Ideasrex no.3 Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that startup world could take.

Problem: Outdated methods, outdated tools, outdated apps, the word “outdated” has accelerated in the past 100 years and with so many makers and creators, the processing of ”outdating” will be even faster. It is impossible to keep up with everything that is going on, and, in some cases, the whole overload of information is creating a resistance, sometimes to the point of shutting down to everything new. This could further lead to competitive disadvantage and ultimately a clash between classes. In the past and partly today the clash was/is caused by money, status and association, but now we are entering the era where capabilities and harnessing technologies will make divisions and classes.

Future: Daily improvements of all devices (what we call in the technical world- updates but are reflected in all other areas). Most systems are open source and therefore the improvements are published on a daily bases, and since it is impossible for a human brain to keep up with this vertigo of changes, everything is automated software wise, and as for the hardware, since the transportation service doesn’t cost as much any longer now that humans are not working in that sector, but robots instead, devices are replaced on a daily basis during the sleep hours of humans.

Solution for now: An app that the user inputs all the information relating to the apps and devices used and it monitors the changes on the internet (thereby bypassing the mindless marketing and advertisements) and as it is AI powered ascertains the best possible solution for upgrading both hardware and software sides of technologies that human is using.

Additionally it has training facilities that could potentially be monetising for the first stage while we still have monetising systems, and the training could be done by other humans and bots remotely. Instead of visiting hundreds of youtube tutorials, forums and groups, these things come to the user exactly when needed and therefore a huge amount of time is saved.

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