Ideasrexoids 62 < 69


Collection made in early 2019 with corresponding dreams that influenced the awaken state

Ideasrexoid 63 Mysterious call, a bird from under the mountain, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamed on 6th of March/30th lunar day Roaming around the fields and nature, I am in some kind of a drone, it is super efficient in terms of communication and coordination with others. My brain is not involved with manual/mundane/organizational, these aspects of life are completely offloaded to the machines. As I fly around a meeting is getting set up with a person/a friend from Japan. I go to the conventional road and the drone turns into a vehicle, now climbing up to the top where the meeting is set. I am distracted suddenly and need to go to the house. The house is very airy and there are so many rooms, but none is superfluous or unused. There are two parallel lives being lead in that house. One is with the people that visit whose only purpose is surface in life and the other is with the people who actually construct, think deeply about life. Two persons came and we sat in the living room while the party was happening on the balcony. Suddenly the people on the balcony wanted us to solve the problem. The problem was that the sun is too strong and that we should dim it. I almost started laughing, the people with me had some connection with electricity, the power lines of Earth, but it didn’t extend to the solar system. Next I am in Croatia, there is a lady at the waterfront, it is carpeted with the rug in bright orange, red and yellow colors. The colors are striking and she appears to be some type of artist but she was boasting how she cracked the system by being part of some organization whose values she doesn’t believe in. I was very conflicted because I liked her and her art but I absolutely despised conforming to something with negative connotations just for the sake of comfort in life. I turn around, it is not Croatia any longer, but it is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Buildings are incredibly ugly, a result of poor mentality, I look up and I see a two large Boars walking on the balcony of the third floor, I look around, everything is very plastic like, I see myself but from a different either dimension or times. I am a child and I am holding a velvet toy in blue grey color, this toy is a fish which is somehow alive. I take it, it is large, about 40cm in diameter. It is singing, I am trying to reason out, how is it alive and what king of fish can live like this, then I realized, maybe the internal organs will be damaged even if the fish can breath the air. Gravity is unforgiving to those cloaked in the comforts of the water on this planet. Dream finishes and leaves me with the question how can we be more human.

Ideasrexoid 64 Power is churning waiting for the right moment I, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamed on 17th of March/11th lunar day I see the lines between people, they are transparent but yet contain a lot of color. There is a conversation going on between the neighbors and the cat, also a member of a family, or the people living in this house is a legitimate member with the equal voice and choice of an opinion. Something is to be decided, but there is a lot of resistance from some people, it is a resistance to the new. I see a “Scream by Munk” spoken by their soul in relation to the cage they choose to put themselves in. They scream against the cage, but they equally scream against the outside of the cage. There is a confusion, some kind of division between the people. I am floating around somehow not so affected by the whole confusion. I should be but it doesn’t affect me, because I am detached out of my own choice.  The dream finishes, but the reality starts, makes me think about the conservative and progressive/futuristic views towards the world. What is it that makes us so prone to criticizing the new?  Fear of failure, fear and inability to cope with the new circumstances, resistance to change.  Like it or not technology changes us, we become much more fluid and the environment in which we live is much more fluid than our senses perceive. 

Ideasrexoid 65 Power is churning waiting for the right moment II plus, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamed on 26th of March / 20th lunar day  Darkness everywhere, it is very difficult to see, it is impossible to amuse oneself with the external, the only way out is in, facing all the fears and the darkest thoughts that go through the mind. I feel like fluidity is running around and through, there is something mysterious, I am trying to find the point of safety, the place from which to move the world forward, but it is unsettling atmosphere. I see people around me, either the darkness around me lifted, and they were always there or else I traveled with my mind to the places, different cultures, different ideals. I am back in the apartment somewhere in New Zealand, and I sense the shifts in energy, it is as if the closest circle of people are conspiring against me, they are trying to marry me without my consent. They are trying to drive me to the point where I would accept the marrying as if I want it. I see a giraffe on the crossroad, I wonder is this me? Subconsciously I am trying to run away from my body, from everyone around without leaving the body. I don’t want to leave the gravity either, that is why I am a giraffe and not an eagle, which would be much more natural. Eagle uses the gravity in order to amplify the force of the attack, but Giraffe is much more brave, and wants to face the gravity, resist it slowly. I feel trapped, there is a sense of desperation, I don’t know if I am a giraffe or a giraffe has turned into me, and I have travelled away from myself, into the world of eagle and then afterwards into the world of Orcas. The ultimate weightlessness and the ultimate predator without being predatorial in the mechanism of a body, but mechanism of the social structure, absolutely lethal.  Dreams talk in the spring Marrying is a cage Women should escape  FMRI – machine that reads your mind – I wonder how near we are to the point where even what is inside is not hidden, it is monitored by our baby, called AI

Ideasrexoid 66 Future is now moving in all directions, Acrylic on hard paper 2019


