Frequencies exist so that we can tune in and explore the many faceted sides of materialization

Theme of the painting: A dream, dreamt about the Ancient Egyptian technological brilliance. Climbing towards the hight of awareness, surrounded by the rarefied air of solitude amidst civilization that is keeping the balance for a short period of time until it starts to degrade and cease, like everything in life.

Charlie and Earling were floating in their dreamlike state looking at the time like a kaleidoscope of forms, because even though we can’t see it, time creates the form, and space creates the color. They are complementing each other, tend to be opposite but can’t exist separately, unless a super computer of Charlie access some data and processes it in the way that a mind used to a linear way of thinking can comprehend.


Earling: Isn’t it interesting that my civilization that we are visiting in here, always tends to resolve something into the status quo? It doesn’t like the thinking processes that oppose each other, even if they are not on the level that annihilates anything.


Charlie: This is a question of existential meaning, Homo Sapiens was conditioned to respond positively to the tendencies that one strong group forms, because that was the means of survival from Hunter Gatherer, to Agricultural villages/cities, Industrial Era, Computer and Politics period, they all demanded uniformity, and annihilation of the opposition. It was a triangular way of thinking which is present in 21st century in great percentage.

Earling: I wonder how the invention of fire prompted the revolution that changed the form but not the essence of the power games. Prometheus suffered in silence until he was released by Heracles who finally killed the eagle that was eating Prometheus ever regenerating liver.

Earling: Life is almost like that, ever regenerating, no matter what happens and how many Eagles or angels of Death visits it. It always finds a way, the same applies to intelligence, now that human kind is starting to explore the existence outside of the planet Earth, it will be really important to shed the triangular way of thinking which includes “us vs them” and a supreme power above. As robots and automation progresses, will we have a Zeus that will send Pandora and his Eagle upon the world that wants to mature on it’s own?


Charlie: There are many dividing opinions on this but overall perspective is that maybe, just maybe Zeus, his Eagle and Pandora will be tamed thanks to technology that helps the humanity change, rather than help control the humanity in a way that the farmed animals are treated. The open source, indie and the power of individual has always been an element of Prometheus and Epimetheus.


Prometheus and Epimetheus are twin brothers from Greek mythology, they represent the opposites, Prometheus is a visionary, forethinker, proactive while Epimetheus is a naive, slow to react, thinks in hindsight). They both believe in community, sharing, caring and transcending the egotistic demands.


Neptling: Did you two know that my neighbour Saturn actually has a moon by name Epimetheus whose orbit is almost colliding with another moon, called Janus (Roman mythology deity referring to the new beginning, double faced reality, the oppositions creating the whole, a patron of bridges and a connection between future and past)

Charlie: Human race is embedding their deepest collective imaginations called mythology upon the space, so that when they finally defeat the gravity they will feel at home. A father of modern philosophy Jung depicts this state of being as a collective knowledge that is embedded in the genome.


Earling: In other words we already have the information from our oral culture within us, even if we lost it in the written evidence, either due to the fact that we didn’t know how to write for so many years or we lost the written documents due to triangular flourish of power that happened every so often, with formations trying to evaporate any intellectual way of thinking that might not be in line with their own. Most recent was the effort from WWII Nazi Germany that among many other evils destroyed so many invaluable pieces of art naming it Degenerate art, just because they could.


Charlie: “Just because they can” is the line, because human kind will have many more of these eruptions, coming and going and they remind of the ever growing and regenerating teeth of a shark that bites just because it can, as depicted in the painting that stands in suspense without resolution, just observing.

Ideasrexoid no.1.5

Frequencies exist so that we can tune in and explore the many faceted sides of materialization

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 70cm x 30cm x 1.5cm

Year: 2017

Available as original or print

About this piece of art

The true value of living, a purpose and visions are out there, available to imagine but unreachable to touch, isn’t it wonderful? The feeling of uplifting while we reach up, above, higher and stronger, rebellious, accelerating both as an individual and a collective. This can only happen as a singular point in time, when the balancing between powers is so perfect that the needle is standing still, motionless. This is a moment which everyone feels at some point in life, it is the apex between future and past that stands still for a while and the unique expression has been embedded in history. Collectives, for example a civilization of ancient Egypt went through exactly the same journey, rise, a moment of standing still at the apex of power, falling down and succumbing to the next wave of technological/societal changes.


This is a reason why this painting has no resolution, just a suspense, a moment frozen in time, and while the main aspect is in the stairs that lead either up towards the rarefied air, or down towards the snake of subconscious, which is at the same time three headed alien life form, it also represents the shark’s teeth. The inexhaustible, regrowing tools of transformation or, in other words, time itself, but in the form of shark that devours and then transforms, simply because it can and is equipped to do so.


Time is also defined by gravity in some mysterious for us ways, the lower part of the painting is depicting the gravitational waves associated to the planet Earth, while the upper lines are the ones attached to the solar system. The lines encompass the movement of the stairs in a nurturing way, because one self aware creature supports another.


The alien intelligence at the bottom of the painting is the triangular system, a machine, but also a snake and a connecting point between the one stepping and going downstairs into the subconscious world of creatures born in mythology, oral culture and collective wisdoms of the place in which an experiencer (a future form of a virtual and Irl explorer) was born in.

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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