A dream of this world, a Maya, a Svarog, the illusion of light that makes us see beyond and towards the incomprehensible




The theme of this painting: Let there be Light, both internal and external that we are so dependent on. We as a biological entity on this planet, flora and fauna are constantly absorbing light and in some cases, as in humans, we are capturing the orbs of light called knowledge and transfer it along through artforms, music, words, noble actions, innovations enabling us to become space faring civilization.

About this piece of art

The driving force behind any orb of light or knowledge is in our curiosity, the ability to wonder about the world around and the persistence to unravel, the why, behind every gear that moves the universe through time. Usually this mechanism starts with the imagination and this painting is starting the story of a Svarog, a Slavic supreme deity, who according to several sources is dreaming this world. It does not have an effect on particular event but is the all encompassing energy present in us all, it also controls all the other Gods of Slavic Pantheon. This untouchable, uncatchable energy is at the highest form of abstraction. It seems to me that the mysterious and abstract go hand in hand, always provoking us to invent the machine that will explain it. This machine started with the invention of a wheel, and proceeded through various ways of getting energy. Our consumption of energy is just expanding exponentially.


Dyson’s sphere comes to mind with the fantastical idea that our technological humans will require more and more energy eventually encompassing the Sun with the mega structure that harvests massive amounts of energy capable of feeding the machines that feed the humans, thus making us invisible to the outside galaxies. Isn’t it interesting that the more light we absorb, the less visible we become to the outside observer. Someone far away looking at the signs of intelligent life from the future would see the patch of blackness that we are imprinting onto the sky.


We constantly migrate our needs for energy from the body towards the mind and it is not only our biological minds, but also the technological mind, our baby Technium, or what we call artificial intelligence that will probably develop it’s own direction and purpose. Eventually it won’t be the lack of planet space but the lack of Sun that we will need to replace, migrate and probably overshadow another planetary system.


But let’s go back to the planet Earth and the more poetical side of light, preserved in the orb of knowledge called music. I am in particular inspired through creation of this painting to look into the music of Delius. He took the branch of the road paved by Grieg and Wagner and developed the chromatic movements upwards into the sky of the souls. It was the plantation, nature and peacefulness of Florida that breathed the fire of inspiration towards Delius. He wanted to capture the most poetical feelings, the supreme bliss towards which Romantic period built it’s gravity.


At the beginning I thought of Romantic period as manipulative, because it in effect used the feelings of humans (which in many cases are the result of chemical reactions) and thus prone to manipulation, but then I realized the feelings were just the tools to reach higher, and bypass the limited vision of just beauty. As Delius communicated through his music and otherwise inspired by the heavy philosophy of Nietzsche, “beauty comes through contemplation”.


Charlie and Earling were dancing to the sounds of Florida Suite, but they were not dancing they were the music, a vibration that travels mysteriously from one place to another and reminds us just how everything is connected to everything else.


Earling: This music is somehow reminding me of my years on planet Earth, but now I realized, I have lost my sense of belonging, my sense of melancholia, my, way too often sensed feeling of injustice, my sense of loneliness, does it mean that I have lost my sense of being human too?


Charlie: You are without body and therefore the gravity doesn’t affect you, and neither does time or space. You can’t even experience those feelings that you claim that you lost. It is just not possible, the fact that the music reminded you of those, is because the music was written during the times when composers felt all of those feelings and you as a sentient being experience empathy as in walking in their shoes.



Earling: Those composers, in particular of the romantic period were not weightless but they created the music that is weightless, it was their goal to become weightless by becoming their music, and they did. It is an interesting prospect to use the emotion to exhilarate to the state of weightlessness.


Charlie: Discobolus is the answer to all of this. The ability to balance between so many different and seemingly opposing elements. Discobolus as an example of sculpture depicting the impossible position of a body, but at the same time a representation of a captured idealized movement intersecting the rhythm, harmony and balance, where life lives.



Ideasrexoid no. 29

A dream of this world, a Maya, a Svarog, the illusion of light that makes us see beyond and towards the incomprehensible

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 30 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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