Ideasrexoid no.6

Theme of this painting: Moment of being one, yet in the form of togetherness

This work represents the experience of live streaming, and is integrating the viewers as part of an art form. The background colours were mostly defined by the colours of the hearts and the suggestions received from viewers; the foreground is focused on the forms on their smartphones. Who is to say that the process of creation itself should always be oldfashioned, following the concept and manifesting the vision of the creator is just one aspect of the whole image. The real creation comes when the wisdom of the group is put together, and reflected in every molecule of the painting.

This painting is just that, it aggregates the experience, the moment of live streaming and is giving back to those who have given their attention to it. It represents the circle of sustainability, the way civilisation should progress, and always involves those who are watching as co-creators. That is how the world functions on the bases of mutual support, creation and collaboration. The gap between the performer and spectator is decreasing with every step technology introduces to us and with which it is shaping us.

Stream of consciousness writing was introduced at the beginning of 20th century with James Joyce; however, now is the right time for implementing it. We are living in the era of instant gratification, live streaming, instant messaging, publishing our thoughts, and deepest fears and desires through various media online, in a way we are already streaming our sub-consciousness. This symbiosis is constantly more prominent with new inventive techniques to occupy our attention, making us more creative and encouraging us to work and live together in all our differences.

Charlie: There is so much that could be done with the moment in time. The moment is not just a measure of some abstract line that we call time, which affects us and transforms us; it is a portal to the Infinite. Intelligent beings use those moments in so many different ways, and then retain the memory (or at least consciously accessible memory) of only the most prominent moments.

Earling: Why not make every moment prominent, and let the moments compete among themselves later when accessed in the vast areas of memory. Immense possibilities of the moments are not only reflected on the individual but also on the crowd surrounding the individual. That alone represents the art form in itself but not many are using it so far.

EarlingMax: Don’t despair in relation to usage; if anything, more people will use and abuse more and more of the possibilities. This emerging usage is a seemingly slow process of revealation not only in technological but also in conceptual spheres.

Juptling: Spheres are everywhere; so are the strings that create art, and the process of standing still in the moment is the pause in the music of forms. Both the individual and many individuals are parts of the whole, and visually represented they exist in the shape of a comet; the body of the comet is not possible without the gravity which keeps things together.

Charlie: Collectively one intelligent species creates an organism, with it’s functions, maintaining and purifying modes. The whole can never be complete without the individual, and the individual cannot function without the society, no matter what capacity or advancement civilisation has achieved and even though it enables individualised living in the life sustaining capsules anywhere in the galaxy. The roots and the groups are the elements that bring purpose to such being.