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Collection made in early 2019 with corresponding dreams that influenced the awaken state

Ideasrexoid 33 Barber sonata, a bliss far removed from war, Acrylic on canvas 2019

Dream Dreamed on 5th of November 27th lunar day Continuous daydreaming until I can’t breath any longer. It leads to stagnation, and I wonder how to change this vicious circle that controls my mind. It is the intention, a voice tells me, I turn around and there is a friend sitting across the table, an unknown friend, maybe I will meet her in the future. We are sitting and playing cards or some other social game, it is very comfortable in terms of atmosphere. Feels like southern America, someone is at the neighborhood and they are preparing to build a house. The family just arrived to meet everyone and they seem all entrepreneurial but to a point that their physical bodies are frail, exhausted, lifeless expression in their faces. I think to myself, why did they allow such a master to control and exhaust their lives. At one point a lady brings some very beautiful embroidery and sells it, my friend takes two and I am considering to take one even though I am averse to owning stuff that are unnecessary. My friend sees a lilac color one and brings out of the bag. I consent, but then start studying the material, it is as if it has a special meaning, every thread is silky but in a meaningful way. I just realized, this is a nano technology powered piece of cloth. It has a powers yet to be discovered. I look outside and see that these people have knocked the tree because they want to build a house. I have a very mixed emotions about them but I observe, wait and contemplate,…

Ideasrexoid 34 Tritonus sees while the clouds upload, Acrylic on canvas 2019 

Dream dreamt on 21is of November/14th lunar day

Constructions, contraptions, constructs of my brain I am traveling, observing, the cities are passing by, I am passing the eyes that try to figure out at the distance of modern solitude. Suddenly everything melts down, I see the fish in the aquarium a friend is taking care of. They seem to operate in group in full synchronicity of their individual needs and expression. Something seems to much like a virtual reality, but yet it seems real. There are so many colors and varieties, I am swimming with them, I seem to be them. Suddenly I snap out of it and walk through this strange city, coming upon a friend’s RV, it looks like a small space, but when I went in, it is incredibly spacious, the RV seems just an extension or rather a front that is comprehensive to the observing eye looking from the outside.  It seems the time and space is manipulated in here, I wonder about the machine that is doing this, but it becomes blurred at that moment. This knowledge is restricted, it waits for the maturity of human collective in order to be revealed to the individual. It is a city with buildings that become fluid, as we look at them, they seem to look back and form, extend in the original structure and become snake like, flexible and highly adaptive. I wonder if this is the future of construction, the one that fits the environment rather than letting the environment clash with it. The environment is bound to strike back after years of devastation that Homo Sapiens have been causing. So many animals and plants destroyed in favor to short term interest, immediate survival and dominance over them, the nearby competing tribes, collective and cities. It seems the victims of the dominance were much greater than the victims of those who purely wanted to survive.  Earling: Why is Homo Sapiens ruthless killing machine and nature isn’t that, even though the survival of so many depends on the destruction of others? Charlie: Nature operates through laws of physics and laws of survival that have been established through trial and error of evolution, while Homo Sapiens dreams a myth, a hero, an empire and wants to become one, eventually becoming what s/he dreams at the costs of everything else. 

