Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that Ideasrex no.7 is creating

Problem: The world is largely disconnected from the natural world, as urbanization rapidly increases. We have already passed the threshold whereas more people live in Cities than live in Villages. The result in addition to the terrible pollution, decreased contact with green areas, noise pollution and general detrimental side effects that living in big Cities sometimes produces, in addition to many other benefits results in many psychological disturbances among other things.

Future: Just like nowadays we have all type of varieties in maintaining the healthy body with gyms, fitbits, yoga sessions,……etc, the future will bring equivalent type of facilities for psychological training and maintaining the healthy balance. As the body becomes more easy to maintain (including genetical engineering and several other aspects) the psychological side will have to keep up with this progress, and the solution will be customizable to individual needs and profiles.

Solution midterm: Create a VR – powered platform with the goal of socializing the individual with similar elements/histories and lifestyles where they could spend time doing something creative together. The activity could have a purpose towards betterment of the humankind because absence of stress boosts the creativity and productivity, and when the objective of a noble cause is present, there is a win-win situation.

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