Ideasrexoids 55 < 62


Collection made in early 2019 with corresponding dreams that influenced the awaken state

Ideasrexoid 56 Everything is an illusion except illusion, illusion is a trick, Acrylic on hard paper 2019 

A dream dreamed on 5th of January 29th lunar day In Italy, Milan, but it is not a Milan of 2019, it is neither Milan from some previous times, it is a Milan in the future, it is nothing like what we imagine of those futuristic sci-fi movies. It is comprised of small houses, some have a totally retro design. There is a technology that could transform and responds to the calls and fulfills the wishes of the inhabitants but it is invisible, merging with the walls, windows, constraints of the space in no matter what form. It listens.  I walk around the town and see some souvenirs in a nearby shop, turns out these are all warm hats, I try on some, while chatting to the people inside. It seems that people live in such a plentiful ways when it comes to material goods that shopping is not common. What sometimes used to be stores are now gathering places for people to socialize, spend time together, explore and do things together. The concept of coffee bar is dead.  I go back to the place where I am staying and there are some friends in there, I don’t know if they are there or part of the walls because all walls are screens, so I see parts of their lives, as if I lived it with them, a wedding, a ritual, a celebration, a moment on the mountain. I am not too impressed with those two rooms that seem to be broadcasting the lives of some people I know. I go into another room and see a mysterious window, bare branches in front of it. It is black and white, just like winter, inviting us to think in structure to build patterns around this comprehension we call consciousness. I get closer and see a frozen waterfall directly next to the windows, it is tall several stories, the window is in the 3rd floor. The building is just 5 or 6 floors tall and so is the waterfall, running parallel to it, in it’s frozen form. I see infinite possibilities in the reflection between this window and the frozen waterfall, but I find it different to make a decision to create a branch that is entirely black and white and builds a structure. Wake up.

Ideasrexoid 57 Birth of a chicken and an egg, they are born simultaneously, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamed on 19th of January /14th lunar day It is a hill, with the mountains behind, but everything is mild, maybe it is in Ireland. Small hill, small scale, but consistent and sturdy, just like the history of Ireland. There are houses everywhere, this is another one of my futuristic dreams and I see this place again after dreaming it before. Houses are surprisingly old fashioned, even old materials used and quickly prone to dilapidation, but there is some kind of self reparation mechanism going on. It wouldn’t fall apart, but it will start repairing itself just at the point where it is almost broken.  This reminds of some people pushing the boundaries in terms of risk taking and then getting back to safety just at the breaking point.  I see a hunter, somehow a past is infiltrating, but not as a parallel existence, rather it is the ideology of a person who takes care of these houses. He wouldn’t let go of the old, because he doesn’t see the environment as something changing but rather a static state. I am struggling with my own views amidst all of this and then I start seeing the rabbits, they are mostly white and gray. They are hopping around and running away from me. The dream ends.  Out of curiosity even though I don’t believe in the interpretation of dreams in this way I take Gustavus Hindman Miller book based on folk and ancient interpretations and here is what it says in this old format of English: google is your frenemy

Ideasrexoid 58 Sadness and sorrow have a clockwise motion, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamed on 8th of February /4th lunar day AND Contemplation on AI and the future of humanity  Going through a construction site, the structure is similar to Max Ernst Capricorn sculpture. The concept is visible from great distance or drones, the building is so advanced that the windows are not visible, they are integrated part of the entire shell. The windows seem adjustable as well, the structure is not firm but fluctuating like everything in life. The building can not change the external shape because it is predetermined at the foundation ( similar to how the DNA works) but internally, the inhabitants can change the locations of windows (invisible from the outside). I am looking at the inhabitants now, as I pass through long hallways that don’t seem so long nor  small, maybe they are not even the hallways. What we know as natural light is perfectly either replicated or manufactured. There isn’t a sense of enclosed space. Suddenly I see that people have chose to merge with animals, what mythology devised as Cantaurus or Chimera are walking freely as humans who chose to alter their genetics. There is a sense of gothic structure but only for the sake of design and elegance, internally it is a comfortable warm place. There is inner light, I wonder is this inner light coming from the inhabitants too? My dream finishes, my contemplation of the life of AI and future starts:  Technology is our Aladdin’s lamp, here to fulfill our wishes, but the future of our planet which is powered by ever increasing AI is in the hands of the one making the wish  

