Traveloid by Through Pireaus and Lake Vouliagmeni, Greece

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Piraeus, the blooming center of commerce, exchange of ideas, formation of industry, receptive of traders and travellers, was flourishing between the 5th century BC until the 4th century AD, when it started to decline until the 19th century when its curve of prosperity went up again and now it is one of the largest ports in this part of Europe.

Volume is often prestigious in this world, but it was the vitality and vibrancy that kept the place ahead of it’s times, and as often happens, as prosperity grows, art arrives on the scene for some people to serve the purpose of entertaining and others to serve as a gate towards deeper understanding and appreciation of this phenomenon we call life and consciousness.

Many of the most powerful and wealthy people had their commercial activities in the port of Piraeus, and thus spent a lot of time in there, hosting in their houses the philosophers and thinkers such as Plato, Socrates, Lysias, Xenophon and Demosthenis among others, discussing a wide array of topics and scientific and social observations which from such a place of power meant further changes and shaping of destiny and destinies.


Piraeus and Lake Vouliagmeni, Greece
Date January 2017
Exploring history of Piraeus, Plato’s republic, myth of Timaeus, myth of Er, Demeter, Persephone, history of Vouliagmeni,
Connecting thinking processes and Plato’s idealism between various forces, Mondrian relating to symmetry, underworld and perceiving through technology enhancement

Plato’s Republic in large part was mentally situated in Piraeus, possibly as a result of his many discussions and time spent there, forming the ideal world in his mind from which this world is an imperfect reflection.

Let’s explore his myth of Timaeus, with the elaborate construction of the order of Gods in full hierarchy and the divine power that creates the universe out of a certain material, but with an inner impulse that tends towards disorder. This is what modern physics speculates that the universe is headed towards, the entropy. It is the second law of thermodynamics that states this, and while we can obviously understand this by just observing the physical reality around us, human intelligence seems to be focused against this very idea. Plato is in effect describing those two tendencies, his ideal world present in his mind that functions in a fully orderly and perfect manner and the world around us that slowly moves towards chaos and disorder. The remedy against this disorder seemed to be in the stories, authority of the ancient myth with indisputable accuracy.

The ancient Greek word for myth was ‘muthos’, and in their oral culture which was predominant until the 7th century BC, the word muthos meant a story of truth, of the fundamental order which keeps the world together. It was only after the 7th century BC that history and philosophy started to de-mystify the myth and Plato took it further by portraying the traditional myth as told before him, and also by modifying various stories from mythology to fit his own philosophy, as well as inventing them. Some of the invented ones are, the myth of Er and the myth of Atlantis, and no doubt some of the food for thought may have come from visitors and travellers, the types of Marco Polos of the ancient Greece that arrived and traded in Pireaus port.

Imaginary supersonic bubble is exploring

Charlie and Earling arrived floating around the harbour, feeling the wind of winter changing as Persephone abides in the underworld with Hades during Autumn and Winter. This is one of the most unusual stories of Greek mythology and the construction was meant to explain the balance in nature. It was Demeter, the goddess of the earth, a mother of Persephone who made nature dying when she couldn’t find her daughter, who was abducted by Hades the God of underworld. To preserve the balance in nature and make Earth live again Zeus fortunately managed to negotiate with the temporal return of Hades Persephone for 6 months, which also meant that Demeter would bring nature back to life during Spring and Summer while Persephone is above the ground.


Earling: It is a dark story, the one we just immersed ourselves in by pressing the neuro-stimulant quantum archive of human history. I know that this way of absorbing the stories, especially of epic character is better than even experiencing them in person, as they are adapted to simulate the full emotional spectrum, but I sense the construct of bitterness.

Charlie: That is because you are a snowflake that fades into your background whenever something that you think belongs to Justicia appears. Earth has to go through individuals, societies, epochs going through various shades of injustice, until it reaches it’s full potential.

Earling: Okay, I understand, I promise I won’t lament any more, Heraclitus was weeping for all of us. Now that we explored some aspects of Pireaus, I want to focus your attention to Vouliagmeni, where according to the legend Apollo and Artemis were born. Historical findings go back to Neolithic and Bronze age.

Charlie: We spoke about balance at least three times in this Traveloid, Plato’s ideal world vs imperfect material world that goes towards entropy, Demeter’s powers that keep nature dormant, withdrawn and sleepy for six months while her daughter is in the underworld, and now the third appearance of mixing two energies is in the lake of Vouliagmeni or, as it is called, a “Sunken Lake” with the famous underground currents coming from the Mount Hymettus, that are constantly mixing with the sea. Maybe this is one of the places where both underground and aboveground are working towards the common goal of reaching equilibrium as the temperature of water is always 24 degrees Celsius.

Earling: I should add Mondrian to this equation of balance today, he was one of the most obsessed with the phenomenon of balance in life. How everything seems symmetrical but is in fact a question of balancing two opposing or similar forces that mean life. A yin and yang, dark and night, life and death, a vibration of music. You can read more at this link

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