Ideasrexoids 75 < 80


Collection made in early 2020 with corresponding dreams that influenced the awaken state

Ideasrexoid 75 Before death: contraction, After death expansion, 2 Acrylic on canvas 2020

A dream dreamed on 10th of November 15th lunar day and some thoughts about the direction this civilization is taking The room was full of people, it was the kind of theater or a university with old fashioned circular rooms, a remnant from our colosseum admiring pasts. The students or inhabitants of such a settings didn’t care much about the form, the place was circulating with thoughts, vitality, intellectual inquiry, the noble striving. Sometimes confused with all the distractions that earthlings bring, down on earth but eventually everything was clear, formations of different friends and enemies were formed. I looked around and wanted to see the surface of such a building and then I was amazed, there was a huge bridge that connects many worlds. This bridge lead somewhere, I couldn’t find the list but it seemed to be a connector between people and mentality and empowerment of an individual. Once an individual is surrounded by good people, or rather compatible persons, there is Ko need to self make, arise from the ashes on own account, it was the case of togetherness. I turned around starting to understand how things work in this realm and then when least expected I saw one possible ending of this bridge, it lead to the crossroad in front of my apartment. I understood the significance and will probably cherish it in my future artistic world.  What happens with the humanity that goes into the whirlwind of change, technological changes, taking of the jobs and leaving the individuals feeling worthless. Society once prosperous and healthy, suddenly has became tricky and shifty, avoiding responsibility. Is the future bright for the faint hearted? A dream dreamed on 16th of November/20th lunar day, an Eagle and a short but very dark contemplation about Alzheimer and the repetition of safe lifestyle  that eventually kills/inspires self destruct  I see a structure when looked from a certain angle it resembles the lines that designate the runaway on the airport, but these are different, something very futuristic about them. They are three dimensional and very structural, soft and hard at the same time, a bridge appears again, a reoccurring theme since arriving from China. I cross is, walking the huge streets of Beijing, everything is oversized but also at the same time warm. The sense of a large city that has alienated itself from the heart is in a completely different proportion. Huge streets that scare at first sight, soon start associating to the nearby plain and a glorious Gobi desert that sleeps nearby. The sense of infinity rather than industrial frost. A man = a machine, a fear of our 21st century, I wonder if the Alzheimer is a wrath of God, a response to designing the lifestyle that makes the man a machine, a repetitive, secure, cocooned lifestyle that doesn’t expect anything new. Can repetition kill?  I am back in my dream, I see a building, a brutalist style, I go closer and there are many, so many, surrounding me, I am panicking at first but then I surround myself to the situation. There is nothing to be afraid, body is just a shell, nothing can touch the essence unless I touch or allow the third party to touch it. I go further and something interesting happens, the reason why I am here is to face the past but also embrace something new.  my WeChat buzzes and I remember, it is the show, my friend Yimei and her brother have a show together, but it is not an exhibition hall. I am absolutely confused, because of the bridge and the three dimensional lines from the airport, I am not on time. I reproach myself for this because I am not respecting myself or others when I am late, but I can’t help it. Yimei is sharing location through wechat but I can’t find, there are too many floors, there is no signal. There are many people around but I can’t ask either, because something will be revealed or disturbed. Suddenly Yimei tells me to look at Lada (Lada is the ancient Slavic and Baltic Goddess of Love and Beauty) one of the most important in the Slavic Pantheon. I can’t see Lada, my eyes are yet untrained enough to see beyond this world but then Yimei tells me look at the car (because there is a russian car named Lada ) and to turn 238degrees and the entrance will appear. I walked through the crowd and see the entrance and I go up into the building. I have a feeling that the building swallowed me, but I keep going (Churchill encourages me “if you are in hell, keep going”) finally I arrive, and I am amazed, this is not an exhibition hall at all, but an apartment. The art has finally exited the officiality of the exhibition halls and entered the apartments and good will or organizing. There are many people and many tables, this is not a regular exhibition but a discussion, we talk to each other. The tables are from schools, I see my former classmates but they are adults, very happy with life, exhilaration feeling is present but I still wonder how is this possible. We have completely crossed the time/space constraints and we are here with Yumei and her brother. Everyone is with their own group of familiar faces but there is no clash, harmony is present. My dream finishes and I realize it is one of those dreams that doesn’t only come from my subconscious but also some other elements from the outside. The time through consciousness and subconscious state of being will tell what.

