Zooming out of the situation and possibilities while the otherworldly elements are slowly coming into focus


The theme of the painting: Light, energy of sun, flow and frozen states of water which make us zoom out and look at with the fresh perspective at the otherworldly elements in our lives

Charlie: While you are in search for your comfort zone, the lines of pure uplifting thoughts may miss you and it can take a long time until you reach the point of the same energetic charge, the opportunity to zoom out while zooming in on the mysterious, untouchable and instrumental.
Earling: Why are you harsh on us, don’t you know that the law of entropy makes us confused and in fear of what will happen. That which you are proposing requires high level of discipline, which only few of us acquire. Those few preach and some of them even pronounce themselves gurus, and coaches, and guides but none of them understands the intricate game of push and pull that made them close to this pure intangible inspiration. This inspiration keeps them in tune, and all they can transfer to their disciples is the mechanism that they used, but not the star to which they were going.
Charlie: The communication is fortunately just one of the modes of telepathic connection between you people, and some of you manage to tune in to the non communicated. Rene Magritte among you was identifying the hidden but communicating aspects. Even if it is invisible it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Plutling: The mind is the inquiry machine, always in search for the pearl. But the pearl is frozen, uninteresting at first, hidden, otherworldly even sinister to some of you.
Charlie: It is such a musical concept to play the tune within conventional rules and always hitting the walls of what is acceptable and then you see those creatures that live outside and you are doing to be like them, but can’t. You haven’t been in the zone of zoomed out perspective long enough. Everything changes under the influence of a strong force like low temperatures solidify/purify and high temperatures melt/purify. When faced with any of those extremes you have to zoom out and see what is really important.
Earling: The light of the otherworldly entities is what is really important, we have a choice to connect with them and towards them, but choose to look in front of us, however I am turning a new leaf now that the I have hit the bottom rock and my genetical threshold doesn’t allow to go any lower, there is only one direction forward. Towards them!


Earling returned to his Earthly body and hovered over it considering all of the options while enjoying the night sky and frozen nature around. Why are we bound to these creatures that breath. The music of breath seems to be more and more appreciated globally in this time and all we ever think about is the line of progression. How can we not understand that the breathing is the rhythm. But rhythm can also be applied in the polyphonic way while exploring and experiencing the linear progression of slices of time.

Charlie: Earling is there on Earth contemplating the essence instead of taking actions, what will we do Jupling to get the activity and discipline orderly with Earling’s mental environment?
Jupling: You are limited by your own rules, no interference should ever be possible to make it easy, only make it worse and just like nature always finds its way to bloom back to life in Spring, so will Earling come out of the shell of civilizational conditioning and forget about expectations and act towards the light. The seed has to be ready in order to spring forward into the light.


Ideasrexoid no.1.2

Gravity pulls through (still imaginary) lines while flying is a state of mind

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm x 1.5cm

Year: 2017

Available as original or print

About this piece of art

This painting is originally born on the frozen lake while streaming live the experience and sounds of breaking ice, but the symbolic and the results is really in the most mysterious element that shows up in those rare moments when we feel as if we touch the divine and can’t go back. Those moments are rare and long lasting but unfortunately sometimes they get suppressed. Inaction seems to be a natural and promoted state of being among humans, that is why frozen state of purification is so much more disturbing than heating aspect of purification. Heat is usually associated with holidays in the conventional society establishment of ruler-worker, whereas cold is associated with productive phase.

The process of purification and being untouchable is such a superior feeling, sometimes replicated among society and establishment, but rarely used towards the positive, progressive and visionary. Among philosophers many explored this aspect of purity and invisible light, unchanging and constant: abstraction of the mind. Stoic philosophers were the only ones to truly lay the foundation and proposed the discipline towards this abstract but yet purifying goal.

 It is no wonder that in the places like this, with total purification of nature the connection to the most abstract is the nearest.

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

Futuristic musings at the time

We live in the world saturated with information and deadlines and competitive pressure to accomplish more, to learn more and absorb more. The whole landscape is designed to be attractive and to pull the interest in towards whatever is the bait and ultimately there is always a sale behind the bait. This wouldn’t be too destructive if the sale was more progressive, alas, most of the sale and strong marketing methods don’t have quality in mind but purely commercial pyramid with numbers driving the competitive atmosphere. This unhealthy environment means that beside the obvious lack of usefulness enormous amount of time is spent and often time on a larger scale consumer ends up depressed and feeling cheated.

As the economical system transforms from the contract to the trust trading the objectives for sale will not be nearly as primitive as we see nowdays, and the information overload will be sorted through individualized AI machines that represent each individual. As the individual will seek to make more impact (trusts coins) as opposed to (contract coins) the system of marketing as we know it, will be rendered useless.

A website that is entirely gamified and designed to kill the irrelevant postings by visualizing the shooting towards the websites that doesn’t provide value but hide the bait. This should be something like Zombie game, but within social network, so that everyone has a chance to play and hunt the negative influences that they are flooded with on a daily bases while reading their streams (be it facebook, twitter, youtube). Low quality blatant selling is killing the internet, not because the products are always bad, but the way it is presented in search to the consumer, it doesn’t provide value and it should always provide value. We are currently in a position to influence this with various apps and movements to hunt the emptiness away, or at least expose it, so that it could recognize and improve.

Replacing of the ordinary content, the crazier the better. It should cover all arts plus writings and should be trending the craziest and the most abstract of the pieces. This will widely stimulate creative thinking and instead of tailoring and downgrading the output towards the most regular and therefore the greatest number of readers, viewers or listeners of the content, this should focus on the craziest and most abstract of all and open up the active commentary where people could express their opposition and their support towards the pieces. Sometimes, the greatest indicator of a piece of art in any medium is of highest quality is if it initiates strong responses of both approval and non- approval.

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