Ideasrex no.2 Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that the startup world could take

Problem: People are sitting/standing way to many hours in front of the tables. From the ergonomic point of view the spine is not really designed to withstand long hours spent in those postures, even with the latest fancy chairs. From the psychological point of view sitting/standing in front of the same setting for a long time creates a sense of mental claustrophobia, disconnection from the real world and lack of the new fresh ideas due to always the same environment.

Future: Tables will cease to exist in their current form, except for retro antique within habitat/houses/movable capsules, but they will be adjustable space/screens which will represent virtual world with holographic materials that will be constructible or destructible with the gesture of the hand, with attached 3D printer, available to print whatever we invent and manifest through our digital input-computers.

Solution for now: An app that stimulates us to walk every so often, with educational character, something like pokemon go, but the exploratory nature doesn’t extend all the way to the other area. It should be within the house, but also outside in some cases depending on creative projects, and would make us walk/move, but also as the working desk becomes smaller due to computerisation, working is increasingly performed on the small devices(phones,tablet) outdoors and while relaxing.

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