, as if the conspiracy between Thor and Aegir against humanity has a very capricious character. We all know, now, at this point in history that molecules move all the time, we live in the fluid reality that only our senses and body definition perceive as static. The movement is affected with the simpler elemental forces such as temperature and we as a humanity move exactly in the same way as molecules because we need a critical mass for something to take shape. A critical number of people, a tipping point for an ideological movement to actually take shape and influence the world, a critical number of people to believe in the myth for that myth to continue further, the same critical number of people is required to be infected with the meme for it to live into it’s life cycle of virality. Why is it so difficult to imagine that molecules behave the same way people? 


Shu yu jing er feng bu zhi. The Tree craves peace but that will not stop the storm.

Chinese idiom roaming in my mind as I dream about the world, interplanetary travel and getting rid the imagination caused by a virus. A virus of society, a virus of material existence. Colors churn around in our increasingly digital minds, we have unlimited ways to present but very little space to follow the structure, the storm will never seize until we invent it.    


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