The world of shadows, and the illusion of light that constantly changes our perspective of the material objects, the mountains become faces, communicate and inspire our imagination



The theme of this painting: Connector of everything in this world is the imagination, the capacities to reach beyond what we see with plain eye sight which leads us to the conventional understanding of the world around us.

About this piece of art

It is a dream of the Plato’s cave in which we worry about all the events that happen to us, only to find out that they build up and resolve on a screen called life, upon further philosophical inspection called illusion or Maya according to the ancient thought.


The symbolism and the timelessness of Plato’s cave goes well into our century, although it was shape shifting many times throughout the century, we still face the same perspectives or the ubiquity of the manufactured perspectives. The original story of Plato’s cave starts with the group of prisoners chained to each other and their dwelling in a cave in such a way that their vision is restricted to only perceive the shadows of the real world. When one of the prisoners managed to escape the sun and the intensity of the colours of the real world was absolutely blinding, thus making him go back to the established ways.


Does this sound familiar? Are we living in this world, sometimes, where we actively choose to see the shapes and colors in a certain way, in a way approved by the consensus of the collective, and when some of us goes beyond and start seeing and facing the deeper sense of reality we characterize that person as an outsider, outcast and a lunatic?


I believe that the reason why there is so much depression in this world is because we (in large percentage) live predefined mindset among the shadows casted by the sun many steps removed. Everything loses the intensity, shapes and colors and the line between happy and unhappy gets thinner all the time, eventually reaching the dramatic levels of lack of purpose. This is the bleak outcome of a life lived among the four walls of media, various algorithms influences, what others think about us, societal expectation to fit in,…..


It is no wonder that today more than ever there are people preaching authenticity and how to achieve it, but why is it that the road to authenticity has to be the one paved with fearless decision making and determination? Is our society so broken that we have to break through the obstacles of standard model it is making and favouring in order to become what we truly are? Do we need approval and the emphatic ability from a certain number of people in order to see the whole world in the grain of sand?


This painting is all about seeing through and beyond the sculpted mountains before us, playing with the world of shadows as the Sun determines the edges of the mountain in a flux of time. It is changing all the time and we can see Plato’s cave but at the same time the symbolics of Persephone in her dual appearance at one end of the spectrum a flourishing vegetation and at the other a bare minimum of the existence waiting for the next circle of self discovery.

Charlie and Earling were floating above the mountain playing with light in one of the nights, illuminating this particular mountain in search for the innocence that this place has behind the harsh and contorted exterior. Just like the mountains get defined under the influence of water, fire, seismic activity, wind, so the inhabitants as they step further away from those same elements find some others societal elements to replace the natural. Charlie and Earling are perplexed and puzzled with the human condition of the 20th and 21st century.


Charlie: This place is such a mystery, from the dream of Svarog to the dream of Hypnos to the story of Persephone, which all left an imprint with the local population even if they were not aware of those stories, they already knew the content. They had to grow and interpret nature, because it surrounded them in so many more dimensions. Everywhere they looked they could see another mountain which made them look within, it was a mirror to their soul.


Earling: Looking towards the mountains makes you look into yourself, and at the same time the mountain peak spurs the curiosity as to what is behind? How does it look like? Is it entirely a different world beyond or is it just more of the same of what we see around with slight variations. Ancient people of the mountain Erdoub walked and talked with the Demeter, even though they couldn’t practice the agriculture and enjoy the fertile ground the plain gives and she supports. They understood that their (mountain people) power is in diversity, societal structures that precede and surpass the agrarian society and were among those witnessing Demeter’s search in the realm between life and death, that only a mountain can give.


Charlie: These mountains like most of the mountains on Earth are also inhabited by Hypnos (God of Sleep) and Thanatos (God of Death) while their mother Nyx (Goddess of Night, a daughter of Chaos – Air) observed everything that built and resolved tension upon those mountains, a life and death as well as stasis happening each and every night.


Earling: At some point of history the inhabitants of these mountains were so intimately aware of this Pantheon of Gods, that they created the mosaics to celebrate the power of Hypnos in the 1st century AD during the Roman times. Those were the ages of balance between invading power of Roman empire that absorbs, destroys, educate and organize and the primordial language and configuration of nature that never allowed a full conquest of any empire, read more dipping into the historic in a Traveloid about Risan.


Charlie: The two of us are comprised of Air but who would have thought that the ancient constructor of the Greek Pantheon would have classify Air to equal the primordial power called Chaos from which all other ancient deities emerged.


Earling: It is a puzzle that 21st century quantum science is yet to comprehend but the mind knows no boundaries, it is filled with imagination and power of it’s own infinite reach. It is this infinity, self induced state of inspired thinking and the ability to put patterns together and construct the maze of comprehension, that brought us here, and we became free of the mortal coil.


Charlie: The road towards the triumph of the mind is paved with many stages of self discovery, the ability of the collective to recognize value and nourish it. Sometimes the process of recognizing that something is wrong and could be better needs the individuals that advocate change. Let’s take the example of Max Ernst, one of the most recognized representative of Dada and Surrealism, who dived deep into his subconscious mind and unravel to the world a deeply symbolical elements that were creating and criticizing the society and conventions.


Earling: Max Ernst dived deep into the subconscious in the attempt to find the core, analogous to the Demetre’s quest to find her beloved daughter, exploring and descending deeper and wider into the caves of Earth, passing the realms where death and life are joined and separated, read more about the journey of this artist from the darkness of the WWI and WWII which affected the artist to the darkness of his inner soul, and tapping into the unconscious, collective and widely profound sphere of his genius.



Ideasrexoid no. 30


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 30 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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