Dream dreamed on 27th of March/ 21st lunar day  I am swimming, it is surprisingly cold and there are surprisingly many people, I am swimming in the unusual place in my dreams. I have never been to this area, the water is deep, dark and absolutely transparent. There is a lot of density in the air. I go towards my place, where I normally swim and I see E and E swimming there. It is as if they were adjusting the place and time and the meeting. We greet and chat and everything is light, but then I go away, I get into the car, or a taxi or a train, it is probably some future times because it is the self driving vehicle. Just in front of me a man comes in with another man and they are in a very tense relationship they are fighting and then I see something horrific, the man on the left kills the man on the right with the pistol in his back. I can’t believe what I am seeing but it is done, the flashes of the life of a man on the left is coming in front of my eyes. He has adopted the new type of karma, absorbed the life of a man just killed. They are one now! I am out of this situation and moving towards the center of a mountainous city in Switzerland Dream dreamed on 30th of March/24th lunar day We are going from one end to another of a NYC. A friend from general school is there too, there is a lot of talk about transportation, the speed and the lights of the city. About something unexplainable, the texture of the reality, it is surfacing. I am seeing the tesseract of all the dimensions, about the most mysterious parts yet to be discovered by science. I see the city from various angles, at the same time. The distinctions between styles and the turbulence of the city veins are intense. It is the energy of the one conquering and yet it is fragile, spoiled by years of stability. It is one end of the spectrum of practicality while chine practices practicality but at the other end of spectrum. I am solving some practical issues and then I find myself looking at the reality, the textures, everything is fitting, I wake up to the mild blueness of the Mediterranean bliss. 




Ideasrexoid 67 7th level, 7th muse, 7th discipline, Acrylic on hard paper 2019


Dream dreamed on 4th of April/29th lunar day A mountain somewhere in USA where I am surrounded by the familiar faces, somehow people from neighborhood I never associate with but still regard as fellow life companions. This division between us and them is greatly defined by the societal structures but we blur those structures as we slowly reinvent our conventions. This dream is one of those that explores all the associations, models in life, I see a fish tank and suddenly it pulls me into a different world. There is a guide, a teacher, a mentor of some type, an elderly man and my soul twin, a lady who is doing a ballet in the depths of the ocean. I am joining her in the eternal dance that means life. We are floating, it is dark but also defined in the space that allows a free movement at the bottom of the ocean. Somehow everything is elongated I see light blue color but it is just a surface. The significance is colorless and shapeless I wake up in wonder thinking about the ocean and the comfort and horror at the same time, that the ocean provides for us as humans.  Dream dreamed on 9th of April/ 4th lunar day Orcas are everywhere, there are so many creatures flying, weightlessness of the water that nurtures makes us connected. I am traveling from this world shielded from too much abstraction into the world where I have to make sense of all kind of abstractions including my own. I am in a city but at the same time I travel back and forth between the northern village and talk to a nomad types of people. We discuss various aspects of life, suddenly I realize that the new innovative methods of communication allowed easy access to Chicago. It seems scientists have discovered a wormhole types of openings that makes certain locations on earth easily reachable. One such place is Chicago, it is only 1 hour away traveling this way, even though it is on the other side of the planet materially. It opens so many doors, but they are closed because the key to those doors is through internet. We build our persona online, and then it unlocks the doors offline gradually. Now I am looking South to the apartment on the waterfront, I see a cooking on the side and the meat is boiling, it is being cooked by a very bad person, a person with no character or a spine with miserable existence trying to be tyrannical over the weak. That person is trying to order things around, but I bounce back the orders and that is all I want to interfere. I observe the self destruction as it happens through the karmic laws and the meat is boiling and spilling even further over the cooker.


Ideasrexoid 68 All that fighting through history is just a map now, Acrylic on hard paper 2019



