Vortexes of happiness that cause the lightness of being which is the only state of mind capable of spotting the weightless beings

Theme of the painting: Painting was started around March 17th 2017, when nature was starting to wake up and the core of it was still visible. Leaves were just starting to emerge and give the illusion of permanence and this permanence I choose to interpret as happiness of being alive

Charlie: Happiness, light, exaltation are all the feelings most of you Earlings experience at some point in your life. The feelings start the life of their own as a result of various events or even conditional thinking that makes you sometimes experience the rise of the serotonin, for instance, what you call shopping as a therapy, or winning games with the sense of belonging to one particular group, where one side is losing and other side is winning, but the question is have you made a list of things that stimulate those feelings? Do you know that the civilization was founded on lists?


Earling: Lists are everything, everywhere, around the world they take various forms and shapes and usually they are categorizing in the form of triangle, or a pyramid. I was told by the Wise life form that the intelligence functions on the bases of patterns. These are just simple examples of intelligence at work, sorting itself and self improving.


EarlingMax: Intelligence has an intrinsic movement forward, which perpetually reinvents itself, by disrupting the old methods and your list are continuously becoming more and more refined. Let’s compare the list from the Hunter-Gatherer’s society. 1. Survive, 2. Find food 3 Establish yourself within the group as a worthy and indispensable 4. Procreate 5. Outsmart the competing group for territory. Can you create a list of your time Earling, and let’s compare it how different it is to the scenario of Hunter-Gatherer?


Earling: I can’t speak for everyone but from my own perspective here is the list with my priorities 1. Survive 2. Have a meaningful career that let’s you create and is inspiring but also takes care of the food and needs 3. Experience as much as possible 4. Pass on the knowledge 5. Touch as many lives as possible with the thoughts, actions and force of life improvement


Charlie: You are shifting from the tangible self competing society towards the intangible continuously creating flux of innovation and self sufficiency, it is the movement upwards, against gravity, towards smaller and self replicating patterns of intelligence. That is what happiness and lightness is about, the feeling of creative flow, in coordination with the universal laws.


Neptling came in, joined the conversation and positioned the super sonic ship made of sphere and nano particles just outside the zone where the material physics abiding bodies transform into the non physical existence. It is such a liberating sensation, not to have to deal with the three limitations such as gravity/space/time. Only Charlie is fully in control of those three elements, others are using technology in order to master, navigate and temporarily escape the conditions.


Neptling: Why is it that we have to earn the lightness of being, we are born with intrinsic sense of happiness and love and then we learn how to shape things around us in accordance to our visions. We have expectations from society and our environment, regardless of how nurturing or ruthless it may be. We for instance value light and warmth so much because we are so far, but because life is vibrant in it’s frequencies, we see so many colours. As a result we never separated self expressions into creative and non creative fields, like for instance Earling’s civilization. They fragmented everything and now they are slowly reuniting Science, Art, Engineering,…. there is only one universal wisdom and many roads to reach it.

ou what is the otherworldly experience, since most of your core is already otherworldly to start with?


Neptling: I know that you are terming it otherworldly because we are Earling-centered in this conversation and you want to communicate as clearly as possible in their terms and on the basis of their belief system. As we can’t live in the same biological terms as those in the Goldilock’s zone, (- the reason why I am able to refer to Goldilock, even though I just learned of it, is because the AI that I have installed in my communication powers is bringing forth the right terms for better understanding) we are far less material in our endeavours; we realized early enough that organizing intelligence on a molecular level is far more efficient than co-existing in a biological form in challenging conditions. That is why we got rid of the excess stuff and now we are exploring the lines that time and gravity makes, and to us that is the otherworldly.

Charlie: There is a tremendous amount of what Earling would define as lonely when changing the world from one seed. That seed is always lonely, glorious and condemned by the collective, it has to grow on it’s own. This is also a pure physical consequence because the seed of genius has a much faster process of transformation and growing; it is very difficult for the rest of the population to keep up with it. Eventually once the plant has grown to it’s full capacity and the spirit has left towards higher realms of existences, so many will find guidance and lament the ignorance of their ancestors, but they are doing the very same thing to their contemporaries. And nobody is to be blamed for that, because otherwise randomness and chaos would rule/implode/explode this world. As I said at the beginning, each molecule can either be a part of a dense intelligence in one body or spread out among many.

Ideasrexoid no.1.3

Vortexes of happiness that cause the lightness of being which is the only state of mind capable of spotting the weightless beings

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 1.5cm

Year: 2017

Available as original or print

About this piece of art

What is it about the lightness of being that makes it so difficult to attain? I believe that we are all born with the capacity to experience the unconditional happiness, however, the road to that level of awareness is diverse. I am thinking here about the simplifications, minimalism misinterpreted, positive psychology that forces the smiles on in the eternal hope that the smile will come in from outside. Reality is that the lightness of being is sometimes only reachable from within by understanding the whole spectrum of emotions and darkness that happens during the life time of the average human being.

It is a spiritual experience, even though we as a civilization are constantly reinterpreting those divine signs from the Other World or shall I say Inner World? Why do we always have to have a spacial representation of where things are, or even orientation that up is good and down is bad, the eternal dance of Yin-Yang. Those seems to be intelligence patterns or coping mechanisms we inherited bound to this Earthly body.

Those delineations help us discern and identify the road ahead, just like Plato had the vision and formed his whole teaching around the ideal objects and this material world being a non perfect representation of those perfect formation, we must strive towards those perfect objects both around us and within us. It seems that while we are in the Earthly body we help each other through technology until we are able to help each other with thoughts. In the meantime while we practice the power of thoughts, the lightness of being is creeping in, quietly as we are becoming benevolent civilization. This painting is the representation of the perpetual innovation that happens as a result of an intelligence being set in motion, to replicate, crystallize, create more variations and self discoveries never really touching the material.

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

Futuristic musings at the time

Problem: Consumerism is a thing of past, deeply dependent on industrialization and exponential growth of needs and production, and yet, many people seek happiness in shopping experience and acquiring status symbols depending on how brand positioned itself on the market and the scale of desirability from 1 to 10 (10 being the most desirable, difficult to attain, exclusive and the real value amplified, projecting satisfaction once attained, 1 being the least desirable but providing value on the balance note between the product and money spent). One example of the above situation from real life is the various types of smart phones market, branded and non branded clothes, fashionable and non fashionable functional cars,…. the list goes on.


Future: All production or industries will be replaced by 3D printing, custom made designs, everyone will utilize their unique abilities towards design or if no interest personal AI powered computers will do these aspects in accordance to the standards of innovations surrounding that era.


Solution for the moment: The change really needs to happen on the level of mentality, the signs, sales, cultivation of minds to seek status symbols externally has to be transformed. This could be possible if the minds are invited to create, design and find their creativity. Civilization is in screaming need for a social network or community which will promote finding of special meaning behind everything created by an individual regardless of the influence of that person. Accumulative advantage is almost the same as industrial age, it happens and it flies away, always being replaced by more efficient and better.


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