Traveloid by Lakes Como and Garda, Italy

Come venture forth with me, see what I see as we explore the imaginary

“A treasure whom the earth keeps to herself” were the words William Wordsworth wrote about Lake Como in his “Descriptive Sketches”.

Historically Lake Como has had 2000 years of human habitation spanning several empires on it’s shores. In the first century A.D., it was named Lake Larius by none other than Julius Caesar. Como is also famous for it’s silk production – it was Justinian who ordered the two monks in the 6th century A.D. to secretly bring the silkworms to Europe and develop the production of this magical material in Italy.

It was Wordsworth that helped shape the Romantic era in poetry and defined it in these words “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility,” while Caspar David Friedrich in his Wanderer, 1818, captures the similar feeling of a typical Romantic ideals “individual reached the heights of the mountainous terrain with the wonderful vistas before him but is also near the precipice.” This is a reminder of how powerful our emotions are once we decide to explore uncharted territory.

Carl Jung classified the emotions within the area of ego of the conscious mind which requires examining in the various stages of individuation. Jung proposes that the individual should face all the archetypes and in particular create awareness towards emotions and moods before pursuing his/her vision. This is somewhat philosophy of Buddhism and many Eastern teachings that emotions belong to the physical realm.

Ancient Hawaiian Huna teachings called the unconscious ‘Unihipili’ which means a grasshopper; many ancient texts point to water as a corresponding element. Ancient Egyptians worshiped several insects including a Grasshopper which was also associated to water.


Como and Garda lakes, Italy
Date Winter 2018
Exploring Como and Garda areas history, myth of Orpheus, Wordsworth words about Como, the concept of water and emotion, Hawaiian Huna
Connecting Futuristic exploring of neural lace, birth of violin, Volta and technology developments, Romanticism and psychology of Carl Jung, individuation

Charlie: Now we are at the source of this emotional world, at the lake that borders so many countries, and bordered so many empires in the past. It is often the emotional that creates the mountains of either exhilaration or frustration in the human mind.

Earling: It is not only humans who are evolving with the help of emotional palette, but I am sure that many intelligent beings required a mix of emotions as well. Isn’t it interesting to explore the origin of caring for each other. In Earth terms, that actually goes back to the time when for the first time in history of animal existence, being small, adaptable and being able to live in the caves and holes underground meant survival so the age of rodents commenced.

Charlie: You must be referring to one of many cataclysmic events that happened to the planet, shaped it both in terms of terra forming but also in the context of the animal kingdom. Among several orbiting visits to this planet, once I remember picking up a radio signal that spoke of the origin of the human habit to collect things, especially unnecessary ones, being a genetic remnant of rodents that survived the cataclysm thanks to the accumulation of food. I can imagine how many times coming up out of the underground and exploring the scorched surface meant meant no food while spending huge amount of energy in the search for it.

Earling: Those were the decades of darkness but life persists as long as it is still within a Goldilocks zone, and eventually recovers. The process is reminiscent of the seasons, from winter that is both devastating but also purging to the spring and eventually summer. Now this visit to the lakes happens in the winter for the two of us and we must follow the following:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
– William Blake

Charlie: I wonder if this could be distributed and imprinted into the humankind through technology?

Earling: For the moment they choose and filter internet but in the future they might have to use neural lace which might be a much more direct information processing.

Charlie: There is something that is almost as powerful as neural lace; it is located right next to the sectors in the brain which are in command of emotion and language and thus with brain being in analogue, it makes it even more powerful – it is music.

Earling: Orpheus, the charmer of every living being, who was able to influence even stones with his eternal music speaks volume of the importance this civilization gave to music. The most immaterial of arts, existing in time, but measured in space, it vibrates through all but stays nowhere.


Lake Garda seems to be a birthplace of violin that has proved through history to beboth an instrument of angels and devils as it was the birthplace of Gasparo De Salo (b.1542) who developed the violin and gave it today’s shape. Later Braque assigned the violin a special prominence in his cubist exploratory journey that shocked the world and challenged the understanding of time/space.

