Seeing through the fears and perceiving the insignificance of the societal pressures, accidents and ill intentions



The theme of this painting: Will to power, transforming the fear into the fuel when faced with the shadow of darkness, that challenges us to go forward and against the hypnotic current of idleness.

About this piece of art

I hear them galloping through time and space, a sheer power of will instilled in the human mind, as they circled the globe relentlessly and became every tribe, practicing their customs and learning new technologies. The only habit they had was to conquer the fear and keep learning, transforming, experiencing until they became individual and thus invisible for history, but genetics registers all. Can you guess what war lords I am referring to here? Read on to confirm your guess.


Sometimes it feels like we want to swallow our fears, as they torment us with the unfamiliar, clenching of the stomach before the unwanted event. We augment the object of fear with our analyzing mind to such an extent that we see every detail, it becomes a giant that requires a Herculean power to confront.


Collective mind of our planet Earth synchronized through the power of myth, legends and stories, the most powerful of the leaders, always describes the story of the hero. The one that passes the boundaries of safety and reaches beyond, facing the worst horrors imaginable in the forms of serpents, dragons, lions, hydras, witches, warlocks, giants, cyclops,…..etc , and manages to rise above the fear and faces them as his or her opponent to be conquered without hesitation.


In some cases the hero gets swallowed by the beast and works the way out by destroying the supernatural creature within. According to the legends one of the earlier incarnation of Buddha faced the ogre in the forest without any sign of fear, which immediately got the attention of Ogre as he has never encountered anything that wasn’t afraid of death. This novelty made Ogre afraid as the master of fear told him that if he swallowed him, he wouldn’t be able to digest such a concentration of power and would be destroyed from within.


The triumph of bravery over the feeling of fear is one of the most fundamental struggles a human being can experience, but is the feeling of fear simply a fear from the future. It was the Kronos, one of the original titans, that at first secured his place by eliminating his father (Uranus = sky) and then wanted to secure his future by swallowing everyone except Zeus.


Kronos is the personification of time in the ancient Greek mythology and thus represents one of the most universal forces that swallow and transform everything. No entity living on Earth can escape the time, but science might help us understand it better, eventually influencing and connecting the continuum of the eternal circles between mythological imagination and scientific transformation.

Charlie and Earling finally met Iluvariux the creature living on the shores and mountain peaks, focusing and creating only at the sunrise and the sunset, adoring the planet, the innocence of the plants and animals. Iluvariux are both existing as individuals and in groups, because they feel one with each other, but at the same time separate individuals, just like the future will see the genders disappear in their multitude, so will the concept of a group become equal to the individual and the other way around . There is no time only events that pass for them and Charlie and Earling want to know more about the perspective towards the world that Iluvariux constructed.


Charlie: How come you don’t perceive or measure time, what power made you immune to the ever lasting construct Khronos made?


Iluvariux: It is the unity, we didn’t evolve like you dividing all the time and eliminating the weaker of the two closest division. We evolved in a different way, we didn’t need the physical body, we already knew that it is futile to fight, we are one with each other, and the universe. We can only see white color, our mind is white, when we think our thoughts are synchronized, we don’t need to struggle, but our task and our real struggle is in lack of discipline and external influences. We need to develop the shell from those who are not like us.


Earling: We are now jumping from one point in time to another, everything is super fluid, I feel noxious seeing all the circles of time, there are million eyes looking at me, all those lives lived, the flow of creation and destruction competing with each other. The lake Worthersee is giving a lesson about moral values to all those sunken and sinking eyes, that only seek instant gratification. I feel the human predicament so gravely, and sympathize with them.


Iluvariux: That is because you originate from Earth and your filters of perception are not conditioned to eliminate the flux of time. They are only conditioned to eliminate the forces that interfere and overshadow your focus of survival. Your principle of survival and conquering of fear is largely present in the methods Genghis Khan employed, such as unite, conquer, learn/transform. A somewhat simpler phrase lead a Roman empire with Veni, Vidi, Vici from Caesar’s time. You have learned to always conquer and absorb, but the flux of time kept going. What is your definition of time Charlie?

Charlie: I will sing the ode to Earth in 21st century about the time while the sounds of Prokofiev pierce through both, space and time.


Questioning time, feeling the vortex of it, pulling and pushing always, unstoppable force of this existence, but, something happens. The time is frozen, there is a feeling of intense cold, but it doesn’t bother me because we are the cold, we become our surrounding. Part of life, part of time, part of space, part of water, part of stone, part of ash, part of galaxy we are, even though we think we aren’t. Technology helps us through our trials and tribulations, it helps us become what we already are but we don’t know it. We need something external to help us become aware of ourselves. 


Sometimes it is the change that is galloping towards us and we freeze in response, resisting it with full might only to realize that an ant struggling against an elephant is a futile quest. One must become an elephant or a mythological creature or genetically resurrected mammoth in order to fight an elephant. Eventually we will be able to become whatever we imagine, because technology will give us that level of confidence, until then, let’s not forget the history and the stages it had to go through to reach here through time and space.

Ideasrexoid no. 24

Seeing through the fears and perceiving the insignificance of the societal pressures, accidents and ill intentions

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 50 cm x 40 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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