Ideasrexoid 76 The horse power at it’s most ruthless attacking, Acrylic on hard paper 2020

Dream dreamed on 29th of November 3rd lunar month Zoom in and zoom out is back. Why is it that I only zoom in and zoom out when in Europe? The environment is very grim, industrial, De Chirico type without a reminiscence to aspects of Roman and Greek mythology, it is much more functional, it reminds of the factory. A factory of humans, a factory of human brain without a brain. It is the firmament of destiny, a place where we build our lives, it is fantastical and ordinary at the same time. I am working around the streets and am about to meet a lady that will give me a task, I am confused and defocused, can’t really grasp (or maybe my awaken consciousness is shielding this knowledge from me) all I am left with is the feeling. A palpable quadrant, everything is reflecting this design, the architecture, the space in this grim area. Many stairs, the zooming happens again I am in a different place, suddenly the complex of buildings I was in fits on my palm, I look at it, laugh at the seriousness of cause and effect and then I realize, I shouldn’t laugh. The larger entities are built from the building blocks of the tiny particles. We all play equal part in the entanglement of life, particles communicate, we try to reflect the communication as we reach greater awareness. I am zoomed back into the small world of De Chirico and I am writing and reading and drawing, it is very warm and cocooned, almost safe, I wake up wondering. Is the world too robotical or am I becoming a robot, am I allowing myself too many repetitions in the pattern of thinking and living.  Wounds allowed by self from those moments as we are sprouting the identity sometimes get visible in the moments of lucidity between the two worlds, nights and days, lights and darkness. Dream dreamed and the things thought on 11th of December 2019 / 15th lunar day. A building, an abandonment, people echo throughout the space, I hear friends talking about others, there is no life and death, just the state of being. We capture this state of being with our minds, all those people we shared a moment with stay with us regardless of which side of this existence they are at in this moment. Somebody is taking the golden glass, cheering and breathing, having a block during the breathing. Darkness is all around, prevailing, all encompassing, an arrow has been released! It was sometimes in the darkest hour between the innocence of the youth and realization of the potentials, that the darkness has fallen, teaching and guiding, sharpening but due to the content of Pandora’s box Centaur was there also. The whole composition of this scenario got repeated many times throughout history with different personality, only changing the face or mask but remaining the same in itself. It was a case of betrayal from behind, and arrow that changes the destiny was released, pointing at the back of the target, slightly to the left, aiming at the heart, but missing, just about. This lead the individual to detach, previously adoring horses, Pegasus and Unicorns as a source of power, and look up, into the sky, with the aliens, technologically advanced civilizations that outgrew the mythological psychology of survival, power, prophecies,…. Floating in such a state for a while was incredibly useful and knowledge generating, because it is only in the rarified air of the high altitude that one can actually see high above and beyond. The horse ceased to live, the arrow of the Centaur only accomplished the mission partially, it twisted the fate by a few angles, sufficiently to serve the purpose of the destiny. The mechanism of this existence, the universe that recycles, puts together and breaks apart, doesn’t recognize good and evil only forward into the complexity. The fall from the arrow buried the horse but resurrected an eagle, circling, wild, powerful, seemingly ephemeral but indestructible because it can’t be reached. Seeing further and more powerful into the distance of the future, the road of an eagle is much more difficult, but at the same time much less present in this world. It can change and influence from the distance without touching, and when it touches, the speed and movement and technology compress the time/space. It is much better this way, a harbinger of the future is the ally to an eagle that doesn’t look at life and death and good and bad, but a state of transformation with the mystery slowly revealing itself.

Ideasrexoid 77 Mirror, we all have a mirror in each other or that special invisible person somewhere, Acrylic on hard paper 2020

On future environment that AI produces and what culture means and A dream dreamed on 29th of December/4th lunar day and about artificial intelligence conducting our life choices It was the mountainous but at the same time urban environment with many people circulating around. I was surrounded by three people whom I didn’t know from this awaken state, we were connected somehow on some level that I couldn’t see, I started seeing the invisible threads. The colors were very vivid, and I was wondering what is going on, suddenly I noticed an animal talking to me. This animal is coming from an alien planet, the color was between lilac and blue, no feathers or fur, but something different, the material covering the skin, unlike anything we are used to on Earth. It was elusive, maybe resembling a small and elegant horse, maybe something similar to Borzoi, but different, it evaporated in meaning soon as it was replaced by another setting on the archeological site, with many stairs around, still surrounded by people I can’t recognized but am very close to. I look up and I see a bird, many birds in facts, one of their though, resembles the owl, but it is clearly an artificial bird. Powered by artificial intelligence, it is not an eagle but a bird that resembles owl. I identify the face a purpose of it which immediately disarms it from it’s original purpose or a mission to follow and gather, and it falls down. I am confused, thinking, contemplating, realizing,….. Why is it that Europe is going down and China is rising. How will the history repeat itself? History never reap itself, however the patterns of rise and fall, always. The waves are inevitable and invincible, and solely depend on the conditions, the environment that produces them. At this point as we look at the 2000 years of European history that went through the darkness and enlightenment, with ancient Greek intellectual bases, reverberating throughout, surviving the regimes of the Middle Ages. The crises of humanity, with inhuman becoming human and human becoming inhuman, eventually it was the knowledge and conquest towards new geography that gave favorable conditions to the birth of innovation, the industrial era emerged soon after, followed by the times of safety and comfort. The conditions were ripe and were reinforcing the genes that conquer, innovate, revolutionize and prosper, eventually finding the refuge in the individualism. The ideal of 20th century, to fulfill the dream of comfortable and balanced life, juggling between the concept of family and the concept of career. Both are getting outdated as we face the epidemics of Alzheimer’s disease which the obedient juggling generations are now affected with. To slow down the brain, to activate the time, to treat the time as a resource, everything becomes a spending and consuming, the times are gone. The time, the most ruthless of all, as we go forward the pendulum swings, from West to East, from East to West, people are observing, but today is the day of artificial intelligence. It creates an environment in the same way, geographical discovery and industrial revolution created environment in Europe from 16th century onwards. Today we face AI that is creating environment for progress and it appears only stable, self sufficient and knowledgeable will conquer. The meritocracy has a new chance but it depends on the safety that is not purely relying on the cage of legal system. Every cage can be hacked but morality is the cage without bars. Is the density of culture the only one that can face the AI without being consumed by it?  

