Hypnophoenix rises from the ashes in the infinite loop between death and life while I explore the question of trans humanism, future of civilization and mythological characters Phoenix and Hypnos




The theme of this painting: A border between life and death, light and dark, dream and reality, outer and inner. Two worlds seeminly so different and yet inseparable, the two sides of the same coin called life and death. Why is it that our civilization is so focused on one side and chooses to dislike the other?

About this piece of art

Isn’t it that often times the ideas, inventions and revolutions come from the dark side, the invisible functioning of our world. Even our Psyche contains the invisible ocean with unknown depth, a portal to the cosmic silance. This painting is the journey to this cosmic silance beyond life and death and it is portrayed through the mythological creature of Phoenix, it is a flight to the ashes and back. It is also a journey that explore ancient Greek deity Hypnos, the concept of dream and the cave from which he observes the world and powers himself from the peace of nothingness.


— Civilization questioning —

Leonardo Da Vinci explored human and animal anatomy and came to the conclusion that human body is much less efficient, robust or even logical. Maybe it is a grand plan of nature to squeeze humans out of their bodies and into the computerizing infinity of the machines with whom we are already merging. This is a vision held by many futurists sometimes framed in the word Transhumanism, with the idea that eventually we will be able to transfer our consciousness away from the body and into the computer. The question is will we lose our humanity, or even what is a definition of a human being, do we have that manifesto clearly embedded yet? I don’t think we have so far, because while we are born good hearted and benevolent beings, the chase with life, competition and laziness in addition to many other aspects make us seem to ourselves as all too powerful, untouchable, God like and we start diverting from the original vision of a human as a noble being that means well in all circumstances, is selfless and caring for the outside world as much as for him/herself. I read somewhere that Scandinavian countries are rating the level of happiness as the highest in the world, and the correlation to this seemed to be in their reluctance to support competitive behavior or expression of superiority. It seems the more we think of each other as equal the more happy we will be, but at the same time, can we truly look at each other as equal when one of us is reading nothing, has no interest in doing anything, loves to spend their time watching the shows in the mold of Kardashians and tries to appear superior on the bases of material possessions and thus endangers others by becoming a decision maker VS someone who is hungry for knowledge, with great number of interests, loves to spend time in curiosity and learning either outside or through the screen that opens the eyes and mind, and doesn’t try to be superior but just exists in the state of peaceful and self aware being of now, which strives towards better tomorrow. Theoretically speaking both of these individuals started from the same footing but haven’t formed themselves in the same direction, or their responses to the outside, societal nurture has gone in a two separate direction. Sadly, today’s algorithm controlling media prefers this first group because it is much easier for economy to digest. Why are we self sabotaging ourselves as a civilization just for the sake of money? Is it absolutely necessary for the regulatory perpetual mobile to work without a hiccup?

I think it is not necessary to slow ourselves down for the sake of economy in stasis and probably as a first step of our transforming future is the implementation of UBI, just offloading the basic concerns and equalizing the opportunities at least one step closer. I predict many people going minimalist in their approach to life possessions, the amount of waste on this planet reduced and thus ecology promoted and the amount of creativity/productivity skyrocketed. Actually the word creativity and productivity shouldn’t be applied separately in humans any longer, but this is a post for another time, so I will leave it at here.

Charlie, Earling and Illuvariux were floating above the points of no return, they were exploring the Black hole termed V404 Cygni by Earth’s scientists, surfing on the waves of light as it gets pulled by the inescapable power of the black hole. Just like the surfers of the oceans on Earth, harness the power and the pulses of the waves, their technology is harnessing the power of the black hole without getting swallowed, because it TRANSFORMS. Transformation, this most universal of all phenomenons of life, the gate between life and death, watched by Hypnos and represented by Pheonix in the ancient mind of Greeks. Francis Bacon, a 20th century painter used to say that the act of living is the act of violence and this especially gets prominent at the point of death and birth.


Illuvariux: Both of you seem to be afraid deep down of death, because you only see one side of existence, your civilization developed in the constant struggle against the other side, but I am nature, Aquila, I am both, because the death of the first is the life of the second and the death of the second is the life of the first. Beautiful symmetry isn’t it?


Charlie: I know that you emerged from stones and you are one with all elemenets on Earth, and while it makes you superior vs Earling who is still sceptical of the transformation this existence brings, it makes you inferior in relation to the passions and intensity of focus, a will to power is something we both have to learn from Earling. Earling came from Earth where “will to power” has been tought over and over through centuries, enthusiasm was not something that just happens it was produced. Francis Bacon portrayed it nicely, the extremes of the human mind that seems obsessed with it’s perceived ending and at the same time suppresses it.



Earling: Meanwhile, on Earth we couldn’t understand all the changes that happen to the powerful bird, as it flies furiously, seemingly without the goal, only to burn and turn into the ashes and then back to life again. It is a magnificent sight of imagination to see a bird coming to terms with both sides of the existence. Ancient Greeks established many gate keepers of this mysterious world of death and dreams, they didn’t know but they imagined, they placed Hypnos in charge of dreams, his twin brother Thanatos in charge of death. Both of them came out of Nyx, a Goddess of Night.


Illuvariux: Now you understand that stone is beyond death and life, and this is where I like to inhabit my Earthly existence even if the molecules fluctuates in a continuous loop.


Ideasrexoid no. 26

Hypnophoenix rises from the ashes in the infinite loop between death and life while I explore the question of trans humanism, future of civilization and mythological characters Phoenix and Hypnos

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 30 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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