Ideasrexoid 35 Vortex in Space time continuum, Acrylic on canvas 2019

Dream dreamed on 25th of November/18th lunar day

A gathering of some type, with the ocean view. The room is highly futuristic in a style of Zaga Hadid, it is a long transparently walled room that accommodates many people. We are spontaneous have some food and drink. There are no conventional tables or official meal sharing, it is more like a buffet kind of thing and that seems to be the norm. We are clearly transported to some future times, people are ultimately relaxed but at the same time the drive for progress and intellectual inquiry is fierce.  It seems the intrinsic violence or genetics rather which makes us violent has been transformed into the drive for progress. This drive is now turning into the instinct and it is becoming as strong as the survival instinct. Suddenly I am in the long quadrant room, it is not made of any material and yet it holds the firm structure of time that only gravity shapes. These quadrant rooms or boxes are constantly moving, they are in the flux, and from time to time, even though I can exist only in one box at the time, I somehow see the other boxes moving and separating in half like a lego structures, and then joining together in the infinite combinatorics of the universe.  I am absolutely amazed and I realized, is this how life happens, how we transform as we move from one box of life circumstances or interaction with other entities to another. I saw my Japanese piano professor in one of these boxes which clearly refers to the time I spent studying with her. Next is the box full of people that I don’t know but we somehow share the same objective in life, it is like a hackaton of current interest, to make them work for the world. I see the edges of these structures just for a moment as they open up/unlock to change the position and then they close lock in with another half of the box. The boxes are both dual and singular, and they combine with each other, predominant color is brown. This super structure seems to be like something described in the mythological perception of the world. I wonder is this my own mythological vision, or the world shares this with me. 

Ideasrexoid 36 Encounter with China, Acrylic on canvas 2019

Ideasrexoid 37 Kunming dophins I and Lotuses II, Acrylic on canvas and acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamt on 19th of December, 12 lunar day A glass building this time, it has the energy of a community, it is breathing in the rhythm of collective rather than an individual. People are fluctuating in and out and I am observing behind the scenes. Again I go into a deep contemplation as to the functioning of this universe. There is an event to be held, before the audience, a mini colosseum. I distance myself from it because I made a pact with my inner integrity not to support or participate in any form of colosseums of our civilization. I take some steps to the lower floor or the underground. It feels like this is closer to the center of everything, to the moving gears that set in motion this game of cause and effect. There is gathering on this level again, but it is fragmented, only small groups of people are sitting or walking together. I observe a micro tribalism in here too, but am not particularly bothered. I sit at the table and Richard Branson shows up sitting accross from me, discussing live streaming.  I am surprised at the level of knowledge he has about it. I realize, this is my opportunity to explain the trajectory of internet as I see. First was the word, then an image, then a technology to take that image, to expand it to a video, and finally this video became now and here. It is the final frontier of internet, the only further steps will be tweaks and cosmetics such as VR, AR, mini drones flying around us recording everything, AI powered arrangements of footage so that it keeps the narrative flowing, so that it can be vicious and calculate our attention grabbing weaknesses and exploit them. How do we counteract that? A transformation of economy, we start promoting greed free society, a minimalistic approach and simple living? I think the answer is yes to those and above everything removing the status symbols other than meritocracy and achievements which throughout the history were indeed the only status symbols. They were always the only ones that found the place in history worth recording.

Ideasrexoid 38 Externalization of external beings, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamt on 14th of December/7th lunar day It all started like it so often does, with a building. I was at the ground floor, it was very dark and gloomy. If you read Dante’s inferno, if you had the imagination background like I do, you would be imagining the gloom and desperation of the first few circles. People tormented by their own ambitions, thirst for validation and completely obsessed with material body of things. Suddenly something happens and I am able to see through the walls, as if the flux of time and space merged and opened new opportunities for me. I witness the conversation between a son and a father, both deeply in avarice. One has stolen from the country another continued the empty pursuit on a fertile ground among moral and ethical dissolution. Both caught in the endless torment, screaming against their own body, constantly facing the jail of their own mind. They will probably never realized that it is their actions and lack of integrity that by law of nature brought them to this state. I almost hear their eternal screams and what is coming from their destiny which they will have to reap. The faces are disfigured at this level of a building because I have the ability to see through the walls but the bodies are less so, I can clearly see the silhouette and obsession with the body, and I can hear a scream of a material possessions liquidating.  I decided to remove myself from this level of human desperation brought upon by self destruction and avarice and go up. It is a strange kind of building with the stairs and common parts incredibly spacious. As if these are the learning steps for people to go through, I go up towards the first floor, plenty of plants in there, then I go on to the second (I can’t recall anything with my conscious mind here) then third floor is full of animals. It seem the future is here, animals are roaming, and I have never seen these types of colorful parrots, foxes, lizards, pandas,… they have clearly been genetically modified. Probably their brain have been upgraded, they are not animals any more, they are self conscious, they have their own autonomy. I go up towards the higher floors and it becomes blurred, I can’t see up, but I can see down. When I was on the ground floor (maybe it was even a basement) it was very difficult to discern the level because it was dark and gravity was pulling so hard, that I had to merge with the material, exist for a moment through them, see with their eyes, experience the darkness to the fullest, I couldn’t even see the walls, they were part of experience. But now above the third floor I see clearly the layout of the building, the walls are structured in such a way that it doesn’t make practical sense, but obviously there is a meaning behind each one. It is a maze, possibly a maze of life as we navigate between material and immaterial, between the choices that either strengthen or weaken our integrity.

