Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that startup world could take. Ideasrex no.5

Problem: As technology makes progress and integrates us further into being “people of the screens” as Kevin Kelly eloquently puts it, generations are increasingly focused on what is happening in the moment, and voracious reading of the books and retaining long lines of thoughts, strategies, and deep thinking is beginning to dwindle. This problem is not yet fully obvious because we, as a planet, are still adopting new technologies, and there are still many generations who were influenced by the “people of the books” standards. In other words, there is less time for population to read book from one cover to the other, but instead focus is on summaries and fast consuming and dissemination of data. While the former might be unacceptably time-consuming in the fast paced internet age which is not sufficiently powered by AI, the practice of reading books in it’s full form creates certain psychological impacts, while allowing fragmentary absorption: it still remains to be seen what will become of the generations under such influence.

Future: Our educational programs are fully integrated and AI powered so that they focus in the cognitive friendly way on only particular books and content which is tailored towards individual needs. There is no need to read endless reviews, recommendations, aggregation tools, but instead apps/AI are taking care of our individual needs towards books and education material so that the attention is not spread in a dispersed way, but rather fits into a longer term strategic goal and the knowledge of history is transferred in the most natural way from one generation or niche to another.

Solution: Creating an app similar to DuoLingo, but much more focused and less gamefied. This should be an app that promotes appropriation of history in every sense, creates support networks and virtual spaces that generate joined projects so that students could reconstruct an art form out of historical data. This way memory retention is much stronger and communities are built in an organic way, around topics of mutual interest. Preferably the app should have built-in AI so that it is learning as well and improving the matching algorithm.


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