Ideasrexoid 78 Awakening of the Prometheus in Poseidon, Acrylic on canvas 2020


About Gravity, push and pull of the world around and a dreamed dreamed on 22nd of January/27th lunar We are born innocent of desires, pressures of life, there is always something or someone (usually parents) saving us, and then something different happens. The time of growth on the planet saturated in colors, depth, heights and the establishing of dominance. I often refer to the animal kingdom as a way humans are sometimes, except that we treat the Earth like a spaceship, like a machine that will take care of us with the motherly love no matter what we do.  Alas, the actions charge through their own currency called karma and l somehow get inspired by the eastern philosophies when I think about the beyond. This painting is the Samsara of life and death, and power that makes us tick forward. The resistance to gravity of planet, gravity of other people, society and all the darkness that surrounds, squeezing, pushing and crystallizing the diamond, until we are one. The beauty of dual and singular as they compete on the playground of life. The dream was the darkness, only glimpse of forms, very much all about a house that is getting engulfed in darkness, the energies of Jim. The house is a mountain house belonging to the spaceship of a family, a security fence. It sometimes has the life of it’s own and it breathes with the thoughts that have been put into it. Are the buildings alive? When we walk from one to another, can we actually feel them ticking, the heart of the building, the skin, the shape? Somehow the dream made everything alive and left me questioning, maybe that is how it is in awaken state, everything is alive, it is just our perspective that decides only what is the reflection of our biological existence that is alive.




Ideasrexoid 79 by the sea against the wind for the sky against the Sun, traditionally every second year, Acrylic on hard paper 2020


Guerrilla painting facing the fears, squishing the enemies, connecting to the underworld, seeing the upper world, because it is in the moments of the greatest despair that the strength for the most wonderful is born  On future of art, culture, thinking and a dream dreamed on 1St and 2nd of April, 8th and 9th lunar dayWill corona change the world for the better or for the worst, the question is now? The logical answer is those who deal with the frustration benevolently, it will improve, those who deal with their frustration with more frustration it will degrade, but this question is not only directed at the individual that is tormented by the dry world that wants to conquer but rather a collective. What happens with the art, the essence through which the spiritual speaks? We are witnessing a unique moment in the history of the world in which the world ( most of western world) is standing still. So many people are losing the compass, which was calibrated by the habit of regular life and movement previously. Now that everything is standing still and economy depends on movement, as it is largely modeled according to the animal kingdom, the question of identity and spiritual riches is under an existential crises.  This crises will stay in the minds long after the motor of economy is back on and demands dual solution, one catering to the material side of the existence and other demanding spiritual uplifting through art. In the Roman Empire there was only a small percentage of population that was able to enjoy and practice art simply because they were born in the families whose patrimony was large enough to include slaves and machine that makes riches for them. Today 2000 years after we still have the same system packaged and branded differently. In many cases it is even named the American Dream, that so many followed, and only few managed to climb on top. The method of climbing was never explored because results were the most important, and here we are facing the future in confusion. What are the values we should aspire to, what is beyond the material riches, is there anything, what is the light that we have but not find useful on the quest of American Dream. The vision of art instilled since the Roman Empire as something of a status symbol is still present and in a way distorted. We have a great distance that is dual between the person that has forgotten or never had access to art because education and society around that person directed only towards usefulness of a job or entertainment of the ludi (games). The life ticking in emptiness and now we stand still. Maybe it is the right moment to realize that the distance that was created for centuries between art and material riches should be crossed in one leap thanks to internet on one hand and UBI (universal basic income) on another hand. Who wants to live among the order of the animal kingdom devoid of creativity and spiritual growth, only because the day is too short.  The day is not too short but it is distributed unevenly, just like what we are experiencing now with the economic motor that is standing still while so many people are gasping for air, literally and figuratively. There is a strong symbolism that is happening right now in the world, and the world has the capacity to solve it, but it has to unite in supporting meritocracy. I am convinced that UBI can solve the existential problem and at the same time help thanks to internet and available time to direct huge number of people towards appreciation of art. Art is not a status symbol like Romans practiced and we embraced, but rather a communication, a special type of language that speaks to the soul and everyone should and could have access to it, but they need to make an effort.  The dream, old Roman times building, only front wall is made of full stone and it seems to be the internal wall, as if the way of preservation in the future is to build around the walls that hold history spanning several millennia. A friend is showing me the hidden compartments in the wall where I could keep things, and then she mentioned how it has the system for destroying the furniture in case of fire or outside unrest. Everything about this building had the face of deception, then the world twisted and turned into the world of a train. I was traveling next to a very important religious monument. A started seeing the trajectory of life from the distance again. The tunnel showed up but unlike previous cases and multiple Deja Vu this was a list of stations that I could clearly see with all the twists and turns of life. Death from the tunnel didn’t figure as much because aliens showed up. I asked them where are they from and they responded cryptically Savnik (this is a place in Montenegro) I was perplexed and confused but then I started thinking about environment and a virus, I woke up. 




