Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that Ideasrex no.11 is creating

Problem: Disconnected education, disconnected type of thinking as a result of linear training, and very little reinforcement towards the associative models. Associative models are some of the most powerful and important aspects of both learning and inventing and yet only few people (mostly self-learning) self develop those thinking tools.

Future: Integration of humans with machines will automatically put on display all the associative data with each element at hand. Much like today’s wikipedia, in fact starts to connect to the relevant articles on the bases of similarities and differences and likewise, the future world of information represent the pool of associative models and organization on that basis.

Solution: Invent a game in which participants are making associations within; let’s for example start first with the visual world, so that certain abstract painting or photos or sculptures would be observed in such a way, so that the participants of the game should be able to find as many associative models with anything from any field wildly different in this world. This system should be gamified, as to allow the competitive urge to kick in and at first create a short term validation, until it becomes an intrinsic skill. Later it will be easy to integrate in real life, once this type of thinking has been absorbed and boosted.

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