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Ljubljana the city that stands on top of waters empowered by mythological, a center of trade that eventually turns into culture, as it often happens a road that starts with building skills to survive or get on top of the mundane, ends up in the water of mystical, artistic and cultural. A legend has it that Ljubljana was founded by Jason of Greek mythology. Him and the Argonauts who had stolen the golden fleece travelled all the way to Ljubljanica river, which is the main vein of the city today. At the time though the river was too shallow for the Argonauts to continue their journey so they settled and built a village, only to discover that it was the hunting ground of none the less but a Dragon.

Dragon was terrorising the area making it unsafe to live on, there was a conflict even the first night when Jason and the Argonauts stayed there, in which many were injured and one was captured and carried for supper in Dragon’s lair, and the locals just didn’t have the type of energy that required slaying of the Dragon, Jason on the other hand was not alone in this quest, his lover Medea, who was a sorceress was there to elevate the heart of fearlessness that Jason had. She already helped him on a few tasks before giving him a super human powers. It was as if the providence got together against the dragon, who comfortably lived in this place for a long period spreading the desperation all around.

Jason determined to kill the dragon made canoe and followed the road to lifelessness, wherever there was an animal, a bird on a road, it was a sign that the road is wrong. The only right road was the one that was devoid of life. He realized that he wouldn’t be able to kill the dragon on his own, so he took for the moment his Medea, who already defeated the serpent for him when they succeeded in getting the golden fleece. After a long journey into the unknown, in the darkness of night, and silence of lifelessness, they eventually found the lair, a thicket of branches and debris in the middle of nothingess and ashes all around.

Medea came in first, unarmed physically but much more lethal internally, singing a song to get the dragon to go into a deep sleep. Jason came in but couldn’t pierce the thick armor of the Dragon with his sword, it was of no use. Medea however suggested that he binds the Dragon’s mouth with chains that she brought, and block the breathing passages with the bones of all the victims that were lying around, so he did. Eventually the Dragon started moving got out of dreamworld and started the dance to death with his own body condemned to self destruction. He tried to burn his way out into the freedom, like he did so many times on the victims, but he burnt his own stomach that eventually exploded in the air and illuminated the bright future that was about to happen in Ljubljana.

Going from mythological many centuries forward, Ljubljana was home to many notable individuals from the art world, one especially dear to me is Gustav Mahler, he lived for a year in the apartment belonging to his friend from the conservatory, Anton Krisper. Mahler was just 21 year old at the time and spent about a year in Ljubljana, he acted as a conductor of Ljubljana Theatre at the time. The house in which he lived was the Krisper building right accross the Town Hall. Anton and Gustav were friends at Conservatory at Vienna, but Krisper was less of a musician more of a generalist, he went on studying philosophy and engineering afterwards, unfortunately Krisper ended up in the mental institution near Graz and died there.


Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date Spring 2018
Exploring City center, Ljubljana history, mythology, Argonaut, place where Mahler stayed, notable people and influences
Connecting Dragon from mythology, Exploitation of ruling class towards those serving, hidden power of women while men take credit

Charlie and Earling explored Slovenia and really liked the softness of the mentality, the exterior darkness a result of insecurity and interior warms typical of Slavic mentality. Living on the verge between the Western and Eastern division of Europe, Slovenia was integrated aspects from both ways of lives.

Earling: When I learnt about the devastation of the dragon, I immediately had an image and even the analogy sometimes reminds of the inequality between people. The devastation of the rich towards the poor, those in power, abusing the power against those who serve, those who serve helpless, with the only option left is to live in their imagination.

Charlie: That is a nice analogy indeed because the habitat of rich, while vast and spacious often appears lifeless, the lair, or a castle or a mansion usually full of bones, the spirits of those who perished as a result of their ascent on the social/economic pole of success/visibility through history.

Earling: Could it be possible that Dragons were actually a metaphors for those who exploited the population, in fear to be heard and brought for torture and suffering, they had to invent the code/imaginary language that reflected the reality into a fairy tale.

Charlie: Who knows why is it that seemingly innocents are suffering at every moment on this planet, this third planet from the Sun. Maybe their ancestors or they themselves if we interpret life through the chain of incarnations were burning into devastation and submission the lives of those around them. Maybe they were the dragons in some previous life times.

Earling: How can we teach the planet earth to be less Dragon like, when they admire Dragon, they regard him/her as powerful, forcefull, maybe they should because without power there is no progress, but at the same time, progress at the expanse of what?

Charlie: Payments for actions, wrong doing and right doing alike, ad infinitum.

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Ljubljana Slovenia Traveloid

Traveloid by ideasrex.comThrough Ljubljana, SloveniaSee what I see, follow in my footsteps while we explore the imaginative   Ljubljana the city that stands on top of waters empowered by mythological, a center of trade that eventually turns into culture, as it...

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