Ideasrexoid 80, The dance of life contradicting craving for sugar, Acrylic on hard paper 2020


The dance of life, can the inner thinking, the deepest concerns be non expressive, impossible to chain with words as Earling and Charlie keep exploring the moment after the moment of testing the fragile order of the world, as they discover that proton and neutron is not the same as proton and antiproton – matter and antimatter relations. What if we live in the world with the spectrum of three as opposed to two once we realize and go beyond the duality of one These are not numbers. They are commentaries of Earling as the ways of the planet unfolds. YU8 Meritocracy is suffering, but we can’t interfere because it is much more practical to stay neutral and watch the world around dissolve. After all, isn’t it much more pleasant, a warm feeling around the heart when a neighbor’s cow dies? Il7 Earling: These colorful creatures of sugar were bought in the place far away, behind the tunnel, they are the world travelers in the world of candies. Illy Arild was looking around rambling through some feathers, from the Eagle that roared high above just half an hour ago to the Magpie that died mysterious death. Illy Arild lives in the kingdom of Cygnus, all birds want to donate their artworks, he looks after them, protects them, directs the genetics how to design the patterns of the feathers. *Illy Arild is the autocorrect of the original word which makes me want to follow the computer and let it be, we collaborate after all, as it is getting much smarter*Illy Arild: why would you say so, who cares about travel with the exception of those who care about the numbers. To them traveling is everything, it is a checkbox, do you think the yellow candy likes the travel more than a blue one? I don’t think so, I think that it is the blue one that admires the travel because it took much longer to get such a color for edible existence. Earling: you are totalitarian in your statement, it doesn’t matter what words mean as long as we keep the conversation going, haven’t the birds teach you anything? They talk to each other all the time, what a miserable existence would it be for nature without the sound of them. Illy Arild: that is where you and me differ, you listen to their sounds as in consuming, while I listen to their movement as a line, a painting through the Air, from the Eagle that soars the heights to the Swallows that rejoice with life. They have almost no support on the ground, their legs, so weak, but their connection to the sky, the maneuvering, can you hear the riches? Earling was visibly getting upset as the pianist went on stage, started holding the head, especially ears in the concert hall, right before the rehearsal (this one actually happened on one occasion from a fellow pianist) and couldn’t understand why wouldn’t the birds come to him. He did everything right, he presented the offering, the salt, the body, the wine, nobody cared, was he abandoned. He was thinking about the earliest childhood memories, because every uncomfortable thought or especially feeling is rooted there but he couldn’t find it. He was wondering if he drank from the stream of forgetfulness periodically in his dreams, eventually he wanted to confront this fear, to keep it on the surface because after all Illy Arild is a superior being, he won’t get offended with the human trifling of the ways of the ego. Earling: no and no, whey are you so superior? I can’t understand what is it that makes me so limiting in finding the divine, the ally in something, the compatibility to this planet and you found yourself. The birds helped you. Illy Arild looked at him with amusement and suggested a mirror, he had no intention of reassuring Earling because the kindness sometimes promotes spoiled behavior and all Earthings are prone to that. At the beginning of 21st century it was the hacks through life that were reinforced genetically, consequences still visible today. Earling: how long do you intense on keeping us in this airspace, I know that it is beautiful and I appreciate but I can’t grow underneath the glass, I need to face, iron, steal, gold, bri*^, aluminum, rud&@* all those new materials that exhausted the sounds of the words and wanted the pictographic existence. A representation.


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