Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that Ideasrex no.6 is creating

Problem: The relationship between Audience and the Performer as an Artist still holds strong ties to the life and death games which were practised in ancient Rome, in the Colosseum and elsewhere which served as an entertainment. Fortunately, over the years Humans have realised that the lives of other humans are more valuable than pure entertainment; consequently various forms of entertainment were finding their expressions from Acting, through visual Exhibitions to Music. We still have remnants from the sacrificial atmosphere these type of performances bring, while the audience has no real purpose being there, other than to “consume”.

Future: There is no concept of Audience and Performer, just perpetual performing by everyone. Art is not just an exclusive field dedicated or reserved for the “talented”; it is the field explored and utilised by every single human. As such, attention is not just something that fills the gaps of doing nothing; attention is given only to the projects that integrate that attention into something larger, so online clusters of creative bubbles are constantly roaming through virtual space and are aggregating more like minded individuals who are ready to create together.

Solution: We don’t have to be constrained by the old pattern of Creator and Consumer, but rather transform those two concepts into Creator and coCreators. The Audience, no matter how passive, still creates an influence on the psychology of the Artist and the Artist should always try to involve and transform this energy. The way to achieve this is through an app/website that invites the observers to be part of the network of each Artform that is being created.

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