Ideasrexoid 38 receiving the light from the shadow of the darkness, acrylic on canvas (2019) 

We explore darkness, reverberation of bad intentions and collective subconsciousness in this painting as well as the ways of the destiny that knits the web of it’s own accord. The outline of the hand is made in the likeness of the actual shadow being cast one morning on the canvas, in the pebble sphere garden of the Shangyuan museum of contemporary arts, where further contemplation happens as follows. It is often the case that the dark moments make us see the light, otherwise we take things too lightly. It is in the shadow that we are able to see into the distance, internally, within this world called the subconscious, filled with so many stories, archetypes and societal constructs. Experiencing the non sunny side of the shadow makes us appreciate light much more. It is an interesting phenomenon, when we have the light and sun in abundance, Everything becomes static with our sense of entitlement to light, this painting is a personal story of being surrounded by darkness of the mountains. These mountains are not only the outline of the light behind but also have the life of their own, many demons, awakening and surrender. The veins of the mountains are intertwined in this work in multiple colors depicting life, those mountains must have seen during the millions of years of facing the sun and shadows simultaneously, one of each mountain side. Exact same situation is with the human condition, ideasrex experiences this duality imprinting it further onto the canvas.

Ieasrexoid 39 Internal colors of the sky when there is nothing outside, Acrylic on canvas (2019) 

Flower of life as we move from the blue sky to the pink sky, just because we can, Future world is full of mysterious not because we don’t have it in present state of being but because we have the ability to wonder and technology augments Genetically we expand, diversify, refresh, recycle, explore,…nothing is a definite trajectory, from past, to present towards future, but instead a vision of the future becomes now and it explodes. This piece is highly personal, holding some of the most mysterious shape patters, re-occurring theme of Lotus. A being that is born from mud, just like Golem is made from mud, but it breathes the lush and beautiful representation of life in the flower world. It is also associated to the Buddhism, the symbolism of the lotus represents the purity of the body, speech and mind, as if floating above the murky waters of material attachments and physical desire. This painting is made shortly after arriving to China and while in essence it is dealing with the sky that turned different shade, a shade of technology, saturated with particles of dust, the bases of this painting is still in the murky water of a collective that is too material. The material however under the influence of pink that is all encompassing has no choice but to surrender to the immaterial, spiritual and pure.


Ideasrexoid 40 Water is the most powerful of the sculptors, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

Water the main element of the universe according to the Thales of Miletus and in here it looks back and records everything, for it is through it’s reflective nature, when it is calm, we can see the sky, the universe, the self. This painting is dedicated to the prevailing element of our life, the water, 70% surface on the ocean, 70% of a human body, the most prevailing of the life elements, in this painting it is featured though different shades of blue, yet another of the most prevailing elemental colors. The color blue is also the only one in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad that appears invisible, due to prevailing nature of it it appears that ancient Greek and Roman didn’t even have the word to describe water, the invisible/reflective nature of it. The reflection of the sky and the sea when it is looking up towards the stars, Gaston Bachelard dedicated the entire study to the element of water, and is placing it in a special place due to it’s metaphysical, elusive nature in the sense of being in itself. A famous saying that the persistence of water is more powerful than any other element is clearly visible in the fact that the strongest metal materials are cut with technology that uses water. The moving water is the powerful enemy and an ally through civilization, it was always by the water that we built the civilizations, the great rivers somehow made prosperity possible from the ancient times to the aesthetic times today when waters in cities are admired for it’s historical significance and beauty again reflecting and questioning. Geomancy practices or Feng Shui in China also treats water in a special way, associating it in color with black and blue, because water reflects the sky during the nigh as much as it reflects during the day. It is a symbol present in the traditional architecture of China, allowing it to come into the house in the dedicated areas, a small containers in the centers of the house or a Shrine.

