Intangible becoming tangible and the other way around while the civilization transforms in the eternal circle of self awareness

The theme of the painting: When fire and water cooperate, the unimaginable power rises and while it is visibly neutral and seemingly insignificant the mist makes the distractions invisible and directs us towards ourselves

Charlie: Have you found your light yet? Are you purposefully stripping your mind off any distractions in order to find the light? Don’t you know that your mind is a mirror of the universe and if you don’t provide the clean path the reflection won’t reach far?


Earling: I am drinking from the well of forgetfulness, Lethe helps us although it goes by various names throughout different cultures. We are trained to memorize, organize and fit in, but it is the opposite element that innovates.


Charlie: Constrains are the only tools that build a steady structure, if you were living a free flowing existence, the spark of genius would have been too slow from your Earthly condition.


Earling: The key to this world is rooted in childhood, in the compressed state of being with perception of this world being so simple and flowing. It continues to flow but as we grow rigid we try to capture and produce stasis and then start legging behind and then we snap out of it.


Charlie: A balance between vertical and horizontal forces is what you are talking about! Common sense = vertical stasis,

Uncommon vision = horizontal movement

Can you explain why it would be not practical to combine horizontal + stasis and vertical + movement?


Neptling: Glad you asked, because the gravity will not be defeated for the Earling’s civilization until they largely accept/internalize this truth. Even when you are floating in self-sustainable space ship, you can never indefinitely move vertically, or have horizontal stasis. Life is comprised of lines and invisible rules governing the transformational process within the protocol called time.


Earling: Socially and governmentally we are struggling between stasis of the common sense slicing our reality, pushing it towards the past and enticing men to go back working manually like machines and on the other hand a movement striving into the upper strata of manufactured desirability, of which the distorted version ends up a social status, recognition, vanity, emptiness leading to self destruction. Which do you think is worse EarlingMax?


EarlingMax: If I told you, I would have to make you drink from the river of Lethe, and that wouldn’t serve the purpose of this musing because it would bind everyone reading this to forget it. Nano particles associated with these words are very powerful, they create avalanche effect, memes are their carriers and if the civilization knew too much into the future, it would end up self destructing before it was ready to come out of it’s shell.


Charlie: It is very interesting that you are not willing to share much EarlingMax and are afraid,… and you know that the sparks of upper horizontal movements are the one pushing things forward. Deeply associative model is the one that you should be using and crystallize yourself in less obscure sense, without becoming too obvious or vertically static.


EarlingMax: Every organism is comprised of many elements that contribute to it’s linear functioning, the cellular system is fighting the invasions on a daily bases, however when the opponent is too strong or worse yet strategically sneaky, the organism falls into the state of war (horizontal stasis, but vertical movement temporarily), and many cells are sacrificed followed by a slow or fast recovery until the next episode which is inevitable as long as you coexist with other organisms. The same rules apply to the society, it goes through the stages and effectively both sides of the unhealthy cells that you described will eventually be discarded by the immune system.


Earling: That means the immune system is our structure, our voting consensus, demos kratos,….


*Vertical thinking – Practical materialism (common sense is slicing the reality) vs Horizontal thinking, fluid which is visionary, (abstract fluid type of thinking-useless)


Ideasrexoid no.1.3

Gravity pulls through (still imaginary) lines while flying is a state of mind

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 50cm x 35cm x 1.5cm

Year: 2017

Available as original or print

About this piece of art

This painting is entirely dedicated to the internal struggles that we feel when we are directed towards ourselves, when we don’t see anything outside, but have to face the core of our being. When we experience the mist, the poverty or the richness of the mind flourishes and we can only see the inner world. Today’s society is sometimes directed towards the outside events, activities, competitions, classifications and the game of trade, that we end up living on the outside of our core.


At the same time in those moments of silence and mist shielding from the outside stimulation, we realize that the outside world doesn’t really matter, at the end of the day it is just what is within that determines everything. This painting was created as a celebration and mysterious response to the mist and the fog. I always liked it and found it inspiring and it inspired an opportunity to look within, to experience the refuge into self.


This refuge sometimes revealed a fantastic world, a communication, a portal and possibilities beyond earthly bound visions, into the subtle web of patterns, intelligence revealing itself. Sometimes the external scarcity or minimalism (popular with current culture) helps reveal the substance behind the layers of social conditioning and assists on the road of self discovery and finding the authentic self.


Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece


Futuristic musings at the time

Problem: Every problem, obstacle or hardship we ever face is the opportunity, or a gold mine for entrepreneurial oriented. Most of the problems that we face on a daily bases but also on a systemic level are only ever tackled by entrepreneurs, while educational system promotes specializations and analytical approach, before we know it, we end up bitter and twisted about the world we live in and mentally helpless to do something due to exhaustion. Without the incentive to change something, thinking that only those who have super powers are able to solve problems, the time passes and talents are wasted on specialization jobs while many problems stay in status quo.


Future: There will be almost a streamline of identified problems, and emerging problems to be solved even before they materialize. This will create a highly competitive problem identification marketplace, where individuals(future versions of multidisciplinary experts) will be identifying and publishing the problems, consequences and solutions while those with talents for execution will be implementing them and the transfer of this will be adequately pipelined from one to the other, on the bases of mutual trust establishing. This society will be transforming much faster and more efficiently, but also will have much more misleading options due to more sophisticated systems of pairing, placement and accessories following each project.


Solution for now: Establishing a community of problem solvers who recognize the gold in each problematic situation and through gamification try to envision the future and bring forth various solutions. As this would be a community effort (following the quote from Eric Schmidt “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”) every member of the community who contributes (either through ideas or service,..or whichever way) will be recognized as a small shareholder of that particular project. This would stimulate utilizing of both idle knowledge but also entrepreneurial spirit to make the solution and effectively go forward.


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