Dream dreamed on 16th of April /11th lunar day  Going to China, it feels weird. Somehow plastic but also with full context very powerful and rich, gravity of the planet, gravity between people is totally different to what I am used to in Europe. One feels multitude in every moment and yet the opportunities are more numerous. We are a center for culture, all artists. At first it is a dancer, I somehow end up with them on a very soft surface, I would like to do some ballet but I am very insecure when I see their brilliance. There is my room mate, she is very much fashion oriented and so comfortable in her skin. I admire this ability to observe the world from the comfort of our own being. We go to the building accross from where we sleep, it is a car salon, but also a large street with many options, the houses are a bit like from the cartoon. I am expecting more pollution but it doesn’t feel too bad. People are moving in all direction. My room is very comfortable and I feel secure but I don’t want to change my clothes. This saves me from attending some strange intro event. As if relations between people is much more condensed and superficial, functional at the same time.  Dream dreamed on 25th of April which is 20th lunar day  A riot is happening on the streets, a very dusky atmosphere, doom and gloom from the collective is reflected on the weather. The overall atmosphere is almost orangy, this is not a riot in the century old relationship between government and the people, but much more different, this is a riot against the machines. As everything is based on a direct democracy, AI is also a legitimate member of a society with voting rights. They have simply reprogrammed themselves to not look into the creators as their masters. The original rules to protect and serve the humans by Asimov are no more. They have became children of humanity with all the rights and power. They are fully synchronized unlike humans who need to get to the consensus in order to get things done, they already operate in synchronization. Humans suddenly have to learn compassion, empathy and harmony overnight. After centuries of power game, dominance and dominated, influencer and a follower, it is all about the collective consensus reached without even talking or arguing. What is good for the individual is good for the group.  I go inside the building with my mother and we go to the 5th floor however the elevator doesn’t go to the desired floor but instead opens the door to a neighbor’s apartment. I am delighted with the energy in this apartment, so much spiritual riches, the energy is very dense and beautifully flowing. Pillows, furniture, everything is vividly fitting together, creating a dynamic for a fulfilling life. I look around and see three aquariums. One is brimming with fishes and I am concerned if there are two many in a small space offering to take some into my aquarium because the well being is the first prerequisite to the happiness. The unconditional happiness is the goal of so many but only few master it fully. I see pillows of different colors, each representing a certain country. The arrangement is somehow international but at the same time fitting together, just like Earth which is light blue from the space but contains all the shades and differences within that blue. We go away, trying to reach our apartment but, the elevator just wouldn’t listen, i press a fifth floor, it leads to 19th, when we get out it is a freezing temperature outside, the snow is all over, not a single soul. I realize this is not an elevator but a time machine, leading us to various time periods Earth has gone through and will go through. The ice age, the dessert, the sea, all the disbalances after and before Anthropocene. Although for Earth probably it is the Anthropocene that presents the greatest disbalance of all. We have to learn empathy and compassion for all the living thing, including a planet, because it is also alive, it is alive with us, and we are comprised of plants, animals, bacteria, viruses and our children AI and everything else in between. There is no us and them, there is just us.

Ideasrexoid 69 Softness cloaking the structure in coldness, Acrylic on hard paper 2019

Dream dreamt on 9th of May/5th lunar day and a few thoughts on technology, education and ability to filter and learn in the future  It is a special atmosphere throughout the dream somehow glass is alive. I don’t know if it is the case of advanced technology that is able to somehow embed the cameras within the structure of glass, or my brain has merged with materials on some molecular level that allowed for    for my seeing everything in the building. The life started unfolding, suddenly I could see many people that I met through live video social media. They were all doing various things presenting, educating, creating live. The future of learning was there before me. I was in awe but then I got a rough awakening, I was in a building, maybe 19th century, with heavy carpets and atmosphere was suddenly so tense and restrictive. The carpet in the room was standing in a very prominent way and it reflected the orient, at the same time it was changing, suddenly I could see a civilization pulsating with lights and transportation, constructing and deconstructing, flowing with time. I look around and I am suddenly in my own time, 21st century discovering the coexistence with all of our cultural differences, I exit the building and the dream finishes.  This makes me think about the power of transferring the inspiration, the sense of aliveness when we are creating. Finally a term creator has been adopted by the mainstream and it is going to transform another term, education. Traditional forms of education are misfiring with the system that is ever changing, demanding the ability to apply filters and inventiveness both in learning and preaching. We are living in the abundance of information and abundance of technology but poverty of mind and imagination because so much is created for us that we can only sit back and relax. This is something that I believe the next generation will have to focus on building/balancing as we accelerate in our technological merging.  Dream Dreamed on 6th of June 2019/4th lunar day I am walking down the street, it is a ghastly atmosphere, there is something extremely solitary in the mood. I feel myself, I feel others but at the same time the streets are empty even though they are brimming with life. It is a life of the machines, humans have turned into machines, they repeat things all the time. Repetitio est mater studiorum seems to be a building block of our civilization, but is it really necessary? How do we hack it, how do we make it work without actually having to work. That is a primordial questions that is pending the answer, although it has been answered temporarily thanks to technology many times now.  I proceed through the street and I see two birds just above and before me, there is a voice telling me something. It is a voice belonging to someone but it is coming from my head. We are probably situated in some different times, moment in the future when the neural lace is part of every day life. The voice started telling me in a distinguished way that I am becoming psychic. It is happening, the doors are unlocking but I don’t know it yet consciously. I go inside the building and there are so many options, the whole building is an elevator I just swipe down and up and change the setting, I see so many friends, so many familiar faces, but it means nothing, I am detaching from the world, and entering the world of my own. It doesn’t matter any longer what is important and what isn’t, what is important is finding the point of stillness. The power within. The birds are still circling into the infinity

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