Ideasrexoid no.4

Theme of this painting: Duality of light

Charlie: Sometimes I am so wise by your standards, but at other times, I just prefer the words to mean what I want them to mean. I am laughing at your advancement where you even need to use words, where your discord is such that you try to visualize everything and then everything gets lost in translation.

The only way the system can function is when you are conditioned/ family(society) raised in the same way so that you can relate to each other and understand the meaning of light in approximately similar proportions.

Earling: It relaxes me when I see your frustration; it makes you close to me; that is the conditioning society has put on us here on Earth, to unite when we have a common problem. Our problem of science is such that quantum mechanic area appears much the same as fairy tales; the results scientists receive throughout the planet depend on their belief, or even thinking processes at the time, which again means the upbringing. How do we unify in order to surpass this obstacle? The differences of opinions make the light play with us, and we are just a tool of the universal consciousness.

EarlingMax: Hahahha, that stage of Earthly development was so funny, I remember that my chip of general history knowledge input defined those oppositions and the struggles that came afterwards; fortunately, those struggles were innocent, led by the crowds which devoured establishments of triangles. Academia as an institution became a relic, very quickly thanks to the universal connectivity that a revolutionary old thing called internet gave you.

I am not inclined to say any more, because any peek into the future without your being ready for it, could lead towards detrimental consequences. You Earling are destined to experience time in a linear way, and there is a reason for that.

Neptling: Light is my favourite subject as I am so far from it, in my life capsule, but I can’t stress this strongly enough: Being too close to the light/Sun makes you susceptible to the illusion it makes. Seeing with your eyes is deceptive – you must be aware of your purpose at all times even if that purpose seems illogical; there is no logic in the universe that words could define.

Juptling: Earling is living in 20th century on Earth and is confused by the crossroads, but being more philosophical is the medicine for you. Becoming a philosopher is in observing Nature; the methods are so simple but you complicated it with hierarchies of classes; exclusive access to knowledge is an ancient pattern, only visible among civilisations challenged at the survival level.

Charlie: I am glad that the question of Light raised so many interesting perspectives in this playground of words; it is still amusing for me, but it serves to even further evidence that intelligence of your levels EarlingMax, Neptling Juptling and even you Earling will never go against other intelligence unless the dark forces of material consume you. It is funny though why would it consume you. Look at the light – it is material but at the same time it is not material. The same pattern applies everywhere, if you look deep enough into the microcosm.


Light reflected upon celestial objects, molecular world is represented in this painting and at the same time it is creating a question, how the phenomenon of light is still not fully explained from the perspective of 21st century science. The general understanding is at the verge of energy/matter continuum, but science is still not in a position where harnessing and having full control of light is possible. Concentrated circles of light create so much illusion throughout universe at the same time they generate heat, and are the enabling factors for biological life forms such as Earling’s civilisation. This visual representation is of direct interplay between the light which exists in a circle and flexible geometrical existence, and direct beams that come out of this flexibility. These beams create with the speed of past by which we measure the distance in light years, we always see and hear in the past. I just wonder unless Big Bang theory is right, and the universe existed before it, could it be possible that there are areas of the universe where the light hasn’t reached yet? The phenomenon of fluidity and strict lines is what preoccupies my attention in this painting, the duality of existence in that category.