Ideasrex no. 1 Futuristic musing and proposing a solution that startup world could take

Problem: There are thousands upon thousands of thoughts going through the human brain on a daily basis, most of them focused on frustrations of various kinds or else randomness. Primarily dealing with mundane existence, chasing the funds, raising the family, all or most of this in the exhausting mode. As a result, the brain downgrades instead of upgrades and there is the appearance of cumulative slowdown over the years, all relating to the creative, innovative, artistic side of human existence which is suffering.

Future: Human condition and therefore the creative force is fully supported, nurtured and inspired by both community and technology which is increasingly centred around it. Mundane side of living is mostly performed by robots; everything is automated; driverless cars are transporting from one point to another where necessary; otherwise in a fully VR world and with immersive technologies children are being educated and socialised from home; raising of the kids is not only the responsibility of parents but also of the wider community. Efficiency is maximised and the only pressure, goal and objective are in utilizing all those valuable thoughts and creative ideas that go through the brain, and this process actually leads civilisation towards exponential growth.

Solution for now: 21st century is in between these two worlds. Although technology is evolving at a fast pace, organised and community-focused support towards the creativity is lacking and therefore represents an interim solution while technologies are still being generated and regrouped to serve. Creating an online community for creative support would present a noble initiative and help civilisation to wake up the artist in each of us. Technology has a way of aggregating the likeminded but the package of this app/website/portal has to be produced in such a fashion that it attracts the large scope of users.

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