Solitude, the fruits of experiencing this moment in all it’s masks, the presence that is ever seeing and hearing, a part of everything and nothing, inspired by Tao



This painting is about a thousand masks that we as a civilization but also an individual wear, from one stage of life to another, from one era to another, from one cultural identity to another.

About this piece of art

There are two aspects of human experience that probably dictate all others, one is the experience of NOW and another is the FACE we choose to populate that Now with. The flux of time becomes a flux of faces, structures and ideologies. The firmer the structure the most interesting becomes the bending, almost cubistic in it’s resistance to change. I however believe in the fluidity, the power of transformation in full flexibility regardless of ideology or material that has to transform. After all in nature some of the strongest materials are diamonds, produced under tremendous pressure, but also even they have to change eventually. The same applies to ideology, we can choose to believe in the supreme power as a comfort in the absence of knowledge, but eventually as we learn more about this universe this belief will tumble down, recycle into something else.

Society’s heart beats in the tempo of trends, and often times trends are a built up avalanche from a meme. Memes are the balls of snow, many of them fall down into the abyss of oblivion, but some build the momentum and turn into an avalanche that is capable to change the configuration of terrain. That is exactly how civilization is ticking, from one avalanche to another and eventually the contemporary avalanche of ideals that capitalism poses are so strong that the eco system of this planet is endangered. We have finally wrapped the whole planet with the touch of technology, our child. Now technology is the extension of ourselves but we might separate, when we embed the AI into fundamental particles, they won’t have a reason to be attached to something biological. They will live a life of their own, invisible to the eye of our body, or even science, because science is the extension of our senses without the interference of the emotions.

We navigate life through emotions, and how something feels seem to have a survivalist quality. Millions of years of evolution, a ruthless selection payable through life and death just like 0 and 1 alternate in the combinations of the machine’s commands. Life is strangely dual. Today we learn through positive psychology about the power of feelings and how to hack our brain so that emotions are always working, collaborating towards the short term goal. It is sometimes developing in the abusive way that suggests to always ignore the darkness, to make it disappear by looking away from it but I believe that true overcoming of darkness is in looking through it, locating the light behind it and going for it.
“Now” aspect of this painting is about embracing both ends of the spectrum, exploring the mask in all the possibilities that life brings. “Now” moment doesn’t only exist in time but also in space, we construct the box within a box within a box, with each layer reflection is more crystalline. We are becoming sharper and clearer in our visions, in our striving towards the better world.

Charlie and Earling were floating above the Omis in Croatia when a question about Amor Fati came up. Loving the destiny regardless of how favorable or unfavorable it may seem, a concept deeply explored by Nietzsche, along side the Eternal return. The universe circling around itself in the eternal circle of similar returns, it is not only the space that is infinite but also the time, thus a Will to power that summarizes everything.

Earling: We are now experiencing the town of Omis in 21st century as the waves of the Adriatic kiss the land for who knows how many times, the will to power that ruled among the pirates in the past was not greatly dissimilar to the will to power that companies executives have to exercise in order to produce the results that keep them afloat. It seems to be a conditioning economy that rules this planet. If they don’t exploit those underneath, then they become exploited and the status they have built in the society starts to collapse, the ego and the family they are raising would start to point the finger of blame.

Charlie: The core of all of this is really the laziness, this planet has to cure itself from the lack of passions and abundance of laziness. Organizing and reorganizing society around the capitalistic maxims, usually cures some aspects of laziness, but it doesn’t solve the problem with passion. Passion is a Dionysian construct, it has to be built, it rarely comes on it’s own knocking at the doors, Apollonian has to be built too, but it is more in alignment with society that loves robots, exact science and exact lifestyle. Nietzsche, for example identified this eternal struggle between Apollonian and Dionysian because it should never be a struggle, rather accepting them as two sides of the same coin.



Earling: Eternal return seems to be a path genetics takes from one body to another, in the mysterious route to self perfecting, or maybe it is the route conducted by the intelligence that is all around us, embedded in the texture of existence, made absolutely invisible to the eyes. This intelligence is something we constantly try to echo in our creations, for example through music, we actually touch upon something that is very mysterious. It touches upon something deep within and yet it is impossible to describe, transcend into a different package. It is impossible to hold in one place.

Charlie: It is time to mention Prokofiev and the imprinting of music upon a world in turmoil of the 20th century, largely rejected by West due to political idealism during his life time, 21st century is witnessing a great revival of interest and even impact Prokofiev’s musical structures built, they reverberate with the times of turbulence and the times of peacefulness. Almost as if happening at the same time with the diabolical supremacy of one over the other.

Earling: In a visual sense maybe comparable or somewhat even analogue to the artist Man Ray, who was migrating from one medium to another with ease and brilliance always keeping in mind that nature is art, but it is only in the minds of humans to actually create art and even interpret it. The act of interpreting is sometimes equally powerful as creating. “To create is divine, to reproduce is human” by Man Ray. He didn’t paint what he saw, he painted what already had an existence but was invisible to all the senses. It must have been the intelligence of the universe.


Ideasrexoid no. 32

Solitude, the fruits of experiencing this moment in all it’s masks, the presence that is ever seeing and hearing, a part of everything and nothing, inspired by Tao

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (solid wood frame)

Dimensions: 70 cm x 30 cm x 1.5 cm

Year: 2018

Available as original or print

Collective stream of consciousness at the early stage of this piece

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