ideasrexoid 41 Power is within and yet it changes the outside, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

How do we affect the reality of outside world, we comprising of movements of particles on a molecular level are always changing or influencing our surrounding. We live in a fantastic reality, everything around us moves around and yet it appears static, a mystery of hierarchy, when we look at history, society, cellular systems, the relationship between nucleus and mitochondrion, a slave and master. Perpetual flux between the slave and master as one becomes the other unlimited amount of time through the history. Today master entertain the slave just like in the Roman empire while training the self a discipline to resist, inadvertently shielding the slaves from the vices, making them innocent. Wondering at one point how can this silly creature ever live on it’s own, finally realizing that it does, it is only the language of the circumstances that changes. This piece is about the inner/outer relationship, the ability to change self and other, influence, devastate and enrich, make the world more meaningful through incremental changes eventually emerging from the social mud as a lotus. Again a recurring shape communicates, purity in the midst of material limitation, density of atmosphere that holds the evaporation standing still. The power of reverberation doing without doing, Taoist wu wei, action without action.

ideasrexoid 42 Time changes everything, samsara  is the only constant, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

The circles of time, one pushing forward another pushing backwards, or maybe it is just our illusion, a Maya of this existence to think of time as something that exist. Time is a change, a rhythm of space, vibration of a memory, as no moment can be static, frozen, physical, other than in our minds. We can crystallize, rewind the time backwards, imagine it forward on the bases of the past transform, but we can never experience it as a standstill, other than this very moment the neurons in your brain are firing in all directions connecting the dots of comprehension. This painting is about duality of our perception towards time, as movement is the most underlying element of this series, the time is it’s master and time speaks through cause and effect or translated over causes of different lives, a Saṃsāra, a Sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world”, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change.[1][2] It is also the concept of rebirth and “cyclicality of all life, matter, existence”. Something that inspired me for a long time to cope with the impermanence of life by accepting it to be a flux of two circles that constantly move in the opposite direction to each other. Life happens in between but it seeks the full spectrum the light can give. The association to light rays in the piece is also symbolical of the above, as it is an energy that constantly moves and alternates between existence and non existence.

Ideasrexoid 43 The contact of the mighty, Gobi vs Poseidon, Acrylic on canvas (2019)

Heat purifies extremely, water just purifies but we have a chance to see one in the other while the other plays the abstractions only a desert so lonely and high up in the mountains can. This piece is an interaction between the two mighty forces, the mysterious nature of Gobi desert as it circles, spreads and demands more land, an unstoppable force that goes towards the sea where Poseidon resides. The trident of the spirit so powerful and so encompassing that the body of water feels like one, it is uniform and compressed and covers 70% of the planet. At the other end we have something mysterious, a cold Gobi, where the worm devours and disappears in the sea of sand, maybe it is the Anubis or Osiris or indeed a Hade that inspired this existence of a story. The association to the unification of nature against the individual, the vastness of space that provides the mysteries, the things unseen or incomprehensible to be happening right there where Genghis Khan nurtured the seed of will to power to conquer and change the world. The belief system that depended on shamanism, mysterious nature of greatest elements such as water and sand, this piece is dedicated to this impact between the two ends of the spectrum because every grain of sand has an infinity within and every ocean is held by the sand underneath where life is brimming.

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