Cubism brought forth a visual language that is very dense and contrasting almost hypnotically pulling the viewer into the distorted world where either time malfunctioned or space broke into pieces.

This is a memorable quote by Picasso that evokes the mystery that surrounds art especially the abstract movement: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterwards, you can remove all traces of reality.”

Charlie: We started touching upon Lake Garda with music, but it seems we will finish it with visual, as it is fitting considering the beauty it radiates. It was formed during the last Ice Age, and the name Garda comes from the Germanic word “warda” meaning “a place of guarding” which is no wonder considering how important the territory especially with it’s body of water was historically.

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Ideasrexoid no.32

Solitude, the fruits of experiencing this moment in all it’s masks, the presence that is ever seeing and hearing, a part of everything and nothing, inspired by Tao

This painting is about a thousand masks that we as a civilization but also an individual wear, from one stage of life to another, from one era to another, from one cultural identity to another.

Ideasrexoid no.31

Flammarion engraving and the curiosity along with hope that dies last. A journey into the wilderness of the medieval mind which is not afraid to ask, question, look further

At the beginning of any creation there must be darkness first, when we close our eyes we see darkness, when we look at the depth of the ocean or the earth it is dark again.

Ideasrexoid no.30

The world of shadows, and the illusion of light that constantly changes our perspective of the material objects, the mountains become faces, communicate and inspire our imagination

The theme of this painting: Connector of everything in this world is the imagination, the capacities to reach beyond what we see with plain eye sight which leads us to the conventional understanding of the world around us.

ideasrexoid no.29

A dream of this world, a Maya, a Svarog, the illusion of light that makes us see beyond and towards the incomprehensible

The theme of this painting: Let there be Light, both internal and external that we are so dependent on. We as a biological entity on this planet, flora and fauna are constantly absorbing light and in some cases, as in humans, we are capturing the orbs of light called knowledge and transfer it along through artforms, music, words, noble actions, innovations enabling us to become space faring civilization.

Ideasrexoid no.28

Prometheus, to eat his liver by day while it grows by night. It is the keeper of balance, and deliverer of punishment for it is only the eyes that see beyond what is visible are allowed to move the threads of destiny.

Ideasrexoid no.27

Orca’s world portraying togetherness, synchronicity, the power of playfulness, while exploring a human civilization that still has to learn tolerance

Theme of the painting:
A dream dreamt in April 2018 in which an Orca appeared and I managed to touch it amidst the darkness of water and night, realizing that it wasn’t another entity, it was the Orca in me. Genetically when we look into ourselves we have genetical similarities with so many species from the animal kingdom,

Ideasrexoid no. 26

Earling: Meanwhile, on Earth we couldn’t understand all the changes that happen to the powerful bird, as it flies furiously, seemingly without the goal, only to burn and turn into the ashes and then back to life again. It is a magnificent sight of imagination to see a bird coming to terms with both sides of the existence. Ancient Greeks established many gate keepers of this mysterious world of death and dreams, they didn’t know but they imagined, they placed Hypnos in charge of dreams, his twin brother Thanatos in charge of death. Both of them came out of Nyx, a Goddess of Night.

Illuvariux: Now you understand that stone is beyond death and life, and this is where I like to inhabit my Earthly existence even if the molecules fluctuates in a continuous loop.

Ideasrexoid no.25

Seeing through the fears and perceiving the insignificance of the societal pressures, accidents and ill intentions

The theme of this painting: Will to power, transforming the fear into the fuel when faced with the shadow of darkness, that challenges us to go forward and against the hypnotic current of idleness.

Ideasrexoid no. 24

Narcissus is looking at the reflection in the sky and wants the sky to imitate him, demands from the sky to become shaped in his own image The theme of the painting: is about the collective narcissistic behavior that follows the lead figure from mythological

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