Ideasrexoid 59 External beings I , Acrylic on hard paper 2019


Dream dreamed on 9th of February /5th lunar day Why is it so cold and bright, seems like a tunnel but it is infinitely spacious in every direction, maybe it is the tunnel of time I am perceiving. I want to buy something, it feels as if I am at the music academy building, as if the music is taught in some of these buildings or else the people who studied music with me are in the building so I am mixing the pattern. I go into a shop but it is not a shop/mall, rather there are people in each compartment that are talking to customers and those compartments are holographic, VR powered room. I realize these people, mostly women, although it is difficult to discern the gender, as if the genders have merged into one (maybe I am seeing the future here). They are selling experiences and it is possible to review the previous experiences because the memory is offloaded to the computer. The brain seems to be there only to connect the dots, never be concerned with memorizing anything, just pure pattern finding and going through experiences. Experiences are evaluated on the bases of usefulness and as if there is another element that determines that but,… I can’t see, it is too far. I am suddenly with a friend on top of a very tall building. The building is some 80+ floors, it is dizzy, I realize in horror that we are holding on to the rooftop, and there is just space for us and a little bit more. Suddenly I am inside the house, there is aquarium so I get closer to observe the fishes and get into the meditative state, but, there is a cat inside, it is a kitten that is swimming with the fishes and trying to catch them, I quickly catch the kitten get it out of the water and onto the balcony on the lower floor. I look down and there are 3 more kittens there, all four are standing on two legs, they must have been trained to do that. The dream finishes.




Ideasrexoid 60 External beings II , Acrylic on hard paper 2019


A dream dreamed on 12th of February/8th lunar day I am in some kind of business partnership with two people, everything seems fine except that my body is uncomfortable in their presence. Proof that kinesiology is a real thing, like many times through life I ignore this warning in favor of pure facts. The business is going very well and like it often happens the surplus of money starts bringing the worst in humans, and these people seem not exception. They start talking about buying cars, getting things, floundering around trying to climb the social greasy pole with the like minded who admire objects. I am furious and start distancing myself, I find myself in my room from the time of my own childhood, re-examining the core aspects of my life and views on thing. I realize that I need to swim, I start looking at the map and I see an unknown country between Italy and Slovenia at the waterfront, this country has a large chunk of land at the coast. Coast is very steep and I can’t see Croatia on the map, I am very confused, did the earthquake change or I am back to the future and see different organization of belongings among people.  I decide to go out and experience it, even though it is still a winter period almost nobody is at the beach. I am running unstoppable, I want to reach my goal to get to the water. I see a group of young campers, they seem Dutch, they are doing a barbecue at the waterfront and inquisitively observing the world. One of them throws a volcanic stone at me, my thick jacket is about to burst in flame but this happens exactly in the moment when I jumped into the water. The one who thrower the stone in error it seems was concerned so jumped after me to help me if I needed but everything is fine, i m not injured the least, I start diving and enjoying the water, doing my Orca dance and joy of experiencing the water which stands between me and gravity, it shields me in a way from the gravity. On one occasion when I am diving I caught a glimpse of the eyes of this person. Inside the water with no illusion that light, air and lightness of being above brings, I caught a glimpse of something pathological and sad at the same time. It is time for me to say good bye to the Dutchmen, I go back, outside of this settings, only the collar of my thick jacket is burnt slightly the rest is fine. I am in a different place this time a restaurant by the water. One could say the atmosphere is purposefully romantic, but I find it detesting. The commercialization of a human attachment, that is what it is, I see all these couples, it is only couples surrounded by a sterile service, being sold the enabling experience whose only producers are themselves. I am deeply concerned about humanity again because that restaurant should have had friends, comrades, unknown people going through the process of learning from each other. My dream ends, but my contemplation starts, a new article is on a horizon. This time about social formations, solitude, dealing with the pathological jealousy, going forward in the direction self sufficiency but deep altruism. 


