Axis Mundi represents the point in time and space where everything begins or is centered around, the point where material and immaterial meet


Theme of the painting: is about the center of the world, in this case the world of space, abstraction, gravity, pulling the strings of the universe, seeing through the invisible realms across time and space, to the ancient past and the distant future.

About this piece of art

This painting is about what happens when we close our eyes, see the endless darkness and yet exist in our center, experience the illusion of infinity, as our neurons make their way of communication across the spheres of imagination. The question is where does the material cease and immaterial starts to exist? In this manifestation of multicellular organism containing consciousness, we are yet to define that Axis Mundi.


Ideologically, though, Axis Mundi always represented the lever that moved the world and built the future, it is the place in the mind with infinite possibilities, but finite definition, a firm structure held together by gravity or intention in human terms. We often think of charisma as a gravity and the power of personality, but collectively the Axis Mundi is in the focus of the collectives around the ideas/ideals.


Historically those ideals (the Axis Mundi of the mind) of the collective ranged from the mythical characters to religious enlightnment in various stages of human civilization. Today we have a somewhat concerning prospect, the Axis Mundi of so many individuals are in money making.


We are all observing the heros or contemporary mythological characters in the tech world, a new generation of entrepreneurs, a modern day pirates that disrupt the industries from their own garage (Google) or a tiny dorm room (Facebook), coworking space (Snapchat),…..the list is endless. We love the overnight success on the trajectory from nothing to everything or even the parameters that make someone a success based on the ability to sell the computetional bundle that attracts millions of users. Many generations think of this portrait as a standard to strive for, to create a technological solution that it becomes an axis mundi in life of multitudes.


The goal of life is so much in optimizing the comfort and in securing the material riches that the immaterial infinity shrinks, it becames an ornament. How can we lead a content life where spiritual aspects are only optimized, and equated to hedonism in so many cases. Instagram teaches us about glamorous life, in so many cases giving an insight into the painted reality, pulling the viewers into this painted image of life. Promising the same happiness if only more time and resources was dedicated to this same instagram, a machine of creativity used for good and bad in sometimes unequal proportions.


I sometimes look at life through the prizma of a camera (like all of us, as we should, exploring our creative views with the help of smartphones) but historically, before our digital reality, in order for a photo to be produced, it had to go through the stage of negative where everything was in reverse in terms of colors. I think that we as a civilization are moving and evolving in a zig zag pattern, from one extreme to another, from one Axis Mundi to another and it is really the balance that is the only optimum. I am afraid that today the Axis Mundi is in the production of the spectrum between the Unicorn and the useful tweaks that make money.


The question is, now that technology has reached such stellar capabilities, and is accelerating in development every year, are we literally slowing ourselves down with focus on monetary over everything else? How can new generations produce something unique and uplifting when the pressure is first and foremost for that product or idea to sell well and attract the largest number of people?

Charlie, Earling and Iluvariux gathered among the constellations admiring the Alfa Centauri and Draco, as well as Lyra. Their technology allows them to bend our idea of space/time and shift in their bodyless existence between great distances, in the physical form exploring the constellations, and mythological characters from which they were named while exploring the concept of Axis Mundi in the medieval minds and the association to cities.


Charlie: Every inhabited place on earth has a center, the old town, the main street, the symbol of their hero or a protective spirit which may be connected to the concept of Axis Mundi, it is a place of sacred values, a life within a life, a sanctity. The maze of the streets interlacing around the nucleus of the settlement which exists in peace and infinity.


Earling: If we could create a map of dots that represented axis mundi through history on this planet it would be a densly dotted map, each dot in the nucleus of a particular culture. Let’s travel to Montenegro and the street Gabela that dates back to the Roman times is the one example of curved Axis Mundi. Curved because according to the ancient story clash of the winds from the mountains and the sea happens in that particular area and the architecture serves as a conduit to this particular interaction of nature.


Iluvariux: We are the mountains, living and expressing ourselves in the sounds surrounding the architecture, if only you understood how everything built has an impact on the reverberation of the sound, the acoustics is changed with every building since antiquity. You don’t live in the world of sounds, you only experience it as one more phenomenon of life, but we experience everything through vibration.



Charlie: It is no wonder that Prokofiev’s 6th sonata, a war sonata presents an opening to the axis mundi in which Iluvaiux lives. It was written in desperation between so many clashing powers, a search for authenticity, when the ideals about socialism were lost and distorted, they took the form of a monster.


Earling: It is the blessing that music is never apparent or definite in the representation of it’s topic (without the composer’s interpretation or notes) so that the exact opposites could be expressed under the disguise of what the contractor wants. Sadly in that time Prokofiev was almost the subcontractor to the regime, but he eventually expressed the opposite to what was asked from him.


Iluvariux: It was the humanity first, the monster of power second, and in a way the core of human experience and the sense of fair is to present the human values as the axis mundi from which everything else builds the net. Today it is the internet but we still fight the same struggle between an individual and a monster. Eternal zig zag, which which Axis mundi is dotting it’s way on the planet first, accross the solar system and beyond second.


Charlie: Rothko comes to mind with finding the eternity in a particular mixture of colour and form, getting lost in the infinity of time, space, finding the center of one’s world within.



Ideasrexoid no. 23

Axis Mundi represents the point in time and space where everything begins or is centered around, the point where material and immaterial meet

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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