Eagle’s perceptive eye sees the flux of now, synchronizing the movement and focus between the inner world and the void of our shared reality



Theme of this painting: Long term vision into the past, because we always see the objects that already were, but with the hint towards the future that comes out of our conceptual side of the brain.

About this piece of art

This is about the super perception that precedes our senses and creates the simulation of our outside reality within our mind, thus bridging the vast void of unknown. Intentionally unfinished, this painting is describing the void, the unknown between our scientific discoveries, especially in the field of quantum mechanics and neurosciences. The reason why I choos the eagle, Aquaila Chrysaetos, as a representational element in this piece, is deeply personal, because I have encountered the animal so many times in the wilderness and through it I communicate my awe to the Earth, the Sky and the Stars. The infinity we are possibly surrounded with, and yet we hold it within makes us wonder about our state of now and how can it ever stand still.

——– Civilization questioning ——-

Recent revelation about loop quantum gravity by John O’Keefe, even though he talked about the brain,completely inspired me. It makes everything instinctively right to think that we actually project within our brain with the space, direction and grid cells, way ahead of our perception as we take in external stimuli in a fragmented way through our senses that are very slow. The moment of now is experienced before the senses have time to transfer the information which is fantastic. This means that the mysterious ways of the quantum mechanics somehow communicates with the brain on a molecular level, as the reality around us exists in the flux of constant movements that we can’t detect.

But can we really? I think the answer to this is the instinct, that unexplainable but yet superbly powerful aspect of our daily life. How many times did we follow the gut feel only to discover that if we hadn’t we would be in trouble. In equal measure or preferably less often, how many times we ignored the gut feel and ended up facing the obstacles? I think that each human would have said yes to both instances, some people call it a 6th sense, there is the whole castle of books preaching it in the business world. NLP, meditation methods, optimization of lifestyle externally in order to be in tune with our intuition or 6th sense or simply the instinct. The last version of the word, most often applicable to animals, and I think there is a consented consensus that animals somehow harmonize themselves with the outside, it comes naturally to them. Their mind and the surrounding is synchronized to such a degree that your dog or a cat or a parrot indeed is aware of an upcoming parting with their loved humans. The sadness and rebellion is almost palpable. How come it comes so naturally to them and we have to make a decision sometimes overriding the instincts because the logical side of our brain says so?

The answer obviously lies in the molecular reality further confirming that we are either a part of a simulation of an intelligent self regulating machine that rearranges the particles to produce even more intelligence or else it is the infinite space of an intelligent self regulating nature that arranges the particles in such a way that produces even more intelligence. It might be something third,….

Until we as a species discover more options, I have arrived to the core of deciphering my own art, more specifically painting side of it. I try to capture visually this same flux of reality, the fact that molecular world is so fluid and relative and yet we construct the mirror of what we expect it to be in our mind is an incredibly inspiring feedback loop. What if we could explore what it is from that zone of brain that deals with the instinct, the deepest realms sometimes reachable through meditation, artistic exhilaration, serious philosophical practices or religious dedication.

Recently I came to the realization and the principle that lead the though of human civilization (specifically inspired by Flammarion engraving) that mysticism comes first, followed by religious, or artistic and finally scientific efforts to deciphering the visions from the depth of our minds

I am more and more convinced that I am describing and obsessing over this very flux of life, the core of ideasrexoid in their painting forms is this:

Capturing the mysterious, interactive world of flux on a molecular level that our instinct knew all along.

Illuvariux was observing the eagles, in the mountains of Dormant Stones, they were the shadows to the sky beyond as the nature of Illuvariux’s perception is mostly to look above or underneath, never to the sides. It is always a vertical interaction with the outside world, somehow very musical in nature, because music is a structure only built through vertical capture of harmony. Messiaen for example was deeply inspired by the world of birds and ancient rhythms, as if he tried to capture the mysticism Debussy and Ravel, Monet,… started before him. The buzzing world of flight and elegance which is timeless, and, it can stand on it’s own.


Earling: It always perplexes me to think about Prometheus being punished for delivering the fire (knowledge) to the humans, but then it makes sense when we think about 21st century civilization and how adverse it is to change. It is the eagle that is sent to punish, making him equilibrium keeper.


Illuvariux: Golden Eagle is a solitary bird which seems to observe the world and ride the storms, but at the same time, it is very vulnerable if the assessment of the situation is not absolutely precise. Missing the target or failing to learn the skills fast is the line of transformation that is unforgivable which makes them such a fierce predators. In the world of mythology Aethon – which means burning or shining is the eagle sent to torment Prometheus, to eat his liver by day while it grows by night. It is the keeper of balance, and deliverer of punishment for it is only the eyes that see beyond what is visible are allowed to move the threads of destiny.



Ideasrexoid no. 28

Eagle’s perceptive eye sees the flux of now, synchronizing the movement and focus between the inner world and the void of our shared reality

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 30 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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