Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that Ideasrex no.9 is creating

Problem: Perception and processing this world is such an individualistic experience, yet we sometimes lose the sense of creating as a result of external and society approved or disproved models + distractions. Relying on those models/distractions sometimes defines our thoughts and actions, but sometimes there just isn’t enough to process, it being so static, and uninteresting. The line “I am bored” is such an insult to the intelligence, yet we still encounter it on a daily bases. On the other hand, there are those who see this other world of possibilities, or better yet, create it and invite people to join them. Some indeed join and sometimes when everything falls into place within these usually startup industries, they would have the magnetic power to pull the whole world in. It becomes a movement, but only if there is enough supporters; otherwise the 90% or more of the startups fail. The phenomenon of initial functioning between the worlds and creating one’s own is such a fascinating and primordial concept but almost no attention is given to the actual process and “how to” in creating this world of creativity, impact and purpose that corresponds to each individual on this planet.
Future: The emphasis on the individual and creative realization of each human. At first whatever custom made educational system replaces the old one, it will certainly be more adjusted towards the individual as a unique conglomerate of both genetic and skillset heritage. Accordingly, I suspect, the apps will be monitoring the development of a young human and will be stimulating the learning processes in accordance to the above.

Solution: Launch a project called “I AM NOT BORED” which will promote connecting those who have much more on their hands/ideas/visions than they can handle and anonymously at first connect with those who feel (I am bored or uninspired). This community has to be interest and disciplines based so that the system of pairing is as efficient as possible.

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