Narcissus is looking at the reflection in the sky and wants the sky to imitate him, demands from the sky to become shaped in his own image


The theme of the painting: is about the collective narcissistic behavior that follows the lead figure from mythological Narcissus story. Technology abused to such an extent that it only presents the mirror for self admiration. It has become a river with many reflections, but this painting is about the mountain shaped by this same river, and the mountains can only demand and see it’s reflection in the sky.

About this piece of art

Are we finding the equilibrium in quietude sitting in front of the social media and admiring our images of self, the ubiquitous selfies that smart phones enabled and wanting the world to fullfill our wishes, just like someone across social media portrays the life lived in perpetual state of wishes being fullfilled by sponsors, partners, families, life, nature, a tree, universe,…..


Everything admires the Narcissus and thus Narcissus deserves to live a life of stasis admiring himself and displaying a disdain towards those who admire him, just because he can. This sounds familiar in our technology, selfies, influencers powered world, where industries attach to these images of Narcissus and feed the population their products that potentially make them few steps closer to the object of admiration.


Original story of Narcissus describes his disolving of character as a result of falling in love with himself in the reflection of the river. He literally turned into a flower Narcissus at the end of his living cycle. This story emerging from the water, because parents of Narcissus were river god Cephissus and nymph Lyriope, eventually calcifies and becomes a mountain that looks at the sky and demands the same reflection that water used to give. Sky however is capricious it lives in the realm of Krios, Iapetos, Hyperion and Okeanos, it doesn’t care about the wishes being sent towards it.


This is the moment of realization that happens at the intersection between wishes and reality that plays it’s own tune. In most cases wishes are only fullfilled when certain conditions are right or built to be so. We as a civilization are playing with the game of manifestation and the power of mind to materialize the imagined, fueled by the universal energy called love. It is at this level, when the object of admiration is decided the seed of life and a vision is born.


This painting is living in the world of interaction between the sky and the mountain, the mountain is populated with the mythological creatures holding supernatural powers that the sky entrusted in them and Charlie and Earling as well as Iluvariux are having a conversation about the will power, The Titans from Greek mythology and the ideals of a modern human.

Iluvariux: Narcissus seems a personification of an ego, an example of what goes wrong when we look at the sur(face) as the final frontier, when we misplace and demean the power of the interaction between the inwards and outwards. When the spirituality takes it’s physical form and stays there, trapped and limited, eventually self consuming as Narcissus demonstrated.


Charlie: I am going to evoke the historical quote from one of the greatest thinkers that lived on Earth

“Main thought! The individual himself is a fallacy. Everything which happens in us is in itself something else which we do not know. ‘The individual’ is merely a sum of conscious feelings and judgments and misconceptions, a belief, a piece of the true life system or many pieces thought together and spun together, a ‘unity’, that doesn’t hold together. We are buds on a single tree—what do we know about what can become of us from the interests of the tree! But we have a consciousness as though we would and should be everything, a phantasy of ‘I’ and all ‘not I.’ Stop feeling oneself as this phantastic ego! Learn gradually to discard the supposed individual! Discover the fallacies of the ego! Recognize  egoism asfallacy! The opposite is not to be understood as altruism! This would be love of other supposed individuals! No! Get beyond ‘myself’ and ‘yourself’!  Experience cosmically!”

– Nietzsche, Kritische Studienausgabe

Earling: This thought represents the core of so many of 20th century artists, that all focused on the psychological infinity, the flux of transformation and in search of the core. Look at the Marcel Duchamp who even disagreed with and disregarded many of his contemporaries, for example Henri Matisse whose paintings he described only as “retinal” art- designed to please the eye, whereas he focused on art as something that reflects the mind.




Charlie: Modern human has exact same dilemma, fighting the monsters of different shapes and sizes that sprang into the consciousness through mythology, many thousands years ago. 21st century on Earth is powered by technology which exists as a dance between the powers orchestrated by the algorithms that favors Narcissus but Narcissus doesn’t turn into a flower it calcifies into a mountain.


Iluvariux: Nature is the only Narcissus that can justify it’s own existence, a full circle of creation and destruction, just like the original Primordial entities of Greek myth, the order of titans, of which one is in charge of time Kronos, the 4 are in charge of space/the four directions North (Koios), South (Krios), East (Hyperion), West(Iapetos – later replaced by his son Atlas) in charge of the essence, the element of Water.



Ideasrexoid no. 24

Narcissus is looking at the reflection in the sky and wants the sky to imitate him, demands from the sky to become shaped in his own image

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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