Ideasrex no.4 Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that startup world could take

Problem: A certain percentile of people live in very dark, small, claustrophobic spaces throughout the planet. The accommodation standards are way below the recommendations by psychologists as to the size, space and position of suitable habitats. Unfortunately, since Earth is still run on accummulation of wealth, a very large percentile is affected by these shortcomings and by the unfortunate consequences of living in large cities.

Future: Buildings will not be buildings, but capsules with self-sustainable energy/food generations, as well as fully ergonomic solutions regarding catering to the physical and psychological wellbeing of the creatures inhabiting them. Some buildings on the ground left from the time past would only serve for the purpose of visiting and tourism. An insight into the world, and development of the civilisation.

Solution: This is a hardware problem and would require both software and hardware to solve. However, as this is primarily technology oriented solution matter, I will focus on suggesting creation of an app that could measure, thanks to the camera on the phone, the optimal light, size,…of the place where the user lives, and then would suggest what should be improved. The improvements could start with light, repositioning them, bring more, even those artificial windows for living spaces without windows. Also relating to space, sometimes all that is required is a large mirror, to solve at least partially psychological issues that could emerge. There are many other technological solutions that could be implemented, but the key is to make people aware of the possible improvements. That way performance of the person improves many times over and everyone has a better chance to be a happy one.

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