Gravity pulls through (still imaginary) lines while flying is a state of mind


Ideasrexoid 1.1 The theme of the painting: Gravity, extraterrestrial intelligent being and the change in perception of time/gravity

Charlie: The cause of all purpose is the direction intelligence takes in order to shape things of this universe. There is no randomness, or chaos; those two concepts were invented in order to describe the conglomerate of elements in the absence of either telescope or microscope. Relations between things come out of the underlying intelligence of both the inanimate and animate that governs everything.

Earling: Please Charlie, stick with the theme here. We want to explore the time through gravity. Isn’t the power of gravity a mystery when we think of it applied in the context of social relations and certain individuals with powerful charisma?

Charlie: This is precisely why I wanted to highlight the fallacies of randomness and chaos. The phenomenon of charisma is not something that randomly happens; it is the whole cause and effect of elements, through genetics, upbringing, influences and finally self advancement that result in some people having more charisma than others. And how is charisma explained in physical terms? It is gravity and it bends light, understanding, memes, thoughts and physical reality.

EarlingMax: You will see Earling, as soon as you get out of the minimalism/currently popular simplification state of thinking as a civilization, the concept of dense intelligence = charisma will become clear. It is blurred at the moment as we can see with our observant time travelling eyes.

Neptling: As we are so far from light, we appreciate it much more than both of you, E and EM. That makes us privileged, (just like some of your disadvantageous social classes who lack so many aspects on your planet (primarily material) but in many cases have deeper insights into the immaterial than the privileged. That makes them the next leaders, while the weaker are the ones being washed off in both cases. Isn’t everything so reflective in this world?

Charlie: This is a very down to Neptune type statement coming from you. Aren’t you primarily interested in the lines that gravity makes and the shades of color/combinational constructs on which your technology is being powered? Earling’s civilization has access to this vision only through art and those directed by the otherworldly but for you what is the otherworldly experience, since most of your core is already otherworldly to start with?

Neptling: I know that you are terming it otherworldly because we are Earling-centered in this conversation and you want to communicate as clearly as possible in their terms and on the basis of their belief system. As we can’t live in the same biological terms as those in the Goldilock’s zone, (- the reason why I am able to refer to Goldilock, even though I just learned of it, is because the AI that I have installed in my communication powers is bringing forth the right terms for better understanding) we are far less material in our endeavours; we realized early enough that organizing intelligence on a molecular level is far more efficient than co-existing in a biological form in challenging conditions. That is why we got rid of the excess stuff and now we are exploring the lines that time and gravity makes, and to us that is the otherworldly.

Charlie: There is a tremendous amount of what Earling would define as lonely when changing the world from one seed. That seed is always lonely, glorious and condemned by the collective, it has to grow on it’s own. This is also a pure physical consequence because the seed of genius has a much faster process of transformation and growing; it is very difficult for the rest of the population to keep up with it. Eventually once the plant has grown to it’s full capacity and the spirit has left towards higher realms of existences, so many will find guidance and lament the ignorance of their ancestors, but they are doing the very same thing to their contemporaries. And nobody is to be blamed for that, because otherwise randomness and chaos would rule/implode/explode this world. As I said at the beginning, each molecule can either be a part of a dense intelligence in one body or spread out among many.

Ideasrexoid no.1.1

Gravity pulls through (still imaginary) lines while flying is a state of mind

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 1.5cm

Year: 2017

Available as original or print

About this piece of art

This painting represents the seed of an extraterrestrial intelligence that is visible to the non-seeing eyes of the future. It is still in it’s cocoon but it is formidable, lonely, and sinister at the same time. There is incredible capacity and density of intelligence that will spring forth at some point, and those with no or little enthusiasm of fast change and progress will rebel against it or try to suppress it. To no avail!

The seed has been planted and it is surrounded by the lines of gravity. We all fly in this sea of immaterial lines that only gravity can affect but we are starting to see it slowly. It is the vision more powerful than anything, and it is so unearthly and universal that all the shades are communicating a different construct from so many worlds.

It is travelling with incredible speed, and yet it is static in what we perceive, the lines appear straight and under a firm control of gravity, but they are much more powerful, because they are the individuals that choose to work together. They have earned the authority of choice. They are not predetermined yet so powerful in the objective towards multiplying the universal intelligence.

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

Futuristic musings at the time


The most detrimental factor that suffocates the extraordinary and talented is the reinforcement of common sense, trending topics, and general likeability towards the average. This is an invisible impediment to the progress of society, and yet all or at least most companies (being dependent on the numbers and general approval/number of clients) have to please the masses. In the internet domain this manifests itself in the emergence of a huge number of average in quality pieces of writings; the same applies to visual and musical websites.


Meritocracy will be taken into account on a much more serious level. As the society will have categorized within interest/class/level based smaller circles, with opportunity space for mingling outside those categories, the surfacing of the content would be infinitely more targeted to what it is right now in the society. As the algorithms improve and everybody would have their own bot representative to categorize them appropriately (with the elements of disruption) there wouldn’t be the need for extra effort and defending of and building of exceptional concepts with superhuman powers, which seems to be the case today- a repetitive condition from history.


Build a network solely dedicated to the unusual, out of the ordinary content, the crazier the better. It should cover all arts plus writings and should be trending the craziest and the most abstract of the pieces. This will widely stimulate creative thinking and instead of tailoring and downgrading the output towards the most regular and therefore the greatest number of readers, viewers or listeners of the content, this should focus on the craziest and most abstract of all and open up the active commentary where people could express their opposition and their support towards the pieces. Sometimes, the greatest indicator of a piece of art in any medium is of highest quality is if it initiates strong responses of both approval and non- approval.

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