Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that Ideasrex no.10 is creating

Problem: Spending all our time, buzzing around like flies, without a moment to reflect, time goes into the accelerated loop while all the tasks are completed and only thing we feel and see is a false sense of satisfaction that our to-do list is completed at the end of the day. However, a true satisfaction that happens when we slow down and think deeply about the purpose, inspiration and the direction the life is taking happens in those moments of absolute freezing in time.

Future: We will not be buzzing around like flies, but instead so much we do right now manually would be delegated to the bots, robots and smart devices. We will have much more time to freeze the time and think some profound ideas, while the chase and competition to creativity gets more and more intense, which eventually also won’t be a good thing, but the reverse of it to find the golden balance belongs to the distant future.

Solution: A social network for freezing of time. A collective effort to freeze time at the same time with the involvement of as many people as possible, and trying to coordinate it across the globe, it should be accompanied with some interactive material, sounds, panel for exchange of ideas, art works,..etc. Overall, the common cause is in finding the profound in those frozen moments in time.

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