Ideasrexoid 61 Peacefulness, harmony and growth, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

A dream dreamt on 15th of February/11th lunar day Skiing, one person which I know that cuts corners through life, she is in a competition and I somehow see through her eyes, as if I am temporarily in her body but not operating it, just a guest observer. As she goes down, various obstacles are happening, she is losing even before she finished the route. It was one bad luck after another, getting confused and matter of milliseconds. It is the micro world in this world of competitive skiing that makes the difference. She is left mid route, highly frustrated and asking herself was it all futile. I left her body at that time and realized that it was all the corners cut and succeeded without immediate retribution that brought this skiing fiasco into her life. The moment one loses the sense of righteousness is the moment when the chain of misfortune events will be ingrained into destiny.  I am in a completely different setting now, going for a swim, I am taking a walk but those are not houses around me but capsules. This is 21st century again. People are not people but anything they want to be, there is ultimate safety from the outside the the vice is luring within. Nano particles, observers installed and shielded as parts of infrastructure. Nothing is private, but privacy is protected to the fullest. Algorithms are observing all the time, making infinite combinations of movies out of our lives, but nobody is watching or at least that is what we think. Maybe us from the future are watching, maybe that is what we created this civilization so that we can communicate one way direction what we have done. I have a surfboard with me, even though I don’t have a memory of surfing before, the learning process is so fast, the feeling of knowing to surf is transferred through neural lace of the machine that empowers and the details of manual coordination follows in a matter of seconds.  I am in a transportation service now, there are some annoying people behind me, they want to dominate with noises, cheap humor and tricks. I am very irritated because this is a remnant from the times past and they were allowed to be this way because some country nourished corruption for a long time, so mediocrity managed to survive. I go into this moving vehicle and it is very specious but there are only few chairs and tables, I wonder why so few when there is plenty of space. I am thinking with my mentality from 20th century which is all about economy, economical use of space and resources. I am forgetting that we don’t live in the material society any longer. Machines have made material goods so cheap that they are absolutely free. Energy is renewable, reaches the perpetual mobile stage. Why sacrifice comfort of existing in this moment. I choose a chair and table at the back, but then change my mind and go forward to the middle where there is more light and chair is very soft and nice. My dream finishes with the feeling that we are ok as a civilization, somehow we will make it through time into a different world.

Ideasrexoid 62 Softness cloaking the structure, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamed on 23rd of February /19th lunar day It is a kaleidoscope like atmosphere in this dream, I see a building, but the closer I pay attention more blurred it comes up, some kind of a self discovery mechanism is getting through.  Everything is in a total flux, it is dense with structures, colors and meaning, gravity seems to be pulling in all direction, the only way one can stay centered is by developing gravity themself. I am sitting at the table and planning something, I see a shadow of doubt, lack of confidence, societal pressure and I laughed at them. They are just shadows, but they don’t know it yet, they think that they are crucial for the development. Do they have a consciousness, are they self aware or just aware, a question is now? It feels like a turmoil, surrounded by earthly almost desert like colors, sense of loneliness creeps up, but I laugh again, it is not valid. How can one be alone among billions on this planet plus who knows how many more in other dimensions and other planets. Why do we put into compartments our sense of well being and condition it so firmly with what may or may not have been before us? The dream finishes in the atmosphere of Giorgio de Chirico’s painting that summarizes the industrial, lonely, fantastical, detached and above all observing in silence and philosophical peacefulness

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