Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that Ideasrex no.8 is creating

Problem: Inability to process happiness because the competitive mode of living has put so much pressure on producing that the sense of happiness is tied into shopping experience or something of equally empty effect.

Future: Happiness is the natural state of being, however it has to be found as such, and the kids will be growing up in a totally different society. Society will make it unacceptable to nurture the feelings of unhappiness, sorrow and depression. Just like the past centuries cultivated religious belief systems, the future times will integrate the sense of happiness as necessary for optimal living. It will be the Human Right.

Solution: As Society still isn’t at the stage where Happiness becomes one of the Human Rights, for a good reason, I might add, until many other aspects of society and moral codex are sorted, the app should be made, which can promote creativity and various support communities, in order to initiate the happiness hormone. Psychology has already advanced enough to be able to identify the methods that initiate the happiness state of mind. Those methods should be deeply integrated into our phones. The same way we complete todo lists, we should be completing the happiness list, but we must first disconnect the concept of happiness with the empty fleeting pleasures outlined in the problem section, and the only way to disconnect that is to override it with the real deal.

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